Girl Alone Game Coupon Code: Guide, Tips & Cheats

Girl Alone is a mobile game published by fleximindg. Read on for Girl Alone game coupon codes, guide, tips, cheats & strategies. 

Girl Alone Game Coupon Codes Guide Tips

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Girl Alone Game Coupon Codes, Guide, Tips, Cheats & Tricks⇓

In this article, you will learn “how to play the Girl Alone game”, Girl Alone Coupon Codes, guide & tips on progression, and other aspects such as increasing intimacy, mood, sociability, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and check out the Girl Alone game coupon codes, guide, tips & tricks for beginners: –

Girl Alone Game Coupon Codes⇓

As of writing this guide, no Girl Alone game coupon codes are available. We would advise you to follow the Girl Alone Facebook Page to keep an eye on the code updates( To redeem the coupon code, tap the gear/setting icon in the lower-right corner -> tap the coupon code and tap the confirm button for rewards. We would list the codes once devs release it; make sure to check out their FB page. 

Girl Alone Game Guide To Basics⇓

In the Girl Alone game, you play as a housekeeper and progress by building up a friendly relationship with the girl. You will make conversation with the girl, give her gifts, raise intimacy, and level her up to take the relationship to the next level. Here is the basic: –

(1) Conversation: – You get a limited number of conversation attempts; in the upper-left corner, next to the conversation icon, you can check the number of attempts that you can make. Tap the girl to start chatting; pick the choices that help you build up the friendship. 

(2) Relationship: The girl will ask for food, gifts, pets, and other objects as you keep making conversation -> complete those quests, collect hearts, give her gifts, and level up to progress. 

(3) Status: At the bottom of the screen, tap the status button to check the girl’s status; level, intimacy, sociability, and mood. 

  • Level – catch the bugs, complete quests, water the flower to get hearts, and raise the intimacy/girl level. It’s also affected by conversation, food, date, request, and the surprise missions
  • Sociability – increase sociability to earn more currency when you work with the girl. It’s affected by the conversation, gift, and when you team up with the girl in a job
  • Mood – the mood level determines whether you can go out with the girl together or not. It also reduces the time taken to recharge the conversation. It’s impacted by catching bugs, gift, food, and the requests

How To Go Out To Town Together⇓

In the Girl Alone game, you can go out with the girl together once her mood is at a good level; check the status for more info. You can improve her mood by making polite choices in the conversation, catching the bugs in the room, gifting items, and completing the requests. It would take a decent amount of time until the girl’s mood stats rise up. Keep playing and you will eventually raise the mood level and she will agree to go out together with you. 

Girl Alone Game Town⇓

The town has many buildings/facilities/shops where you can visit and work alone or together with a girl once her mood is good. Each shop or facility in the town offers a set number of items that you can shop for – also, you can work at each shop; play the mini-game. As you keep working, the shop will go up and you will unlock new items + the part-time work will yield more coins. 

  • Girl’s House
  • Park
  • Restaurant
  • Supermarket
  • Theme Park – you can visit the theme park only when the girl agrees to go out to town together. 

Getting Hammer & Premium Tickets In Girl Alone⇓

You can use the hammer in the premium park, to boost damage against the boss. You can get the premium tickets and the hammers from the shop. At the top of the screen, tap the + button next to any currency to open the shop menu -> go to premium tab -> there you can buy the premium tickets with the gold, wood hammer with blue gems, and the iron hammer with gems. 

Pets In Girl Alone⇓

  • Mongrel Dog – 6K Coins
  • Munchkin Cat – 4K Coins
  • Shiba Dog – 6K Coins
  • Tabby Cat – 6k Coins
  • Samoyed Dog – 7K Coins
  • Russian Blue Cat – 7K Coins

You can buy the pet food in the pet shop; dog food as well as cat food. Give the pet food to the pet to grant EXP and level it up. You can unlock the pets by making conversation with the girl – the quests are unlocked as you make conversation. 

Supermarket Gift Items⇓

  • Book – Increase Sociability(S) and Mood(M) by 1
  • Crayon – S +2, +1 M
  • Toy – S +3, +1 M
  • Teddy Bear – S +4, M +2
  • First Aid Kit – S+ 5, M +2
  • Hand Lotion – S +6, M +2
  • Cooking Appliance – S+ 7, M + 3

Go to the town -> supermarket -> shop -> gift -> there you will find the list of gift items and next to each item, the game showcases the number of sociability and mood points that that gift item raise. Build up the mood and sociability go out to the town together with the girl. In the furniture tab of the game, you can buy furniture items for the girl’s house and the costumes for her. While in the house, tap the bag icon to gift food, gifts, pets, and place new furniture items. 

Girl Alone Game Tips, Cheats & Tricks⇓

  • Gift items to build up the mood and sociability so that you can go out to town together with the girl
  • Work part-time in the town shops to earn coins; you will need a lot of coins to buy stuff and complete the requests made by the girl. When the conversation attempts are gradually recovering, navigate to the town and work part-time there; play mini-games
  • Chat with the girl to get the quests
  • Complete the daily missions and challenges to earn free coins and blue gems
  • Watch the video ads to double the reward
  • Catch the bugs in the room to raise intimacy and level up the girl
  • Water the flower

Currencies Guide For Beginners⇓

  • Rubies: from the VIP and Premium packs
  • Blue Gems: by completing the missions
  • Coins: work part-time and do the missions
  • Conversation: gradually recovers; you can watch the video ad to get more or spend blue gems in the shop or shorten the time of recovery by building up the mood
  • Premium Tickets – in the shop
  • Hammer – in the shop

So this would be all in this post on Girl Alone game coupon codes, guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Got codes or tips? Comment below. 

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  1. I am stuck the girl wants a part time job with me but when I do it says that I am on a date and I do not know how to get out of the date please help me out

    • I am in the exact same situation I am completely confused and can’t find anything that tells me what to do next

  2. I have a quest to complete – 18. Find her memory 1, give the first memory. I have no idea how to complete this. Does anyone know how to complete this? The pet shop is on level 4, so I don’t understand what more I need to do. HELP!

  3. how long does it take to progress/ how can i make it go faster?? i feel like ive been stuck in chaoter 3 forever now

  4. I reached a point in the game, more specifically in episode 3, where the girl awakened a power which ends up driving away the gangsters, but … now she doesn’t remember me, and … I feel a little sad about it. what should I do?

  5. I reached a point in the game, more specifically in episode 3, where the girl awakened a power which ends up driving away the gangsters, but … now she doesn’t remember me, and … I feel a little sad about it. what should I do?

  6. i found a bug in game or meaning a lag so girl wanted a game controller i go to supermarket but i can’t buy it because i need restaurant level 2 but I have level 3!

  7. A me si è bloccato quando dice “go on a date to the theme park” ma quando esco con lei mi dice “She doesn’t want to go out yet” come dovrei fare?

  8. I’m already at level 56.When I’m about to open it the other day it’s just loading I can’t access.How can I get it in?

  9. I just finished the game, and restarted. Are there specific things I need to do to get the 3 other endings?? Please help!

  10. How do you get the Girl to level up more in sociability quicker? I want to take her out but I’m having trouble getting far because of the part time job time limit.

  11. Ich hätte eine Frage… Was bewirken die Hämmer und wozu sind sie gut?
    (I have a question … What do the hammers do and what are they good for?)

    • Use it when u play the premium in theme park. Its to boost ur damage against the whack-a-mole boss. U can buy it in diamond store. U can buy tickets with coins

  12. Where can you find the 4th herb to cure the girl?? It’s the instance where she is sick and an old man comes down the mountain to help.

    • Doesn’t work for me neither 🙁
      Looks as if it has already been bought and stored in the inventory, but it’s not
      I dunno, is it just a lag or I’m simply not getting it

      • You can’t buy it u can get it from the exchange prize if you upgrade it with 3 blue gems. I saw the yukata bottom red when i did it but when i left and returned it gone so you have to upgrade it again if you left the exchange prize

    • Можно после прогулки, как выдадут сообщение “я чувствую сто стал к ней ближе” на этом сообщении в нижнем правом углу за рекламу получить этот самоцвет (шанс на этот самоцвет – 30%)
      Translation: It is possible after a walk, as they will give out the message “I feel a hundred became closer to her” on this message in the lower right corner for advertising to get this gem (the chance for this gem is 30%)

  13. How do you unlock the ‘long wavy hair with braids’, it says it’s a “bonus gained from working with the girl -1 time(s)”. I’ve done quite a few part time jobs already so do I need to complete part time jobs with a certain number of times? Is there a specific condition I need to meet? Or is it just random?

    • The bonus gained bla bla means if u own the hair with braids thingy it will reduce the score goals to get the bonus. 0 purple gem written right? I think u can buy it with 0 purpose gem but u must have purple gems.

      I’m sorry if my English make u sick

    • On top of the shop button there is a clothes button for supermarket. However you cant buy any clothes until you get to the 6th quest in the end of Chapter 1. After you do that the girl will stand up and you will go to chapter 2 (step by step)

        • Just talking to the girl, you dont have to do her requests but still if you want to you can and if a purple question mark appears it means u are proggressing through the story and if you do enough of these story marks you will go further into the chapters