Zombie Tactics guide: tips, cheats & strategies

Zombie Tactics is a new TD strategy game for mobile by Goshia. Read on for Zombie Tactics guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginnersZombie Tactics Guide Tips Cheats Strategies

Zombie Tactics Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

This article covers how to play Zombie Tactics, tips to clear levels, about the cards, and other aspects such as progression, zombies, character cards, their roles, strength and weaknesses, and much more. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the Zombie Tactics guide, tips, cheats & strategies: – 

Get Started With The Zombie Tactics Basics

Zombie Tactics is a tower-defense game where you fight the zombies with the help of heroes. You will first build a deck of heroes and then use those heroes in the battle to destroy the enemy’s base. Enemies also do the same job – they are of many types and have special abilities like ranged attacks, toughness, speed, and more. During the battle, they will come out of their base start invading yours. You have to defend your base and at the same time, try to destroy the enemy’s base so that they would stop coming. 

In Zombie Tactics, you will progress level-by-level – with enemies getting more powerful. Also, there is an infinite mode where you fight the waves of enemies and grind the currency. The basic currency is the coin that you use to upgrade the hero cards. Another one is stamina that you need to play the levels. 

Tips To Build The Best Deck

You can create a deck featuring six hero cards. Make sure to add the hero cards that cost low man – so that you can quickly spawn and start the attack. You can check the mana costs at the top-left of the card; mana replenishes automatically during the battle. 

Add tank-type cards – tank-type units are a must as they excel in absorbing the damage and stalling the enemies. In the deck menu, tap on a card and check the HP stats; the cards with the high HP stats are considered tank-units. 

Ranged-attackers – ranged-units are a must if you want to clear the waves quickly. These units excel in dealing with enemies from a distance.

Spells – spell cards are good for AoE DMG. For example – the lightning strike card, Molotov cocktail card. 

We would recommend you to add x2 tank units(or 1-1 melee attack unit), x2 ranged units, and x2 spells. Or, you can go with x3 attackers(ranged and melee), x1 pure tank, and x2 spells. 

Tips To Win Matches In Zombie Tactics

We recommend following the basic TD strategy in Zombie Tactics; first, send the tanky and melee units against enemies – these units will reach close to the enemies and start the attack – the faster the speed, the fast they reach. Then, behind them, send the ranged-attackers – while enemies would be busy fighting the melee and tanky units, these ranged attackers would be doing the job from behind by attacking them from a distance. The melee and tanky units will work as shields from them. Also, they have low HP stats and it would be a bad idea if you send them in front of enemies. 

Tip 2.) use the spells wisely – at the right time. For example – when enemies are in dominance, to eliminate the enemies attacking from a distance, eliminate the group of enemies, etc. 

Tip 3.) Tap on the red barrels when enemies are close to it. By tapping, they will explode and cause AoE DMG. 

Get Stronger In Zombie Tactics

From the battles, you will earn coins and cards. Duplicate cards will help you upgrade the unlocked units – spend coins and upgrade the cards. This will improve their stats and performance ratings in the battle against the zombies. 

Play The Infinite Mode

If you are bored with level-based gameplay, try the infinite mode where you deal with waves of enemies and earn rewards. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Zombie Tactics guide, tips, and strategies for beginners. If you’ve got more tips, comment below. 

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