Towerlands Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Towerlands is a brand new mobile game where you build and improve the catapult tower and fight enemies. Read on for Towerlands game guide, tips, cheats

Towerlands GameTowerlands is a simple strategy game where your goal is to beat the waves of enemies, build the city, and conquer the bosses and castles on the map. It also features the clan function that helps you interact with other players and get help from them by requesting resources. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Towerlands game guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Towerlands game tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s check out the main content. 

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Your goal is to increase the strength of Tower by upgrading it and deploy the best units, modules, turrets to increase firepower so that you can clear the waves of enemies easily or conquer the castles. Other than building the tower, you have to manage the city buildings like library, storage, gold mine, training ground, etc. Let’s learn everything in detail and check out Towerlands game tips & tricks –

Place The Best Units On The Tower

If you don’t how what are the best units and how to build the best tower, we recommend using this post: –

On the tower, you can deploy a certain number of units – based on the tower level. As you increase the tower level, you will get to place more units, modules, and turrets. Since you have limited slots, you must place the units wisely – based on their abilities. All the units in the Towerlands game possess unique abilities that can benefit you in different ways. For example – Looter is one of the units in the game that increase the amount of gold received for kills. Veteran increases the EXP gain from the enemy kills. Crossbowman can stun the enemy.

Tap the tower button -> units -> tap the units and read its characteristics; abilities, attack damage, etc. To defend and win the battles quickly, we would recommend you to use the units with high damage, CC, ranged-skills. If you want more loot, you can pick units like Looter, Veteran. 

Upgrade The Tower To Increase Max HP, Slots

Save gold coins and upgrade the tower so that you can place more units and increase the max HP for longer survival in tough battles. 

Collect The Gold Coins From Storage

Head to the city screen in Towerlands game -> tap the storage -> take. If you come back after being offline for hours, you might see the take x2 option that gives double the number of collected coins by watching a short video ad. 

Upgrade The Facilities In Towerlands

In the city and on the map, you have facilities/buildings like the castle, gold mine, storage, training ground, etc. You can upgrade all these buildings and increase their performance. For example; if you want more gold coins, upgrade the gold mine in the city, which produces coins every few seconds. Also, on the map, you have a castle that generates gold coins. 

Upgrade training ground to increase the max level of units. 

Spend The Skill Points In Towerlands Game

From the battles, you earn purple color badges/skill points. Head to the city and tap on the library building. There you can spend these points on buffs in specific departments; for example, increasing the CRIT rate, more gold reward, etc. 

Watch The Video Ad For More Reward

Whether you win the battle or not in the adventure stage, you will get coins or EXP, you can double the reward by watching the video ad. 

Join A Clan In Towerlands Game

In the Towerlands game, you can join a clan once you clear the 20 waves of enemies. Once joined, you can request the resources from the clan members. For example – Mythrile, Relic, Metal, Pearl, Crystal, Emerald, Magma, etc. We would recommend joining an active clan with more members – the more active members, the faster you can get these resources. 

Upgrade The Units, Turrets, And Modules

Leveling up the units, turrets, and modules increase the base stats, which improve the combat performance. Save the gold coins and spend on these units, turrets, and modules as you progress further – you will face dangerous waves, bosses, and kingdom on the map/wave game modes as you progress. Also, units get new abilities at certain levels; for instance, level 25. 

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So this would be all in this Towerlands guide featuring a few tips & tricks. 

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