Global City Game cheats: guide, tips, and tricks

New to the Global City game? Master all of its core mechanics with these Global City cheats packed with guides, tips, and tricks

Global City game cheats tips guideGlobal City Game cheats, guide, and tips: –

This article covers how to play Global City game, make decisions wisely, buildings, in-game currencies, and other things such as global bucks, trading, global bucks, etc. So, let’s get straight to the Global City cheats, tips, and guide!

Don’t Waste Global Bucks

The first tip here is to not waste Global Bucks on useless tasks like speeding-up the production of goods. Global Buck is the most valuable and precious currency in the Global City game, which is quite hard to get. If you a f2p player, then you should use it wisely – for example – to buy more slots at a manufacturing site. raising the grade of manufacturing sites(Quarry Excavator, Ore Excavator, etc.). 

Global City game cheats tips guideGetting Global Bucks In The Global City Game

Aforementioned, global bucks are hard to get – unless you spend real money into the game. But what are some free ways to get global bucks? Well, unfortunately, there are not too many – 

  • Level up – when you level up, you get free global bucks
  • Tasks – complete the day tasks and get a suitcase; the suitcase contains free global bucks
  • Pass – collect success points by doing the tasks and once you earn enough, you will get free global bucks; as a normal pass holder or gold pass holder. If you have purchased the gold pass, you will get more global bucks. 
  • Daily gift – login to the game daily and claim free suitcase; the suitcase may give you free global bucks

Guide To Buildings In The Global City Game

There are lots of buildings in the game that you can construct and make your city grow. In this part, we have shared a simple guide on building types; 

  • Residentials – this type of buildings give you XP and increase the population. Commercial type buildings require people. 
  • Water Supply – build water supply buildings such as water well, water storage to increase water supply and earn XP. You will need water to build commercial buildings
  • Power Supply – build power supply buildings such as wind turbines, wind power stations to increase power supply and earn XP. You will need power/electricity to build commercial buildings
  • Factories – factories produce items. For example – the processing factory where you can produce cement, glass, metal, etc. 
  • Commerce – build commerce type buildings to earn free coins every hour. 
  • Decorations – give you XP and amenities points

Global City game cheats tips guideComplete The Port Orders To Obtain Expansion Items

To upgrade/expand the warehouse, territory, city hall, you will need expansion items. These items are obtained from the suitcases that you get by completing the port orders. Tap the ship near the dock and check out the orders. Complete them and get the suitcase; you get random items from the suitcase; it could be coins or expansion items. 

Expanding the warehouse helps you store more items. Expand the territory so that you can build more buildings in the city. The city hall upgrade increases the tax collection capacity. 

Do The “Day” Tasks To Level Up Quickly

In the lower-left corner, tap that quest button -> tasks -> there you can check the “day” tasks. These quests give you free XP and coins. XP is required to reach the next level. As you reach higher levels, you will unlock new buildings and functions. For example – union function unlocks at level 10. Also, it’s the best way to progress in the game.Global City game cheats tips guide

Keep Producing The Items

Tap on the factory -> start producing the items. You will need a ton of items in a ton of tasks. So it’s better to always keep all the factories busy in the production of items so that you never get short of. You can buy more production slots at the factory(costs global bucks) to produce more items at a time. 

Earn Success Points To Get Rewards

Tap the nitrol/volt icon in the upper-left -> there you can check the daily quests that are updated daily(24 hours). Complete them and earn success points. When you earn a certain number of points, you get free rewards. Rewards include free global bucks, items, city coins, blueprints, etc. 

Maintain The City Properly

Have enough balance of population, water supply, power supply, and the buildings. You will need people, water, the power to run the commercial buildings. To get people, build residential buildings. For water, build water supply facilities. For power, build power facilities. 

So that’s all we got in the post on Global City game tips and guide for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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80 thoughts on “Global City Game cheats: guide, tips, and tricks”

  1. These “Event Pass” that happen to get you more items. Is this a one time buy good for all event’s or just certain ones??

    Thanks –

  2. I’ve been playing Global City for a long time, I’m a level 61 myself. But I’ve seen that everyone but me is building the hyperloop! I don’t know how to unlock it. Anyone who could provide an answer please do

  3. Trying to place the Tower Bridge but it says it needs to be placed on a river…….how in the heck do you build a river in this game?

    • You have to put the accelerator on the factory itself. As it happens, i’ve been playing this game for a long time myself…

  4. A lil trick I started doing.
    So it will give you a bonus if you join or create a Union. I made my own, got the perk & then deleted the Union.

    In addition, under the Union icon (shield w/ person icon) there should be one player already labeled as “London Yard”. If you visit this city, you can go to the item “Global Exchange”. Pretty much the same one in your city. This city offers items for you to but at reasonable cost than what other players would price them at. My trick is that you buy (for example say copper) at what the cost is & then return to your city & go the to Global Exchange & sell it for more than what you paid for it. This is also based on the item too. When you do it, make sure you click on “Max” for the price to sell it at.

    Your welcome! 🙂

  5. I’m on level 20 and I can’t seem to upgrade the sand quarry to get the Quarry Excavator Grade 2 for the aluminum sheets? Any help would be great thanks

    • Trains & rail system are gonna take a while. I am still hacking away at it.
      Once you get one train w/ cars, try do as many train deliveries, over time you earn rail tokens / badges to expand the rail system & get more trains.

  6. Some buildings & items take for too long. The online purchases are too expensive. The tokens used for building a buildings are on longer available.

  7. How do you move an existing tree when it is behind a building and you can’t click on it to move it? It’s messing up me having a 3×3 spot to put a factory. I have to move this tree or bulldoze it or something. LOL

    • Go to settings, then other settings, click “Hide foreground buildings” when you move up close, the building will disappear & you can click & move the trees/amenities

    • hallo entweder in den straßenbau modus gehen oder in den einstellungen anklicken das die gebäude im vordergrung durchläassig sein sollen

  8. How do I upgrade my quarry excavator to grade 2? I can see upgrade button on the ore excavator. But not on the quarry one. Please help.

    • You’ll need to build a tools factory and get your harvester (wood cutting machine) unlocked. Then you can make a hammer with just 1 metal and 1 wood for it. Hope this helps.

    • Every time I hit the upgrade button it goes to a purchase add for starter pack. Does this mean I need to pay real money to upgrade and advance through the game?

    • Try getting orders completed and send as much as ships possible. You will get the materials needed for a space upgrade from that. Also please note that each slot have different materials needed. Click on each one and check what’s easier to get, and collect materials for that slot. Hope this helps.

  9. The island won’t let me put water towers on it. So how do you get water to the island? I have about 20 buildings I can’t finish without water and the game doesn’t explain what else to use

    • you can only place a water tower if you have room and enough money. you have to go into where you buy buildings and click on the “?” icon. that will give a choice of a water storage or water tower. the storage holds more and provides more and the tower just gives an amount for very few buildings.

      • oh i see you aren’t able to put a water tower on the island but you can put it in land which you have to get a tube that will run water through the city to island. im not at that point but i saw it in another’s island