Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Grancrest War: Quartet ConflictGrancrest War: Quartet Conflict is a brand new ARPG for mobile by Bandai Namco. Check out our Record Of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Bandai Namco’s Record Of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict is finally available for mobile. In the game, the player builds a team of characters and progress through story mode, campaign mode, and battle against the bosses(other guilds) in guild mode on weekends. Record Of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict game comes with simple controls and easy to understand mechanics. If you are having trouble in winning the battles against the bosses or looking for some tips, then our Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict guide and Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict tips, cheats & strategies will help you in completing all the missions. Let’s get started!


Before you head to the tips, cheats & strategy guide part, let’s have a look at the basics first. In the game, you have to build two types of decks; for the attack and for the defense. For the attack – Characters added to the attack deck will be available for the fight in the story, event, and campaign mode. And for the defense: If you have joined a guild, then during the guild battle, enemies will invade you and the characters added to the defense deck will defend. In a deck, the player can add up to three characters. So make sure to always add the best characters(out of all, available to you).

You start the game from story mode in which you complete the chapters in normal mode and then in hard mode. Like other games, it will be easy for you to clear the stages in the early game. But as you progress more, you will face powerful enemies, bosses. After completing the chapter 5, stage 2, almost all the features will get unlocked.

Event and campaign mode is for item farming. From these modes, the player earns material required in upgrading, evolving, awakening the characters, weapons. In the guild mode, you join a group of players and fight against other guilds on weekends. You will get the guild battle ticket at the due time. Using it, you can participate in the guild battle(3-day event) and earn guild medals. The guild with the most medals wins. The player also earns guild coins from these battles. You can spend these coins in the exchange menu on guild screen for the characters and items.

In Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict, your main objective is to increase the power of team members(characters in your deck). You can do it by upgrading, evolving, awakening, equipping the best weapons, upgrading weapons, evolving weapons.

The main in-game currency is crest stones. Using these stones, you can obtain characters through the summon menu. Will, Intelligence, Power stones are used in character upgrading. Ingots, used in weapon upgrading. Orbs, used in upgrading character’s stats(HP, ATK, and more).

For evolving material, progress through the campaign mode.

Let’s learn step-by-step:


Grancrest War: Quartet ConflictYou may have many weapons for the specific type of character(melee[lord, artist], ranged[mage]) and if you don’t know, how to change the character’s weapon, here’s how to do it:

Go to the deck menu -> edit deck -> tap the character’s weapon icon to go to the weapon change screen. There you can select the desired weapon. You get weapons from the campaign mode, story mode.


Grancrest War: Quartet ConflictTo increase the power of a character, you have many options: – Upgrading or leveling up. For leveling up, you need stones(Intelligent stones, power stones, and will stones). You can obtain these stones from the events, story mode chapters. Impact – Leveling up increases the character’s stats: –

  1. HP
  2. Attack
  3. Defense
  4. SPC – Quartet mode gauge fills faster(Read guide below)
  5. CRI – Critical hit rate

Evolving – Evolving required gems and gold+evolving items(obtain from guild battles, campaign mode). Impact – It increases the star-level of a character, maximum level. You must reach the maximum character level to evolve.

Awakening – You can increase the specific character’s stats(HP, ATK, SPC, CRI, and more) by awakening. For this, you need orbs. Obtain this item from the event mode.

Additionally, you can power-up the character by upgrading weapons, evolving weapons.

Upgrading the weapons – Ingot is an item that you can use in upgrading weapons. Additionally, you can also use useless weapons(useful though 😀 ). Evolving – After reaching the maximum weapon level, you can evolve it. You need holystones to evolve a weapon. Play the game to obtain; participate in events, guild battles.


If the luck level is high, you may get more rewards in the quests mode. In the edit deck menu, at the top, you can check the total luck stats. How to increase or improve. Luck stat increases when the player gets the duplicate character from summoning(already owned character).

Maximum level – 10. After it(same character again – 11th time), you will get the skill book.


Special Skill – You unleash this skill by holding and releasing the attack button in the battle. All the characters in Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict game have unique skills. In the profile page(deck -> edit deck -> tap the character) -> head to the skill tab -> tap the skill button at the bottom-right corner to check the skill details.

Switchover Skill – You can switch between characters in the battle by tapping the character icon(near the attack button). The character(selected by you in the battle to replace current) unleashes this skill when you summon him/her in the battle. However, not all the times they unleash this skill as there is a cooldown problem. Pay attention to the glowing icons.

Passive Skill -> Different characters have different passive skills.

How to upgrade these skills? You can upgrade passive skill using the skill book(obtain from guild exchange shop, limited events). Unlock passive skill by evolving or raising the character’s star level.

To upgrade special, switchover skill, improve the luck stat. In short, these skills’ level will increase when you get the duplicate character from summoning.

Weapon Traits – Special buffs.

Level up trait – Use the same type of weapon in the fusing/upgrading to raise.


In the battle, at the bottom, just below the HP bar, you can check the quartet bar. When you activate this mode, all the characters attack the enemy together. To activate it, tap the quartet button once the gauge reaches the maximum point. The gauge fills as you attack the enemies or take damage from the enemies.

So this is the Record Of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict guide for the beginners. Let’s read our top Record Of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict tips, cheats & strategies.

Record Of Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict

1.) Use Elemental Cycle When Things Are Out Of Control

If you are having trouble winning the stage against a powerful boss or hordes of enemies, then you should modify the deck and add the characters on the basis of enemy elements. There are three elements(of characters as well as enemies); Will, Intelligent, Power. You can check the element at the top-left corner of the enemy’s icon, character’s icon.

  1. Will element -> Strong against power type, weak against Intelligent
  2. Power element -> Strong against Intelligent, weak against Will
  3. Intelligent element – Strong against will, weak against power

Before you start the battle, you can check the enemies elements by tapping the quest details button. Add strong element characters to the deck to deal more damage. For example; If the enemy is using INT element troops, then add power type characters to the deck.

If you are still getting defeat, upgrade the character. Read the powering up guide above.

2.) Grab The Treasure Chests In Campaign Mode

From the campaign mode, you can grab the treasure chests. From these chests, you can earn precious items. It resets every day and does not cost you stamina. So make sure to participate daily and progress as far as you can. In this mode, you have to pick the best characters. The reason is you can not change the deck and characters; if you lose the character in the early stage, then you would not be able to use it in the next stage.

3.) Farm Items In The Event Mode

The event mode is one of the best game modes in Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict game. From this mode, you can obtain dagger, ingots, EXP booster, crest stone, holystones, and much more. Head to the event mode screen -> on the right side, you can switch between two sections; limited event and upgrade. From the limited event mode, you can earn precious items including holystone, skill book, boosters, crest stone. And in the upgrade tab, you have items farming options. Pay attention to these modes daily and don’t miss any chance of grabbing precious items.

4.) Build The Crest Tree Using Chaos Points

You earn chaos points when you rank up. The player can increase its rank by gaining EXP from story mode and other game modes. Whenever you rank up, you get chaos point. You can use these points in building the crest tree where you can activate buffs. On the main screen of the game, at the top right, tap the crest tree icon(near mission icon) -> select a buff -> confirm.

5.) Go For The Batch Download

Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict game’s total size is over 1.5GB. The game downloads data as you progress. Sometimes, you have to wait a long time. So it would be better to download all the data in one time and enjoy the game without wasting time on the loading screen. When you start the game, under the tap to start option, tap the batch download. Or in the game, tap the menu button -> settings -> download.

So these are our top Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games of this week

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