From Zero To Hero: Cityman Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

From Zero To Hero: Cityman is a brand new mobile game that challenges you to become the president. Check out From Zero To Hero: Cityman guide, tips, strategy, cheats

Heatherglade’s life simulation game From Zero To Hero: Cityman is one of the challenging games for mobile. The game challenges you to become the president of the nation. You will start from Zero and the objective is to become the hero. But that would not be easy as there are loads of obstacles to get a J curve in the life. But once you learn the basic cheat of the game, it would be easy to progress. However, any wrong move will push you back in the streets and it will also demotivate you to leave rather than bounce back. If you have just started playing this game, then a handy guide and tips would be very useful. Today, In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: From Zero To Hero: Cityman guide and From Zero To Hero: Cityman tips, cheats & strategy.

Things To Know In From Zero To Hero: Cityman Game

From Zero To Hero: CitymanEvery second a day passes in the game. At the top-right corner, just below the menu button, you can check the date/month/year. And, just below your age, you can check how many years are left to live. To complete the game, you have to become the president within this lifespan. However, if things got worse, your character will hang himself. There are four ways to earn money in the game; from the job(you get monthly salary), by watching the video ad, playing casino, and trade in stock exchange, casino, watching the video ad, and trade are optional choices. Your main source of income should be a good job.

You will spend this money on food, house, cars, relations, and education. There are some traps in the game, which will push you back and dig you in a huge loss. Managing the money is the key to success. Let’s learn the concepts of the game and about traps: –

From Zero To Hero: Cityman – Find A Job

Having a good job is one of the ways to earn monthly income. Nobody will kick you as long as you meet the job requirement. Tapping the accept button will show you the job requirement. If you failed to pay the expense for a requirement(for example – food), you will start over.

Dress Up

Dressing up will cost you money. Depending on the dress, the game will deduct money from your balance at the end of each month. If you fail to pay the amount, you will lose it. And it could result in job loss.

Transport – Buy A Car

You will have to pay a huge amount of money for the first time to buy a car. And it would be a one-time investment. But to use the car, you need petrol. This cost comes under the transport category and you will have to pay monthly. If you fail to pay the transport cost, you might lose the job. For high-post jobs, you need to spend more.


Food is another expenditure. As you progress in the game or move to high-level jobs, you will have to pay an expensive amount of money at food, monthly. Like other expenses, if you fail to pay the food cost, the game will kick you from the current job.


Having a good house keeps your character happy. And in some jobs, you must rent a house. You will pay this cost monthly.

Relation – Meet

In From Zero To Hero: Cityman game, happiness is also impacted by the relation. To keep your character happy, you must be in relation; girlfriend, wife, children. In some jobs, there is also a relation status requirement.

Education Courses

To get some jobs, you must earn the degree. Depending on the course duration, you will have to pay monthly. You can speed up the progress by watching the video ad.


Trading the stocks is one of the best ways to earn money in From Zero To Hero: Cityman game. Go to stock exchange menu -> buy the stocks from the market. To earn the profit, you have to sell the stocks at the right time; when the transaction status shows +/green. Tap the sell button -> adjust the amount -> close the transaction when the price is high. Always pay attention to the transaction status and tap the close transaction button when it’s good.

Casino In From Zero To Hero: Cityman

From Zero To Hero: CitymanThe casino is not the best way to earn income because it totally depends on luck. Go to the casino screen and put your bet on numbers or sections or colors. For example – You bet on 19 to 36. Tap the spin button. You will earn double if the ball stops on numbers between 19-46.

So that’s all for now as From Zero To Hero: Cityman guide. Now, let’s have a look at From Zero To Hero: Cityman tips, cheats & strategies to become the president.

From Zero To Hero: Cityman Tips & Cheats: –

1.) Your Job Will Decide The Expenditure

You don’t need to manually start the course, dresses, build relations, buy the house, food, and car. Your job will decide these things. First, go to the job menu and check the next job requirement. Complete these requirements and get the promotion to the next job. On the other hand, if you are spending money in casino, stocks, expensive dress from the start, you would not survive long.

For example -> When you are on Pizzamaker post, you don’t need a girlfriend. It will only increase the expenditure.

2.) Stock Money For Next Jobs

From Zero To Hero: CitymanWhen you leave the job for another type of job, you might see a decrease in the income. For example; You leave the head post at the restaurant for the manager job in the sales department. You are earning $2K from the head post where manager’s post will pay you 1.2K only. It will not only decrease the income, but you will also suffer the loss until you get the promotion to a high-level post.

So when you leave the department for a new type of job, make sure to calculate the expenses and income. If the expenses are way too high than the amount of income you will get from that post, then wait until you have a handsome amount of money in your balance. For example; Current income is $2K. And, expenses are $1.5K. So you are saving 500 per month. Continue with the existing job until you save a handsome amount to meet the expenses for next job requirement.

3.) Speed Up The Education Course

As you know, whenever you switch to another job sector, you see a decrease in income. In some jobs, you must educate the character by starting the course. It might take months. But if you are running low on money, then you will want the upper-level job as soon as possible. To speed up, watch the video ad and get the degree instantly. This will help you to complete the job requirements asap.

4.) Spend In Casino, Stocks When In Profit

If your income is way better than the expenditure, then invest in stocks or spend in the casino. Try the luck and increase the balance as much as you can for future expenses. If it’s level, then don’t play the casino. Instead, try the stock exchange.

5.) Watch The Video Ads When Income<Expenditure

It is obvious that you will see a drop in income whenever you switch between job sectors; for example; Boss in the sales company to copywriter. As we mentioned above, this will not only decrease the income but also increases the expenditure. If you have no sufficient balance for the monthly expenses, then you will lose the job and start over. That’s why we recommend saving money when your income is more than the expenses. If you ignore it, you will run out of the balance. The only way to bounce back is by watching the video ad multiple times.

So these are the top From Zero To Hero: Cityman tips, cheats & strategies to progress. Remember to stock money when in profit; these savings will help you in future loses. If you have more From Zero To Hero: Cityman tips, then share with us in the comment section below.

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  1. You are a savior lol.. I was at the job before the government and I had gambled all of my money away so I was about to lose and then I found this. Thank you ?

  2. For anyone who desperately needs money, change your keyboard to Arabic. If you have an iPhone go to settings>general>keyboard and add the Arabic keyboard. Then when you go to the game hit “Trade in stock exchange” then wait until the stock goes super low and hit “Buy” then type in a bunch of random Arabic numerals, for example: ١٢٣٧١٨٤٦٣
    Then proceed to sell when the stock goes higher and you’ll make a BUNCH of money!!!

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    He is asking how can he gather all those 30k only getting 400 coins a month in benefit (That´s as much as you can make in that part).

  4. Now I’m head of the department of financial consulting and I can’t get an additional job because I don’t meet a requirement.It’s that “have at the disposal to start a business 30k” and I don’t know how to do. Could you please help me?