Detective Driver Miami Files Cheats Tips And Guide

Detective Driver Miami FilesDetective Driver Miami Files is a great racing game by Play With Games studio in which you complete missions and unlock new chapters. The game features 50 awesome challenging missions packed in 10 chapters. Our Detective Driver Miami Files cheats tips and guide will help you in completing all missions

Play With Games Studio, the creators of Coast Guard Beach Rescue Team game is now back with another racing Android game and it is called Detective Driver Miami Files. In the game, the player has to complete the several tasks to complete the challenging missions. Detective Driver Miami Files game comes with ten chapters and in each chapter, you will have to complete five challenging missions. In this post, we have covered some basic Detective Miami Files cheats tips and a guide which will help you in completing all the missions fast and easily.

Before we talk about the Detective Driver Miami Files cheats and tips, let’s start the Detective Driver game guide first;

Detective Driver Miami Files – The Basic

In Detective Driver Miami Files, you just have to control the car on the road and pass through green marks. In some missions, you have to control a boat, truck, and more vehicles. The best thing which makes it addictive is its awesome gameplay; you have to drive carefully, avoid hitting obstacles & cars, complete the missions in minimum time. Here’s the list of all missions featured in the Detective Driver Miami Files game;

  1. Welcome To The Island
  2. Follow That Boat
  3. Jet Set
  4. Lying Low
  5. Float Your Boat
  6. Show and Tell
  7. Race Pace
  8. Mechanical Sympathy
  9. Dinners For Winners
  10. Restaurant Rumble
  11. Stunt Boat Challenge
  12. Yacht Or Not
  13. Spit & Polish
  14. Hard Sell
  15. The Cruse
  16. Partly A Party
  17. Loose Lips
  18. Back Alley
  20. First Aid
  21. Medical Experiments
  22. Fire, Wind, Water & Earth
  23. Cloak And Dagger
  24. Air Waves
  25. I SPY
  26. Return Of Goods
  27. Missing In Action
  28. Hidden Clues
  29. The Heist
  30. Jet Lag
  31. Hook, Line & Sinker
  32. Long Loading Times
  33. Cleaning Up
  34. Cheap Thrills
  35. All Work And No Play
  36. Delivery Day
  37. Rushing Water
  38. Follow My Speeder
  39. Very VIP
  40. Main Course
  41. Razle Dazle
  42. All That Glitters
  43. Gone Fishin
  44. Hitting The Books
  45. Diamonds Are Forever
  46. Beautiful Lure
  47. Cruise And Lose
  48. Crime And Lose
  49. Final Frenzy
  50. Heros And Zeros

The first chapter in Detective Driver Miami Files is available for free, rest chapters can be unlocked using cash/In-game currency. Completing a mission reward you coins/money and you can spend it in unlocking new chapters.

The game also features some other modes and tools which are in-app purchase; Time Rewind, Invincible Mode, Easy Mode, and Fun Mode.

  • Time Rewind; This feature will let you go back in time when you crash
  • Easy Mode; In this mode, you have more time and you can drive a small vehicle
  • Invincible Mode; Nevel fail
  • Fun Mode; Get more time to fool around

Detective Driver Miami Files Control Guide

There are three types of controls featured in the game; buttons, wheel, and tilt. The player can choose any one out of all these under the settings. After starting the mission, pause the game, tap on the off button next to control option to turn it on. The left side button used in changing the direction, in the right side, there is a brake button and race button. Just above the race button, there is toggle button; tap on it to change the driving mode; forward or rewind/go back.

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Hold down your finger on the right side of the screen and swipe up/down/left/right to change the view. At the top right of the screen, there is an eye option, tap on it to change the camera view.

⇒objective – Your objective in each mission is drive the car and pass through green marks.

⇒Crashing – If you crashed, you will have to restart the game. So avoid hitting other cars and obstacles. Let’s start the Detective Driver Miami Files cheats tips and tricks.

Detective Driver Miami Files cheats tips

1.) Earn More Money By Completing The Mission In Minimum Time

After you complete the missions, you will be rewarded with medals; gold, silver and bronze and money. You will get the gold medal and more cash if you complete the mission in minimum time. The best way to accomplish this mission is choosing the right control which suits you and change the sensitivity under the settings. If you drive carefully, you can easily complete the mission in minimum time and get the gold medal.

2.) Go Slow If You Are Crashing

If you are struggling in completing missions, then go slow. Driving slow decreases the chance of crashing and you will be able to complete the missions. However, you will not get less cash.

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3.) Use The Rewind Feature

If you play Detective Driver Miami Files game with an active internet connection, you can use rewind feature for free by watching the video ad. You can purchase this option in exchange for real money to use it offline. But if you don’t want to spend money, then play it with an active internet connection. Use the rewind feature and continue playing even after crashing.

4.) Play Missions Again And Again For Money – Detective Driver Miami Files Cheats Tips

As you know, to unlock new chapters or missions, you need money/cash, and if you have not enough money, then play missions again and again.

4.) Use Ad Feature

At the top left of the screen, there would be a play option[if your internet connection is on], tap on it and watch ads to get free cash in Detective Driver Miami Files game.

5.) Miscellaneous Tips and Cheats for Detective Driver Miami Files game

  • In some missions, you will have to switch to piloting boats and huge yachts
  • Master the control; choose the controller which suits your driving skills
  • Use rewind feature

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So these are some basic Detective Driver Miami Files cheats tips and a guide. Download Detective Driver Miami Files – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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