Guns Of Glory Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Guns Of GloryGuns Of Glory is a popular MMO strategy game for Android and iOS. Check out our Guns Of Glory guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

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Guns Of Glory is a base-building game in which the player builds their own estate and the objective is to grow the estate by occupying or building more resources. If you don’t know how to play this game or looking for some tips or cheats to improve the skills or progress fast or increase the power, then you are in the right place. In this post, we have covered everything you need to know: Guns Of Glory Guide and Guns Of Glory tips, cheats & strategy to master the game.

Guns Of Glory Guide⇓

Before we dive into the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the Guns of Glory basics first. make sure to check out the gift codes if you want free rewards. If you have ever played games like Mafia City, Dino War, Stellar Age, then you can easily understand its mechanics.

The Basics: –

  • You have to build your base; estate. Grow it by developing the buildings, training troops, building talent trees, traps, etc. 
  • You can train troops and attack on other players’ base
  • Similarly, other players can also attack your estate
  • Protect your resources; wood, iron, and more by building a solid base; keep growing your army
  • Grow the estate by upgrading the buildings
  • Unlock talent points
  • Research to activate the bonus
  • Increase your power; attack and defense

As stated above, other players can raid your base and loot the resources. And it would be a huge loss if the enemy steals all the resources. That’s why it’s a dynamic game.

The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the building and upgrading, about the castle, training troops, attacking, and much more. If you did not pay attention to the tutorial, we are here to guide you with our Guns Of Glory guide and Guns Of Glory cheats, tips, strategy guide. Read the complete post and know how you can protect the resources, increase the power, and play wisely without spending real money on the game.

Guns Of Glory Guide For Beginners⇓

In this part, you will learn about the buildings featured in the Guns of Glory game, about troops, attack, power, talent points, research, resources, defense, airship, equipment, and much more. Make sure to read everything.

Buildings Guide⇓

Having basic information about the buildings featured in this game will make it easy for you to play the game. All the buildings have different tasks and you should know about it. Let’s get started: –

  • Castle⇓

Castle is the main building in Guns Of Glory. IN fact, it is the key to unlock new features, upgrades, and buildings. You can not upgrade buildings beyond the castle level. Tap the castle and then select estate stats. On the next screen, you can see the stats; production, bonus, and more. Upgrade this building to increase the march capacity[number of troops you sent to attack enemies], new buildings.

  • Troops Buildings

In these buildings, you can train the troops or war tools/devices such as mortal, cannons, and much more. Training the troops increases the power of estate and the lord(player) earns XP. These are the buildings where you can train troops for the battle or attack or defense: –

  1. Shooting Range
  2. Barracks
  3. Stables
  4. Artillery Foundry

Upgrade these buildings to train higher level troops. Training these troops costs you resources such as food, silver, iron, wood. 

Resources Guide⇓

In Guns Of Glory, you produce resources in these facilities or buildings: –

  1. Farm – Food for estate and troops
  2. Iron Mine – Produces iron for estate
  3. Silver Mine – Produces silver for estate
  4. Lumberyard – Produces wood

These resources are required in building and upgrading facilities or to train troops. Without these resources, you can not build or upgrade. And it’s your duty to protect these resources from enemies.

  • Warehouse

The warehouse is another one of the main buildings in the Guns Of Glory game. The Warehouse protects your resources(food, wood, silver, iron) from enemy raids. But its capacity is limited. Upgrade it to protect more resources.

  • Hospital

As you know, other players can attack your base. Trained troops will defend the base from enemies and in this war, they might get injured. You heal wounded or injured troops in the hospital. Upgrade this building to increase capacity.

  • Look Out Tower

Near the port, there is a lookout tower. This tower alerts you about the incoming scouts or marches. In short, you will be notified when enemies are coming to your base. Upgrade it to get detailed information about the enemies. And when you see an enemy is approaching the base; train more troops, build traps, increase the wall level.

  • Trap Factory

At this building, you can produce deadly traps to improve the estate’s defense.

  • Airship Dock

Along with troops, you can also send an airship for march or to raid an enemy base. Tap the airship dock building and then tap airship abilities option. Upgrade its ability to increase its power. You can also enhance its ability; just select that option. It costs you intensity gear. You can obtain intensity gear from the exchange shop(bargains galore). Upgrade the airship to get Lord XP(required to level up) and increase the estate’s power.

  • Exchange Building

Just close to the castle’s entrance, there is an exchange shop. Tap it and then you will see three options: –

  1. Market Stall – Here you get daily deals- can be purchased using in-game items
  2. Auction house – Here you can spend gold and bid to get precious items such as intensity gear, fragments(design – forging), weapon, and more
  3. Black Market – From here you can buy crafting material to craft equipment for your creation+many more items
  • Doctor’s Law

Here you can create creation and equip it with equipment and enhance the equipment. Sometimes, you get free rewards from this building.

  • Academy

Academy is another one of the main facilities featured in Guns Of Glory game. In this building, you can research new bonuses and activate bonuses. For instance; increase the march capacity, attack, production speed, and more. Upgrade it to access to more researches. Also, see – Best simulation games for Android

  • Drill Grounds

Here you can check the number of trained troops, march slot, wounded troops, and all type of troops related stats.

  • Inn

Claim daily rewards here and spin the wheel to get a random reward. For each activity, the player earns points; complete the quests, upgrading, building, raiding, slaying down the beasts, and more activities. These points determine the ranking. Keep playing the game and earn points. Visit Inn often to claim the daily rewards.

  • Alliance

Join an active alliance and you will get free 200 Gold. Another benefit to joining a guild is you will be able to trade items, receive help and troops from allies, and much more. Join a guild and then you will be able to build these buildings: –

  1. Embassy – Receive goodies from the members
  2. Hall of War – Team up with members to raid opponents
  3. Munitions Exchange – Trading
  4. Trade Station
  • Talent Points

Upon leveling up, you earn talent points. Talent points can be used to activate the bonus. AT the top-left corner, tap the character’s icon -> talent points -> choose a type(war, economy, balance) -> tap on an icon -> use point. If you want to improve combat, then spend in war, if you want to improve construction-related tasks, then spend talent points in the economy tab. Spend talent points in the balance tab to improve march, raiding-like tasks i.e. march speed, attack bonus, and more.

How to change the name in Guns Of Glory⇓

On the main screen, tap the items tab. On the right side menu, there are some options. Select the option named “special”. Then tap each item and search for “lord rename”. Once found, use it and change the name. Ignore if you have already used.

Guns of Glory Guide To Attacking⇓

Guns Of GloryAt the bottom-right corner, tap the kingdom button. This will redirect you to the map where you can find beasts, enemies’ base, resources, and much more.

  1. To attack a beast, tap the hunt option and then, tap the go to button next to the beast level. Then tap the beast and choose attack
  2. To attack an enemy base, find a base on the map, tap on it. Select attack option. Select the number of troops and hit the march button. Choose the scout option to get details about the enemy

Research Guide⇓

Researching is one of the important tasks in the Guns of Glory game. Without research, you can not progress fast. Go to the academy -> research and after it, you will see six options: –

  1. Development – Research to enhance skills & abilities
  2. Economy –  Increase production and gathering ability
  3. Combat – Power-up troops
  4. Combat II – Power Up troops
  5. Defense – Defense

Just tap one of these options and on the next screen, tap on a research attribute -> hit the research button.

Equipment Guide⇓

At the forge building, you can craft equipment. You can obtain crafting material from an exchange shop, as a reward, or defeat beasts. Tap the character icon -> tap the + icon(empty slot) and equip the lord with equipment.


At the top-left corner, tap the VIP option. Hit the activate button to activate it. You will get free VIP bonus for the first time after completing the tutorial(check the items tab). Or the sign-in daily to obtain VIP Points. Activating it enables bonuses such as production speed, combat bonus, and more

Guns Of Glory Tips and Cheats⇓

#1.) Increase the defense power of estate, here’s how

One of the important challenges in the game is protecting the resources from enemies. And to protect it, you should improve the defense. How to improve?

  1. Train the troops
  2. Level up the wall
  3. Upgrade the trap factory
  4. Upgrade the warehouse to protect resources
  5. Check the status in lookout tower; enemy raids
  6. Increase the estate’s power – build and upgrade buildings
  7. Spend talent points (war) – read the talents guide above
  8. Research in the academy and activate defense bonuses
  9. Craft and equip equipment
  10. Upgrade the airship
  11. Enhance the airship abilities

#2.) Focus on building the strong army

  1. It would be better if you upgrade the troop buildings because upgrading it unlocks higher-level troops.
  2. And spend talent points to increase the troop’s attack power.
  3. Research in the academy to improve troops’ performance in the battle.
  4. Upgrade the military tent building to increase training capacity.

#3.) Keep researching and attacking beasts

  1. Research in the academy and unlock new buffs.
  2. Attack beasts and obtain precious items; XP, chests, crafting material, and much more.

On the other hand, if you are just upgrading and building facilities in the estate, then you are just wasting time. Go to the Kingdom map and march or raid bases, beasts, gather resources. You can increase the march slot by researching. 

#4.) Scout before you attack

Before you send the troops to raid an enemy base, get the information about it; the enemy may have stronger troops, more power than yours. And if you attack a higher level base, chances are you will lose your troops.

Go to the kingdom map -> tap on an enemy base -> select scout and confirm. Within a certain amount of time, you will get detailed information about the enemy(check the mailbox in the game). Compare the enemy’s base power with yours and then make a decision. If your power is low, then don’t go for the attack.

#5.) Check the events to earn gold

Gold is one of the precious items in the Guns of Glory game. Don’t use it in speeding up the tasks. Use it in the exchange shop to get precious items. For the first time, you earn gold when you join the alliance(go to the inbox to claim the reward).

To earn more, go to the event hall building and check the ongoing events. Complete the event tasks to earn gold and other items.

#6.) Claim the freebies

In your estate, search for a building named tribute. Visit this building after every 5 minutes to get the free reward.

Visit the Inn building and claim the daily rewards. Tap the Inn building -> select daily reward -> tap the chest icon at the top to claim the reward. Earn points by training troops, gathering resources, building and upgrading, researching, and killing beasts.

Complete the quests.

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So, these are some Guns Of Glory tips, cheats & a strategy guide for beginners to master the game. Keep improving the power by building and upgrading, researching, and activating the talents, and you are good to go! Download Guns Of Glory for Android – Here(Google Play Store). 

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