Revue Starlight Re Live Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Revue Starlight Re Live is a brand new anime game for mobile by Ateam Inc. Let’s have a look at our Revue Starlight Re Live guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Ateam Inc’s latest anime game Revue Starlight Re Live has just gone live on mobile app stores. In the game, you build the team of best stage girls and team up them with memoirs to strike down the enemies in events and main story mode. The game also features a lot of content like music CDs, songs, stage play performance, story, and more. If you have just started playing it, then our today’s Revue Starlight Re Live guide and Revue Starlight Re Live tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game. Let’s get started!

Revue Starlight Re Live Guide

The Basics

⇒Let’s learn about the unit formation first

Revue Starlight Re LiveYou can add up to five stage girls and team up them with support cards; memoirs(these memoirs provide a stat boost to the deployed character). It’s always advised to put the frontline stage girls in the right slots and midliner/backliner in the center/left slots respectively. You can use the auto mode to set up the best formation based on the stage girl act type. Also, you can check it at the top-left corner of the stage girl’s icon. To set up the formation, tap the units button on the upper-right corner -> tap unit formation -> here you can change the units or add units on empty slots. Tap on any slot -> select the unit that you want to set in the team. Just below the girl icon, tap the + button to choose a memoir.

Cost: –

There is a fixed cost limit, depending on the current player level. When you deploy the girls or memoirs in the team, it takes up the cost. You can check the total cost at the top of the unit formation screen. And, the individual unit cost is displayed at the bottom of the icon.

Revue Song

As you progress through the main story mode or keep playing the Revue Starlight Re Live game, you will get these Revue Songs, which can be put in the unit formation for an extra buff. In the unit formation menu, tap the + button at the bottom next to the message; No Revue Song is set.

Once you are all set, hit the save button and begin the battle.

Revue Starlight Re Live Characters Guide

Getting Characters: –

Revue Starlight Re LiveYou use the gems to get the characters in Revue Starlight Re Live game. Tap the gacha button at the bottom right of your screen -> there you can select the gacha offer/event; star gems or other events. To check the reward list, tap the reward details button on the bottom-right or tap the gacha details button for more details. From the FP(Friend Points), you can earn lesson tickets, coins, pieces, and other gifts.

Leveling Up The Girls: –

You can use the lesson tickets to level up the girls or add them into your team -> play the battles -> win the battles -> victory will reward EXP to all the characters in the team. You can obtain these lesson tickets from the assignment tasks, story mode or from the gacha.

Skill Panel: –

Tap stage girls option on the right side of the screen -> stage girls -> skill panel -> tap any empty slot -> use the materials. If you don’t have that material item, you just tap on it and the game will show you its source stage; play that stage to get that item. Sometimes, you need to play it multiple times if the drop rate is below. When you complete the skill panel, you will be able to rank up the stage girl. Ranking up a stage girl improves its attributes such as HP, DEF, Agility, Act Power, and Special Defense.

Potential Bloom: –

The potential bloom function increases the grade of the stage girl. For example; a 4* stage girl to 5* stage girl. It also increases the level cap, all the attributes. To use it, you need potential crystals that you can obtain from the potential crystal hunt mode. Tap the stage button -> potential bloom -> select the girl -> select the stage -> get the victory. Once you have enough pieces, you can grade-up the stage girl.

Gifting Items: –

By gifting the items, you can increase the girl’s bond level. You can obtain various rewards when the bond level goes up. It will also increase the stats; ACT Power, HP, Normal Defense, Special Defense, Agility, etc.

Revue Starlight Re Live Memoirs Guide

You get the memoirs through gacha function. These are the supporters who give a stat boost to the character. Tap the memoirs button on the right side of the lobby -> upgrade -> select the memoir that you want to upgrade -> on the next screen, tap the + button under upgrade material section -> select the materials. As the level increases, you will get more buffs.

Bound Break – Tap the memoirs button -> bound break -> select the memoir that you want to bound break, which increases the max level of a memoir. You can use the duplicates of a memoir.

Sell – Instead of storing useless or unneeded memoirs, you can sell them for memoir medal. You can exchange these medals for gacha tickets and other gift items.

In-Game Currency Shop Guide

The player can spend the in-game currency for a bunch of items. Tap the shop button in the lobby -> there you have many sub-shops; standard, Vs. Revue, Memoirs, Creation Jewel, and more. Standard Shop – Here you can spend gold coins for lesson tickets(required to raise the unit level), memoir upgrade cards, pieces(skill panel material), and more. Vs. Revue – You earn this in-game currency from the Vs. Revue mode. Memoirs Shop; Here you spend the memoir medals for the gacha tickets and other gift items. Creation Jewels – Sometimes you get these jewels when you raise the bond level.

Revue Songs

You can fuse and sell the Revue songs. Fusion – Select the revue songs -> fuse -> get a random Revue song(may come with new effect).

Revue Starlight Re Live Assignments

Here you can check all the available quests; daily, normal, event, and other. Complete these quests for a bunch of precious rewards.

Revue Starlight Re Live – How to get gems?

The gem is one of the rare(Also, premium) in-game currency. You can earn it or farm it by completing the assignments; complete the quests, first-time clear story mode reward, and school story mode; tap the story button -> on the next screen, on the left side, switch to school tab -> select the cast -> download/play. Feel free to share your farming ways in the comment section below!

My Theater

Here you can add the items to create/design a fun environment for the stage girls. Tap the menu button -> purchase -> here you can buy the items in exchange for theater coins. After buying the items, tap the menu button -> set -> select the item -> choose position -> confirm. Sell – You can also sell the installed items for theater coins. The player can also upgrade some theater items.

So this is the Revue Starlight Re Live guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Revue Starlight Re Live tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners.

Revue Starlight Re Live Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Pay Attention To The Elements

Revue Starlight Re LiveAll the stage girls and enemies belong to one of these elements; flower, snow, wind, space, cloud, moon, and dream. You can check the element at the upper-left corner of stage girls or enemies portrait. There is a relationship between these elements;

  • Flower element > Wind Element
  • Wind Element > Snow Element
  • Snow Element > Flower Element
  • Cloud Element > Moon Element
  • Moon Element > Space Element
  • Space Element > Cloud Element
  • The dream element <> all the above-mentioned elements

Before you start the stage, you can check the enemy elements. So make sure to choose the stage girls who can have the elemental advantage in the battle.

2.) Build The Appropriate Formation

There are five slots in the unit formation screen where you can put five stage girls. It’s better to place the defenders(the stage girls with high DEF stats) in the front and the attackers in the back slots. For this, check the act type(read the basic part above for more info). Or simply tap the auto button to put the girls on perfect slots, based on their act type.

Also, don’t forget to add memoirs, Revue song.

3.) Repeat/Power-Up The Units

If you don’t have enough materials to increase the power through level up, skill panel, it’s better to repeat the stages over and over again. Also, if you have completed a stage with 3-star, you can complete it instantly for the items. Just tap that stage -> skip -> claim the rewards.

Power Up – Level up the characters, rank up by putting the materials in the skill-panel slot, upgrade memoirs, potential bloom, increase their bond level by sending gifts.

4.) Progress Though The Main Story Mode

Revue Starlight Re Live game features a variety of game modes. It would be better to progress through the main story mode as far as you can to learn all the basics, unlock all other modes, features. After that, grind in all these modes; Event; coins, lesson tickets, revue songs. Potential Bloom; to earn potential crystals. Vs. Revue; PvP Mode, PvP currency.

5.) Complete The Missions

In the assignments menu, you can check all the missions available for you. Complete all kinds of missions to earn loads of in-game items; daily quests reward stamina, lesson tickets, and other items. Normal quests reward gems, event quests reward special items.

6.) Build & Grow My Theater

You should not ignore this function. Always try to give a cool environment to the stage girls; purchase items, talk to the girls, upgrade items. After a certain amount of time, you may get items.

7.) Invest In 3-4* Stage Girls

Those grade 1-2 stage girls would not help you in the long run. Farm the gems and draw the characters in gacha menu. It would be better to focus on 3-4* or higher grade girls if you want to dominate in high-difficult stages.

So these are the top Revue Starlight Re Live tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share with other fellow players, comment below!

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