Dragon Ball Legends Reset And Data Transfer Guide

Check out this guide and learn how to reset Dragon Ball Legends, how to restore old saved data and how to use data transfer feature to earn free 500 crystals

So, you have decided to reset the Dragon Ball Legends game progress or you don’t know how to save or restore old saved progress. In this post, we have covered everything in detail; how to reset, data transfer, start a new game from the beginning. Let’s start without wasting time.

Data Transfer Feature

In Dragon Ball Legends, you can link the game to your Facebook or Twitter account to save game progress. Linking the game to these social media accounts reward you free 500 crystals. And you will be able to start from where you left off anytime on any device.

As of now, there is no Google Play Games service, so, to save game progress on the cloud, you need a Facebook or Twitter account. Here’s how to do it: –

Step 1.) Open the game. Tap on the menu. Find “other” option and tap on it.

Step 2.) In other settings, tap on “data transfer settings” option.

Step 3.) Now, choose a method; if you want to link the game to Facebook, then tap on Facebook account. Then a new pop-up Facebook Sign-in window will be open, enter your Facebook username or phone number or email and password. Then choose to continue.

If you want to link the DB legends to the Twitter account, tap on “Twitter account” option. Enter your twitter username and password and authorize the game to your Twitter account.

You can choose anyone. Once you link it to one of these Social Media accounts, back to the menu -> tap on the mission option -> head to Z mission and claim free 500 crystals.

Reset Dragon Ball Legends and start a new game

Since it is not using Google Play Games as cloud data saving option, you can easily reset the game and start from the beginning. Here’s how: –

Go to your mobile settings -> apps -> Dragon Ball Legends -> clear data.Dragon Ball Legends Reset Restore Guide

After it, open the game again. Choose the language. After it, you will be asked to start a new game or transfer old data. Choose to start a new game. And that’s it.

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Restore Old Saved Progress – Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends Reset Restore GuideIf your game is linked to the Facebook account or Twitter account, then you can easily restore the game progress. Here’s how ->

Case 1.) When you start the game, you will be asked to “start a new game” or “transfer” old game progress. Choose transfer -> sign-in with your Facebook or Twitter account. That’s it. Dragon Ball Legends Reset Restore Guide

Case 2.) If you are playing the game as a guest; go to menu -> other settings -> data transfer settings -> link the game again to your Facebook or Twitter account(which was used by you earlier).

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Reset Dragon Ball Legends and Start from the beginning with the same social media account

For instance; I have only one social media account and I want to use it to save game progress. But it’s linked to the game and I want to reset it and start a new game and then I want to use it again to save game progress.

For this, you have to go to Facebook or Twitter Settings -> choose apps -> search for Dragon Ball Legends -> remove it or unauthorize it from Facebook and Twitter account respectively.

Once done, clear the data of the game. Open the game, choose “start a new game”. Go to menu -> other settings -> link the game to your account and it will not reload your past progress and you can play DB legends from the beginning.

Keep note that; If you are transferring the data to different OS[i.e. From Android to iOS], you will lose your crystals.

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So, this is the brief guide for Dragon Ball Legends game players who don’t know how to save progress, restore old progress, how to start a new game. You can ask more questions here.

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  1. basically, i deleted my user data on my main account but i still have it linked to my apple but when i try to get back in it says ” data transfer failed. Please log in to the service you selected for transfer on previous device”. even tho my previous device i had connected to it and my old device has a new SIM card so i cant even go back on it to redo it, what do i do???

  2. Pls help I restarted my phone and transferred it to my new one but when I logged in I had nothing Pls help I had really good characters I had a legends pack vegeta version goku legends version and more i username was ignite

  3. You do not do what they said and instead login to your social media profile using the data transfer feature and once you are done logging in you go out of the game by exiting and download the updates and you use the data transfer feature where it says support on the main title screen and also try resyncing then you should have it after you have checked the downloads again and such. I had to fiddle around with that but do not erasure your game data since you will lose all your characters and everything.

  4. i erased dragonball legends and installed it in my new samsang and when i got to the trasfer data it showed my user name so i transferred it but when the download fished my account was empty please help

  5. Hello, I have an account on Dragon Ball called Vegeta, but I erased the game and returned its download, I returned on the iCloud, but the account reviewer would like to help me and return the account