Throne Of Elves Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Throne Of Elves is a brand new MMORPG by PopPace. Check out our Throne Of Elves guide, tips, cheats & strategy to power up the character

PopPace has finally released Throne Of Elves on Mobile, featuring breathtaking graphics, four character classes, spectacular challenging game modes, and hack & slash gameplay with grinding mechanics. In the game, you will choose one character class for your journey and battle against monsters, bosses, real players in solo as well as multiplayer modes. Unlike other MMORPGs, Throne Of Elves will not bore you as the adventure mode stages & multiplayer battles are very engaging. If you have just started playing it and looking for tips or guide, then we are here to help you with our Throne Of Elves guide and Throne Of Elves tips, cheats & strategy.


When you start the game, you have to opt one character class out of four available; Assassin/Ninja, Kensai, Ranger, and Demon Hunter. All the character classes are best. Choose that one which suits your game style. If you still want the answer on Throne Of Elves best class, then we would recommend you to choose Assassin. And, looks like there is no change class feature as of now.

Your objective in this game is to increase the power of character by leveling up, upgrading gears, Pals, skills, and Emblems. And, you will have to grind a lot for the material items. Let’s learn step-by-step and in details: –

How To Get Pals In Throne Of Elves Game?

Pals are another main characters in the game who will join you in the adventure battles and help you in crushing the monsters with their skills. The game features dozens of Pals. You get the first one for free as a tutorial reward. If you are wondering how to get them, then it’s the same as gacha games. You will have to summon them using the premium in-game currency; Gems. You can also obtain them from the dungeon/Elf Map mode.

Via Summoning – In this method, you will spend the gems for the rewards. On the main screen of the game, at the top-, choose to pray and spend gems. Keep in mind that you get Pal after a certain number of prayers. On the pray result page, under the confirm button, you can check after how many attempts you will get a Pal.Throne Of Elves

By Playing The Game – This is the grinding method. Go to the Pal menu and tap the locked Pal -> tap the get button. The game will show you the stages where you can obtain its shards.


The total power of your character is also impacted by the power of Pals, selected by you. The game allows you to select up to four Pals for the battle. Go to the Pal menu -> just above the upgrade button, there would be an option named formation where you can edit the Pal Party.

Leveling Up Pals

To level up Pals, you need training manuals. These items are very common and can be obtained easily from the elf map.

Evolving Pals In Throne Of Elves!

This function is also similar to gacha games. You will need a certain number of Pal Shards to evolve. You can obtain the Pal shards by praying and grinding in the dungeon mode stages. Tapping the evolve button will show you the number of shards required. Tap the shard icon to check the farming stage.

Forge – Enhance, Ascend, Refine, Smelt, And Crafting

In the forge menu, you have all the options to power up the gears; weapon, armor, trousers, ring, and boots. Enhancing -> Enhancing a gear item requires upgrading stone. You can obtain these stones from the dungeon mode stages, daily quest, from the smelting process. Tap the + icon next to the material icon to check the exact location for farming.

Ascend -> Once the player enhances the gear a certain number of times or reach the maximum gear level, a new option “Ascend” gets available. Ascending increases the star-level, gear’s grade, and stats. To ascend, the player needs star stone. Obtain star stones from the Magic Crusade, Coliseum mode.

Refining -> Refining is another one of the best ways to increase the stats of the gear in Throne Of Elves game. In this process, you need refining stones. Obtain these stones from the smelting process, magic crusade, and mirror realm mode. Go to the refining menu -> select the gear item -> choose a stat -> activate -> refine. 

Smelting -> Smelting is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted gears. From the normal game mode stages, you will earn loads of useless gears. You can smelt them to get a new piece of gear(high tier) or items; stones. Go to the smelting menu -> select the useless gears -> smelt. By smelting, you could get a high-tier gear or some precious items.

Crafting – Here you can craft the high-quality gears for your character by using the crafting material.

Skills – Throne Of Elves

Your character has two types of skills; active and passive. Active skills include class skill, ultimate skill, main hand skill, and offhand skill. You use these skills in the battle manually or using the auto-mode. Level up your character to unlock/upgrade skill. To select the skill, tap the skill icon(main or off hand) -> just above the upgrade button, you can select the skill.

Passive Skill -> You have to place the passive skill to one of the available five slots. When you level up, the game gives you passive skill points. Use these points to upgrade the passive skill.

To use the skills, you need rage points, energy. Energy regenerates over time as you deal normal damage or have a Pal with that skill.Throne Of Elves

Character – Emblem, Mount, Godhead/Relic

In the character menu, you can access the inventory and see all the item details. Apart from the items, there are other options; emblem, mount, relic/Godhead, and outfit.

Emblem -> You can obtain the emblems by praying. Go to the prayer menu -> choose to carve emblem -> spend gold. Tap the collect all button to collect them. Or tap the carve button again; failure will remove the emblem, while success will improve the quality of emblem.

Mounts – Mounts in the Throne Of Elves game help you in exploring. You can obtain them as a reward or in the tournament shop, in exchange for honor points. Play the arena mode to earn honor points. Spend in the tournament shop for items; prayer card, godhead chest, and more.

Godhead – Here you can equip relics. You obtain relic from the chests, arena shop, and hard mode stages.

Game Modes In Throne Of Elves – Farming Items: –

  1. Elf Map – Pal Shards, Gears, Pal Exp, Enhance Stone, Gold
  2. Arena – Honor Points
  3. Daily Quest – Materials for gear, Training manuals, Gold
  4. Magic Crusade -> Ascend Stone, Refine Stone, Chests
  5. Dragon Tower – Dragon Coins, Gold
  6. Multiplayer -> Rare Armors, Scrolls, Refine Stone, Titles
  7. Event Dungeon -> Gems, Chests, Crafting Material, Gold

So that’s all for now as Throne Of Elves guide. Let’s check out our top Throne Of Elves tips, cheats & strategies.

Throne Of Elves Tips: –

1.) Must Include A Pal Having HP Regeneration Ability

All the Pals in Throne of Elves game have special abilities. For example; Rage regeneration, HP regeneration, energy regeneration, and more. Go to the Pal menu -> select a Pal -> on the right side, you can check its stats; Rage Regen., HP Regen. and more. If you have a Pal having the healing ability, then must include it in your team to restore health in the battle.

2.) Power Up Heroes – A Full List

  1. Equip high-quality gears
  2. Enhance gears
  3. Ascend gears
  4. Refine Gears
  5. Upgrade skills
  6. Equip Emblem
  7. Equip High-quality emblem
  8. Add Pals to your team
  9. Upgrade Pals
  10. Evolve Pals
  11. Level Up

3.) Collect The Daily Gift From The Welfare Menu

On the main screen of the game, at the top -> tap the welfare menu -> daily gift pack -> tap the free chest to claim the reward. You can also access this from the shop menu.

4.) Complete All Types Of Quests

Apart from the main quests, Throne Of Elves also feature sub-quests, by completing these quests, you can claim precious items for your character. These sub-quests include – guild quests, devotion quests, and daily quests. You have three options in daily quest mode; gold, material, and pal trial. You can play these modes a certain number of times daily. So don’t miss the chance.

5.) Repeat Or Blitz For Items

As we mentioned above, you will have to grind a lot to progress in the game. If you think, battles are hard, step back and repeat old stages for gold, Pal Exp, common gears, and more. If you have obtained three stars, you can use blitz token to get the rewards instantly.

Gather as many common, uncommon gears and smelt them for high-tier gear or upgrading material.

6.) Get The Title For Your Character

As soon as you reach certain power milestone, you will be able to claim the title. The title also grants you a bonus by increasing the HP, Attack, and defense stats. Go to the character menu -> just above the gear icon, tap the title name. You can check the title upgrade requirement there. Or go to the multiplayer menu -> title chest.

7.) Look For Vase, Chests In The Battle

Throne Of ElvesIn the adventure mode stages, you could find the chests or Vase in random locations. Break them to get coins or health.

So that’s all for now as Throne Of Elves tips. Also, see – Top new Android games to play this week

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