Stranger Things Puzzle Tales Cheats: Guide & Tips For Beginners

Stranger Things Puzzle Tales is a Puzzle RPG for mobile by NEXT GAMES. Read on for Stranger Things Puzzle Tales cheats, guide, tips & tricks.

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Stranger Things Puzzle Tales Cheats: Guide & Tips⇓

In this guide, you will learn “how to play the Stranger Things Puzzles Tales game”, about the characters, gameplay mechanics, progression, and other things such as tips to beat stages, upgrades, and much more. Stranger Things Puzzle Tales game is based on hit TV series “Stranger Things”. If you have not watched it yet, then you should probably watch it first before jumping into the game. Now, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: Stranger Things Puzzle Tales cheats, guide, tips & tricks: – 

Guide To Tactical Advantage In Battle

Stranger Things Puzzle Tales

(1) Colors & Tactical Advantage: all gems/dice, heroes/characters, and enemies in the Stranger Things Puzzles Tales game are available in five different colors; Red, Green, Blue, Light, and Dark. Each color has a tactical advantage against a certain color. Here’s the info: red color is strong against the green color, green color is strong against blue color. And, light and dark colors are strong against each other. Red = Fire. Green = Earth/Wood. Blue = Water. Light/Orange = Orange. Purple/Dark = Dark. 

  • Red > Green
  • Green > Blue
  • Blue > Fire
  • Light <> Dark

(2) How to take tactical advantage?

When you match the dice/gems on the board with colors that are strong against the colors enemies possess, you will inflict bonus damage. And, the game will highlight it as a “STRONG” attack. On the other hand, if the enemies’ color has a tactical advantage, it will be displayed as a “WEAK” attack. 

Stranger Things Puzzle Tales

For instance, if the enemy’s color is light, then striking it with “dark” color dice/gems will give you bonus damage. 

Unleashing The Character’s Skill

Stranger Things Puzzle Tales

In the Stranger Things Puzzle Tales game, each hero has a unqiue skill. For instance, Jim Hopper’s skill is to inflict massive damage to a random enemy. To unleash the character’s skill, you will need to raise that character’s rage/energy bar. You can do it by matching the dice/gems that that character belongs to. For example: to unleash Jim Hopper’s skill, you will need to max out his rage/energy by matching the green dice/gems. You can check the color of the character on their icons. Match the dice colors and raise their energy. 

Build The Best Characters Team

Stranger Things Puzzle Tales allow players to build the character team before starting the battles. To a team, you can add up to x5 characters. Since there are so many characters in the game, it would be hard to pick the characters for the team. We would recommend you to go with x3 damage dealers(the characters with skills that do massive damage), x1 tank(the characters with skills that provide a shield to allies), and x1 healer(to restore the health of allies during the battle). 

Navigate to the roster menu and tap on a hero and then tap on the skill button to check the skill. 

Stranger Things Puzzle Tales

Stranger Things Puzzle Tales Characters Tier List

All your heroes are available in three tiers; good tier, great tier, and excellent tier. Excellent tier > great tier > good tier. Go to the roster menu and look at the frame of the hero; the color of the frame will help you get the tier info. Good tier heroes possess a green frame. Great tier; blue frame. And, excellent tier; purple frame. 

The higher the tier level, the more stats that possess. Although, because of the low drop rate, it would be hard to upgrade them. As of now, a ranking tier list; the best characters in the game are not available. Because the game has just been released.

How To Get Characters In Stranger Things Puzzle Tales

Go to the base tab -> Cerebro -> call -> get a random hero. You can use the “phone” or diamonds to make a call. You can get the “phone” currency by completing the tasks. 

Getting Stronger In Stranger Things Puzzle Tales

Hop into the “Roster” menu of the game -> tap on the hero -> level up using the EXP, coins. When the character reaches the max level, you can use that “green” item and increase the max level cap. 

Promotion: go to the base -> promotion -> select a character that you want to promote -> select its duplicate cards. You can get duplicate character cards from Cerebro. 

Collect The AFK Income

While you are not playing, the game will generate AFK income for you. Navigate to the story tab -> tap the character next to the play button -> collect the rewards. It will stop generating resources after x8 hours. So make sure to collect the resources every 8 hours. Progress through the story mode to increase the rewards. 

Progression Guide For Beginners

  • Play the story mode(it’s the main game mode with lots of chapters/stages). 
  • Complete the tasks to earn free rewards; dailies, weeklies, achievements
  • Play the portal mode(portal mode is different from the story mode; it refreshes every 24 hours. And, the health/energy of the heroes is carried over to the next battles. At certain spots, you get artifacts. Make sure to select the artifacts wisely as each one offers unqiue buffs. You can earn great rewards by completing the portal stages
  • Join a guild
  • Join a club 
  • Collect AFK income 

Stranger Things Puzzle Tales Cheats OR Cheat Codes

Stranger Things Puzzle Tales does not support the cheats or cheat code input. 

So this would be all in this post on “Stranger Things Puzzle Tales cheats, guide, tips & tricks for beginners”. Got new tips? Comment below!

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