Greedy Cats Game Cheats: Guide, Tips & Strategies

“Greedy Cats Game” is published by PIKPOK. Read on for “Greedy Cats game cheats, guide, tips & strategies for beginners” to progress fast.

Greedy Cats Game Cheats Tips Guide

Greedy Cats Game Cheats, Tips & Guide⇓

Greedy Cats is an idle game where you will be playing as a cat and compete against other cats in food eating competition. The game is beautifully designed; packed with cute characters and idle mechanics. In this post, you will learn “how to play the Greedy Cats game”, about the fans, events, special events, outfits, and other things such as tips on progression, cheats, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: Greedy Cats game cheats, guide, tips & tricks: – 

Progression In Greedy Cats Game

(1) Stages/Trophies: there are hundreds of stages in the Greedy Cats game. Each stage is packed with a set number of normal challenges. At the end of each stage, you will enter the competition where you will be competing against another cat. The cat who eats the whole cake first wins. You will tap the screen to take a bit(rapidly tapping + fan upgrades significantly improve the bite size). 

(2) The normal challenges are not time-restricted – but competition challenges are. You’ll have to defeat the opponent in the competition in the given time, otherwise, the stage would not clear. 

(3) If you are keep getting defeated in the competition, you can try making upgrades or using the skills. And if you are low on gold, grind on the previous stage, and when you have enough gold -> make upgrades and retry competition. 

(4) When you win the competition, the game promotes you to the next stage and give you a trophy. In the upper-left corner, you can check the number of trophies that you have acquired so far by winning the competition. Keep collecting the trophies and at certain numbers, the game gives you a special reward like stars, gems, and gift packs. 

(5) Every next stage competition would be very challenging; so you will have to keep increasing the appetite. Increase the size of the bite by tapping, upgrading the cats, using the cat skills, unlocking/upgrading the fans, and equipping top-tier outfits. 

Cats & Cat Skills In Greedy Cats

(1) The cat level determines the size of the bite that you can consume by tapping the screen. 

(2) At certain levels, new cat skills are unlocked. 

(3) Each skill is unqiue; use at the right time(in boss competition). For instance, 

  • Party Time: activate it to increase fans’ ?
  • Greedy Gulp: activate it to do a massive bite
  • Om Nom Nom: activate it to auto-tap
  • Power Paws: activate it to increase the tapping ?
  • Golden Touch: activate it to gain more gold per tap for a set amount of time

Fans In Greedy Cats Game

Fans help you finish the cake – without tapping the screen. But it would be better to tap to progress fast.

(1) Each next fan character that you unlock in the Greedy Cats game possesses better stats than the previous ones. Although, their upgrade costs too much gold. (Like – Lucky > Ginger > Shadow > Daisy > Sassy > Panda > Muffin > Smokey). 

(2) At certain levels, the fan’s upgrade becomes available; upgrading unlocks new bonuses. If you tap the fan icon, it will show you the bonuses. 

Greedy Cats Game Cheats Tips Guide

(3) You can raise the star level of a fan by maxing it out; limit break. Raising the star level massively increases the bite/? power.  

Currencies In The Greedy Cats Game

Greedy Cats Game Cheats Tips Guide

(1) Stars: use the stars in limit-break. Limit-break increases the ? power by a massive figure. Earn stars by collecting trophies. 

(2) Gold coins: use the gold coins to unlock cat skills, upgrade the cat level, increase the level of fans. Obtain by defeating the opponent cats in competitions. 

(3) Event currency: earn by completing the event missions and use it to spin the prize wheel. 

(4) Gems: use the gems to open the outfit boxes, enter daily donuts/event, or in the shop. Earn by collecting the trophies or prize wheel. 

Guide To Outfits In Greedy Cats Game

(1) You can get outfits from the special events, outfit prize box available in the shop, or by crafting. 

(2) Crafting: go to the outfit tab -> fans -> craft -> when you have certain outfit pieces, you can craft an outfit. 

(3) The larger your outfit collection, the bigger your collection bonus

(4) Each outfit in the Greedy Cats game increases the tapping and fans’ ?. You can check the collection bonus in the upper-left corner of the outfit menu. 

(5) The higher the star level of an outfit, the more bonuses it provides. You can get high-star outfits from the special events. 

Participate In The Events

Greedy Cats Game Cheats Tips Guide

In Greedy Cats, there are two kinds of events; daily events and special events. Daily events: complete the event missions to earn tickets that you can use to spin the prize wheel and get free rewards; coins, event currency, and gems. 

Special events: special events are different from daily events. In the special events, you are challenged to earn as many trophies as you can in a separate mode – to win max rewards. 

Sticker Collection In Greedy Cats

You can obtain the stickers from the events and get sticker bonuses. 

Activate The Boost

In the upper-right corner, tap the “boost” -> watch the video ads to get an x2 boost. 

Grabe The Free Gifts

Every now and then, a cute cat with a gift pack appears on the screen. Tap it and get free gift packs. 

Greedy Cats Game Cheats OR Cheat Codes

Greedy Cats Game Cheats Tips Guide

Greedy Cats game does not support cheats or cheat code input. 

So this would be all in this post on “Greedy Cats game cheats, guide, tips & tricks for beginners”. Got any tips? Comment below. 

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