Transit King Tycoon Guide, Tips, Cheats To Build Epic Transport Empire

 Transit King Tycoon Cheats Tips GuideTransit King Tycoon is a great transport business simulation game for Android in which you play as a transport manager and build your epic transport empire. Our Transit King Tycoon guide cheats, and tips will help you in building the epic transport empire

Fingersoft, the creators of Hill Climb Racing game series published a new simulation game for Android called Transit King Tycoon. In the game, the player works as a transport manager and take care of all kind of transportation activities and earn money. Check out the transit king tycoon beginner’s guide, tips, and cheats to build transport empire.

Transit King Tycoon – Get Started

 Transit King Tycoon Cheats Tips GuideAs usual, transit king tycoon game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play transit king tycoon, how to manage transport activities, about trucks, vehicles, drivers, sources, destination, and much more. Once the tutorial ends, you have to manually handle all kinds of activities. Let me explain each section and the gameplay in detail: –

⇒ Transit King Tycoon Gameplay – Guide[Part -1]

At the beginning of the game, you have limited resources; trucks and drivers. What you have to do in this game? Basically, you have to deliver the goods to a specific factory. For instance, there are many companies in your city and all these companies need resources, it’s your duty to deliver all the items to these companies as fast as you can. Also, see – Best simulation games for Android

⇒ Oyster Bay company needs 400qt. apple to make apple juice. To accomplish this task, you send your trucks; select the source[juicer] and the destination[Oyster Bay]. You will get your reward once the order gets completed. Similarly, if a factory needs eggs, you have to instruct your trucks to pick eggs from the chicken farm and deliver to that specific factory.

This is what you have to do in Transit King Tycoon Game! Now let’s start the Transit King guide[part-2]. In this part, we will learn about each section of the game; In-game currency, drivers, fuel, parking, and much more. Let’s begin the transit king tycoon game guide;

  • Coins

Coins in transit king tycoon used in buying and upgrading of trucks. You can obtain gold coins by completing the tasks; deliver the items to all factories. Spending coins perfectly on upgrading and buying boost up the game progress. Also, see – Best Pokemon games for Android

  • Transit Notes

Transit Notes used in buying coins, fuel, and drivers. It is one of the rare obtainable items in transit king tycoon game. Don’t spend it blindly. You can earn transit notes for free by completing the contracts. Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

  • Fuel

As all of you know, fuel is required to keep running the trucks. You have to refuel each truck after a certain period of time, otherwise, they will stop on the road. Fuel can be obtained by leveling-up the game profile, as a reward, or in exchange for transit notes. Also, see – Best offline games for Android

  • Drivers

You have limited drivers at the beginning of the game, so you are restricted to send all of your trucks at once for the delivery. You can increase these numbers temporary in exchange for transit notes or level-up your profile.

  • How To Level-Up In transit king tycoon?

To level-up in transit king tycoon game, you need XP. XP can be earned by completing the orders and contracts. Leveling up the profile also unlocks new cities, feature, increase the number of drivers, fuel capacity, and much more. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

  • How to cancel an order?

You may want to cancel the ongoing order; because you want to send it to another place, you have limited fuel and route is too long. To cancel an ongoing order in transit king tycoon; tap on the route option(at the bottom right), head to all routes, tap on the cross option next to an ongoing order to cancel it. Also, see – Best action games for Android

  • How to connect long distance factories to the suppliers?

You have to build the road from the origin of long distance factories to the working road. Tap on the hammer option at the bottom left, choose build road, tap on the factory and take the pointer to the road, and at last confirm it. You have to pay gold coins for it.

⇒ The process

  1. Check the order
  2. Tap on the destination
  3. Select the source
  4. Add the trucks for the delivery
  5. Get the rewards after completing the delivery
  6. Repeat

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Transit King Tycoon Cheats: Tips And Strategy Guide

 Transit King Tycoon Cheats Tips GuideThese transit king tycoon cheats, tips, and strategies help you in building the best transport empire ever.

1.) Increase Cash-In Flow

As mentioned above, coins are very useful in this transport simulation game. If you have no coins, you can not buy more trucks, if you have limited trucks, you will not be able to complete bulk order and all these things slow down the progress. So you have to maintain the cash inflow by completing the short orders; before sending the trucks, take a look at the orders you have to complete. For instance, you have to deliver 1600 qt. of clay to Merrywood. It is obvious that your truck will take hours to complete this big order and you will have to wait for hours to get the reward. So complete short orders to maintain cash inflow.

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2.) Save Transit Note To Build Gas Station

After every few minutes, you have to refuel your truck and you have limited fuel points. So it would be better to build the gas station in the city to get rid of this problem. So save your transit notes and unlock & build the gas station in the city instead of spending transit notes blindly.

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3.) Invest Your Coins

You can increase the attributes of trucks[Haicee] and boost up the game progress in transit king tycoon. Attributes such as; load time, speed, fuel points, and cargo capacity. Upgrading trucks improve the performance and it helps in a number of ways; fast delivery, fast reward, and minimum consumption of fuel. So spend some coins on your truck upgrading.

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4.) Level-Up Fast

There are a number of ways to level up fast in transit king game; accept and complete the contracts, complete short orders. To accept the contracts; tap on the book option on the right side and confirm your action.

5.) Double Your Reward

You will receive daily login reward and you can double it by watching a video ad. Another way to increase your reward is using boosters; just go to the shop section, then boosters, get the booster in exchange for transit notes. But it if you have a decent amount of transit notes available.

So these are the transit king tycoon game cheats tips and a strategy guide to boost up your transport business and build an epic empire fast. Download Transit King Tycoon  – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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