Fury Survivor Pixel Z Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Fury Survivor Pixel Z is a brand new survival RPG for mobile by LTGames Inc. Let’s have a look at our Fury Survivor Pixel Z guide, tips, cheats & strategies

LTGames Inc., the publisher of Dungeon Survivor II: Dark Tide game has just released a brand new survival RPG, named as Fury Survivor Pixel Z. The game features over 15 chapters with increasing difficulty and as the level increases, new game modes such as Ult challenge, Zombie base, Zombie Lair will get unlocked. And, as you complete the chapters, new functions such as camp, the refugee will get unlocked. If you have just started playing Fury Survivor Pixel Z game, then our today’s Fury Survivor Pixel Z guide and Fury Survivor Z tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game.

Fury Survivor Pixel Z Guide⇓

Guide To The Basics⇓

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Camp PortalIt is a chapter based game; In the first chapter, you get the melee weapon, crush the zombies, enemies, and follow the storyline. As you progress through the game, you get a ranged weapon(Gun); Glock, then AK, shotgun, and more. As soon as you clear the chapter 3, a new function called camp gets unlocked. After completing chapter 3, you will land in a camp, where you can enjoy a number of facilities; free rainwater, fruits, wood, and vegetables. You can progress to the new chapter or play old chapters by going through the camp portal(near barricades). Let’s learn the basics first: –

HP – How To Recover HP and Increase HP Cap?

Fury Survivor HP CapHP -> The total HP of the character is determined by the equipped armor and perks. You can increase the HP of character by equipping the high-quality armor or by upgrading the perks. At the bottom-left corner of the game screen, tap the bag icon -> here you can check all the gears/items that you have obtained so far. All you need to do is tap on the item and check its stats. Compare with other gears and equip the best one. You can install attachments to high-grade gears and make them more powerful.

Recovering HP -> Those zombies are harmful if you get in touch with them. And, it will reduce the HP of character. To recover the HP, you can consume the food/drinks or meds; saline, simple bandage, med pack, war-zone med pack, and more. Go to the inventory(bag) -> tap on an item to check its effect. For example; Carrot Stew can restore 3% HP, Saline can restore 20%HP(you can craft Saline using the salt and distilled water. Distilled Water can be crafted using the rainwater, wood, and lighter). At the bottom-left side, tap the arrow button -> craft -> there you can check all the items that you can craft. For meds, kill the zombies(you may get the meds from them).

Fury Survivor Pixel Z Guide To Food & Water Sources⇓

Food & Water -> Another challenge is to keep the character happy by feeding him every now and then. You will often need food to reduce hunger and water to reduce thirst. If the character is hungry and thirsty, HP will reduce and once the HP drops to 0, you will have to start again from the last checkpoint.

Getting Food & Water -> You can get food/water by killing the enemies. If you have reached the camp point, then you can get carrots, rainwater, fruits from there. Carrots – From the garden, fruits from the tree, and water from the water plant. You can consume these items directly or use as a raw material to craft better items. For example; Use the carrots to make carrot stew, use fruits to make fruit juice, and so on.

Fury Survivor Pixel Z Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

Inventory Guide⇓

It’s hard to pay attention to all the items dropped by the horde of zombies. You may get armors, ammo, food, meds, and much more from the dead horde of zombies. Tap the bag button at the bottom-left corner -> In the first tab, you can see all the items in inventory. The second tab shows the med-type items, the third one shows food/drinks, the fourth tab shows gun/ammo/armor, and In the last tab, you can check the miscellaneous items; coins, tools, materials such as ore/wood/gasoline/rope/screws/parts, and more.

Inventory -> Salvage

You can dismantle the guns, armors and obtain coins or other random items. If you have duplicates or low-level armors or low-grade guns, you can salvage them and obtain coins/mats. Go to the inventory -> guns tab -> tap the gun/armor -> tap the delete button near the equip button. This will destroy the selected item and you will get the random rewards(rewards message appear at the top of the screen, right after you confirm the action).

Inventory -> Building The Character

You can equip six types of gears to the character(Bag) -> gun, hat, armor, clothes, shoes, and pants. All these gear determine the character stats: –

  • Damage
  • Defense
  • Dodge
  • Hit rate
  • Crit Hit rate
  • Crit DMG

Check all the gears of each type in your inventory and equip the best one.

Level Up, Perks – How to level up fast!⇓

At the upper-right corner of the screen, you can check the current level. In Fury Survivor PIxel Z, you earn EXP(required to raise the level) by killing the zombies. Every time you level up, one perk point is rewarded. You can use these perks in unlocking/upgrading the passive buff/effect. At the bottom-left side, tap the arrow button -> perks -> spend the perk points on the unlocked buffs. The next corresponding perks will get unlocked as soon as you reach the max level of perk in that line.

Level Up Fast -> Grinding EXP is quite easy. All you need to do is kill the zombies. But, as you progress through the chapters, you will face strong enemies. And, it would be hard to kill them with a melee weapon. Since ammo is limited, you better use the gun only when needed. In this case, we would recommend playing the old chapters and raid low-level zombies with a melee weapon. Don’t use the gun(If you are low on ammo) -> kill zombies with the melee weapon -> grind EXP -> level up.

Grind The RSS In Old Chapters⇓

If you are having trouble in completing a chapter because of ammo scarcity, shortage on bandages, food, drinks, we would recommend you to grind them in the old chapters(that you already completed). Go to the camp portal -> select chapter -> choose any low-level chapter -> kill zombies, gather as much RSS as you can -> return to camp(tap the pause button at the top-right corner -> return to camp).

Explore The Whole Environment – Destroy The Chests, Cars, Barrels⇓

Fury Survivor: Pixel ZThe game itself does not show you the location of rare items, you will have to find them manually. Always say no to rush! Take your time in exploring the environment and you may find loads of items. For example; you can go inside the shops and gather the materials. Break the chests, boxes, cars, barrels with your melee weapon to find the items. Sometimes, you may find the items in the open field – so check every side.

Collect The Camp RSS Every Now And Then⇓

As mentioned above, the camp in Fury Survivor Pixel Z game offers loads of free resources; you can collect these from time to time. Carrots, Fruits, Rainwater, Wood, etc. are the free items that you can collect from the camp. Make sure to take care of the garden bed, fruit tree(insects may harm the crops).

Complete The Achievements⇓

You can earn loads of ammo, food items, and med packs by completing the achievements. Tap the arrow button on the bottom-left side -> achievements -> here you can check all the challenging achievements -> complete them to get rich rewards.

Participate In The Time-Limited Events⇓

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Event RewardsYou can grab a variety of items during the events. For example; at the time of writing this post, there is a global launch event going on. Complete the event missions to get event currency, it’s candy in this event. You can exchange this currency for other rewards such as bandages, ammo, enhancer, horns, and more. You can spend the coins(complete the chapters, salvage items, complete event missions to get coins) for pets, attachments, enhancers, and other items. (At the top-left side of the screen, tap the event icon to get info).

Complete The Season Missions⇓

Season RewardsAt the top-left side, tap the season button -> mission -> complete these missions to earn EXP(to raise season level. As the level rises, you will get rewards) and points. You can exchange season points for coins, gun, skins, and other great items.

So this is the Fury Survivor Pixel Z guide and Fury Survivor Pixel Z tips for the beginners. If you have more tips or other info to share, feel free to comment below!

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  1. You can Find the maze on hard mode chapter 1, just after getting off of the moving cart, or right after your protagonist says “This will surely get me to the docks faster”. After getting off you’ll see some grey cargo containers, and there will be a gap between them. Then there you go! You’re in the maze!

    How to get to the end:
    The path leading to the end can be found in the bottom right pathway, where you’ll find some orange cargo containers, which will lead you to the end. The end contains equipment boxes, weapon boxes, pet boxes, and a note.

  2. An interesting one:
    How to stop geting exp (Becouse i want to complet a set of 50lvl red eq,before i loose chance to enchance items) and keep playing ant one know?

  3. Black merchant is in the refuge
    you can`t socket crystals until 50 lvl so i don`t know much about it becouse i m 41lvl
    And my question is there any way to quickly get around 100 building materials (l know about visiting others)

  4. Feeling when there is so many comments for so many ez stuff… but for ez way find out… go you tube and find tips vids… gosh ??

  5. Follower is different from survivor. Survivors are the ones you pick up in chapters. Follwer can be found near the fire in camp if you put him out of combat.

  6. You know those characters in some missions where they hold weapons and if you talk to them they turn zombie, how do you recruit them if there is any way, also the youtubers

  7. Como aumento nivel do refugio poder aument anivel das pesquisas e sobreviventes revirei jogo todo nao consigo subi nivel do meu refugio ja to level 38

    • @Shabby I guess, that means Killed In Action. I think you see that message in loot report logs 🙂 I could be wrong though

  8. @Bahamut On Hard-1 after you took the first lift to the dock, just kept on sticking close to the left side of the wall and eventually there will be openings between some blue crates

  9. Got unidentified items from the zombie base but every time I identify it, it turns out to be Defected. Is there any ‘safe’ ways to identify an item without getting a defected ones or is it always like that or just luck?

  10. Hai, i’ve complete chapter 17. And guest what? Chapter 18 will be unlock if i pass chapter 17 in hard mode. Its such of annoying game. Is there anyone know how the fastest way to get in chapter 18?

    • @Azulalaazula There are only 17 chapters. Once you complete all, you can play all these chapters again in high-difficulty.

    • @Hiriyo Play the Zombie base mode and earn mastery(EXP). As you gain EXP in that mode, mastery level will rise and once you reach level 10, you can access Zombie Lair mode. To play the Zombie base mode, you need motorcycle keys. You can exchange the season points and obtain motorcycle keys. You may obtain the Zombie Lair map from it. You can access the Zombie Lair mode using these maps. From this mode, you can obtain the resources.

  11. How to get a damn follower???
    They says it is in a camp but i don’t know how figure it out and I’m already level 30…

  12. I just completed chapters 1-7. I am stuck and dont know how to continue on to the next chapter. Can someone explain how ?

    • @Chrisjm89 Go to the refuge(tap the pause button at the top-right corner -> return to refuge) -> near the bike, you will find the portal -> go close to it and you will be able to select the chapter. If chapter 8 is not listed there, then you may need to do chapter 7 again.

  13. I’m in the middle of chapter of 7 where there are four paths I can choose from. If I leave the game, will my progress be saved?

    • @Wolfire You can save your progress anytime; tap the pause button at the top-right corner -> advance settings -> save. But it will send you to the last checkpoint, so progress is saved automatically every checkpoint.

  14. Does anyone know how to find the secret maze or clue for chapter 1 hard? It says that theres a secret maze after talking to the old man

    • @Nathan You need to be at level 50 to socket crystal. Once you reach level 48, you will be able to access workbench where you can combine crystals.

    • @Jesus After completing all the chapters(17 total), you will get the option to do these chapters again in high-difficulty,

  15. How do you defeat the dragon on hard mode. I don’t want to keep wasting my medicine on him if all the dragon is going to do is reheal himself.

    Also is there another tip to collect resourse for the refuge? My refuge is at level 7 and its getting harder to obtain more resources.
    ~Thank you in advance~

    • @Natsu @INYOFEX Interact with the board in refugee(it’s near the injured man) -> upgrade refugee. Prior to it, you will need to restock the materials; interact with the injured people at refugee to restock.

  16. How do you go back to the camp with the garden during Chapter 3 and 4? I would harvest carrots yet not sure how to get out of the current refugee camp.

    • @Anonymous You can use candies for a bunch of items during the global launch event; ammo, bandage, water, materials, and more. Tap the balloon/gift icon at the top -> a pop-up window will open -> on the left side of it, tap festival exchange -> here you can spend candies.

    • @Dragon- San After completing chapter 7, you can enter the chapter 8, which is Subway Soul Shaker. Go to the refuge -> find the portal(near motorbike) -> select chapter 8.

    • @Sim You can obtain attachments from the abyss mode, which unlocks after completing chapter 10. You can access it through the refuge. I don’ know about crafting attachments yet, will soon update if it’s possible.

  17. Attachment only for gear/weapon purple and above quality

    At inventory, Click the gear/weapon with purple or above quality. Then click + symbol near the weapon/gear.