Epic Seven Labyrinth Mode Explained: Morale, Clear Portal, Camp

Labyrinth is one of the best game modes in Epic Seven for equipment farming. In this post, we have covered everything about Epic Seven Labyrinth mode

If you need powerful equipment for your heroes or ancient coins, you should try out the Labyrinth mode. As of now, the game features three Labyrinth; Tirel Castle In Chaos, Great Farche, and Nixied’s Sanctum. Tirel Castle In Chaos unlocks just after the tutorial. Rest two Labyrinth unlocks after clearing 6th, 7th chapter in adventure mode. In each labyrinth, you will explore zones. And in each zone, you will meet new characters, powerful enemies, and obtain treasure; gold, stigma, ancient coins, equipment, and much more. The only problem is to play this mode, you need a Labyrinth compass as an entry ticket. You get these compass for free(but you will have to wait for many hours). However, you can also purchase this item from many shops. Let’s dive in! Epic Seven Labyrinth Mode explained: Morale, Camp, Clear Portal, Repeat, Compass, and much more!

The Basics – Epic Seven Labyrinth Mode

In this mode, you will explore the zone with the team of heroes. At the top-left corner of the screen, there is a map which shows a full zone view. And just below the mini-map, you can check the morale points. Morale points get reduced when you cross or move from one map screen to another(-1 point) and when you battle against enemies(-7 points).

You start with 31+ morale points. As you explore more, you will lose these points and once the status goes down below 0, heroes’ stats will decrease;Epic Seven Labyrinth

  1. (0-30) – No effect
  2. (Below 0 to – 30) – Your heroes defense will be decreased by 25%, attack power by 25%, and health too
  3. (-31 to -49) – Your heroes attack power, defense, health, and speed will be decreased by 50%
  4. (-50) – You will definitely lose the battle at this position as all the stats get decreased by 90%

Once fainted, you will have to start exploring again. And you would not even receive rewards. Along with the rewards, you also waste the entry ticket.


Epic Seven LabyrinthIf you are low on morale points, head to the crossroad point in the zone/labyrinth. You can only camp on these junctions. At the bottom-left corner, tap the camping tent icon and confirm. Keep in mind that you can only camp once per exploration. On the next screen, chat with the characters. This will also help you in raising heroes’ friendship level.


When exploring the zone, make sure to go in each direction. You could find a clear portal. If you are low on Morale Points and don’t want to lose, then tap on these clear portals and stop exploring.

Going Back

Epic Seven LabyrinthIf you choose to stop exploring, the game will send you back to the labyrinth menu. You can use labyrinth compass to enter the zone again with full morale points. And instead of exploring from the start, you can sacrifice some morale points to start from the checkpoint(clear portal, which you use to stop exploring). Tap on the map -> tap the clear portal/check-point -> spend morale points to start from that point.


If you have cleared a zone or explored it 100%, you can still earn some items; ancient coins, gold, and more by repeating it. Defeat the enemies in the zone to receive rewards.


If you can’t wait for many hours or days until it charges automatically, you can buy this entry ticket using other in-game currency. However, there is also a purchase limit.

  1. Normal Shop – In exchange for Skystones
  2. Normal Shop – In exchange for Leif
  3. Guild – Member Shop – In exchange for 180 Brave Crest

Pay attention to the morale points and don’t waste labyrinth compass by exploring a little. So that’s all for now as Epic Seven Labyrinth Mode guide. Also, see – Beginner’s Guide, Tier List

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