Guardian Tales Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

New to the Guardian Tales game? Understand all of its core concepts with this Guardian Tales guide available with tips, cheats, and strategies

Guardian Tales Guide

Guardian Tales Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

This guide covers “how to play Guardian Tales”, about equipment, heroes, “gems”, “progression tips”, and other aspects such as heavenhold, SP/Soul Points, “Facebreak”, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Guardian Tales guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners: –

“Heavenhold”: Guardian Tales Guide⇓

(1) Heavenhold in Guardian Tales is the floating castle where you can build or construct a bunch of shops/buildings for the hero units staying there; food buildings, drink buildings, and game buildings. These buildings or facilities yield gold every hour – also, the heroes staying in the Heavenhold will need these facilities; food, drink, and game. You can improve the SP production by building and upgrading these facilities. All you need to do is tap on one of the empty building slots -> build. 

(2) The heroes in Heavenhold produce SP or soul points that you can use to build buildings or upgrade the existing ones. 

(3) In the upper-left corner of the heavenhold screen, you can check the building production; food, drink, and game. Based on the population(the number of heroes in heavenhold), you will need to maintain the production. 

(4) The main building in Guardian Tales’ heavenhold is INN. It’s available by default. By upgrading the Inn, you can increase the max population; the number of heroes heavenhold can support at a time. 

Other secrets or buildings or features are: – Guardian Tales Guide Tips Cheats

Guardian Tales “FACEBREAK”⇓

Facebreak is in-game social media account that you have by default. The followers that you have on Facebreak visit the heavenhold after a certain amount of time. You can make them visit fast by upgrading the hero statue square. 

Hero Statue Square ⇓

Hero Statue Square is one of the landmark buildings in Guardian Tales’ heavenhold that you can construct at the edges of the castle; tap the landmark building slot -> spend 3K SP to build the hero statue square. Upgrade it to increase the follower visit cycle. 

Heavenhold Shop⇓

The shop is another one of the landmark buildings in Guardian Tales’ heavenhold that you can construct at the edges of the castle; tap the landmark building slot(the bigger ones). Spend 3K SP to build the shop. From this shop, you can purchase the attack stones, EXP, and other items. 

Tower of Strength⇓

Tower of Strength is among the landmark buildings in Guardian Tales’ heavenhold that you can construct on the landmark building slots(the bigger ones). Spend 3K SP to build this tower and you will get ATK Buff. 

Tower of Will⇓

Tower of Will provides an HP buff. You can build it on the landmark building slots. It costs 3K SP to build this tower. 

Upgrade the INN to unlock landmark building slots. 

Strange Tree⇓

Guardian Tales Guide Tips CheatsStrange Tree is one of the objects in heavenhold that you can unlock for 60K SP. Destroy it to get a tomato canned soup – you will need this quest item in WORLD 5 to unlock/get Girgas. 

North Pinnacle⇓

North Pinnacle is on the northern Heavenhold. You can unlock it after clearing the 6-3 stage. Loraine piles stuff up there. 

Mysterious Vending Machine⇓

In Guardian Tales, you get Libera weapon by unlocking the Mysterious Vending Machine. 

Sealed Goddess⇓

It costs 1M SP to unlock Sealed Goddess; acquire Plitvice character by unlocking it. 

Gargoyle Statue⇓

Unlocks Tower Mode after you clear the world 7-5 stage. 

Sky Waterfall⇓

Guardian Tales Guide Tips CheatsMirror Rift. Guardian Tales Guide Tips Cheats

“BASICS”: Guardian Tales Guide⇓

In the Guardian Tales game, you progress through the chapter/world mode and unlock the PvP content. Once you clear the world 3 and world 4, you can play the Arena and Colosseum mode. The world stages are quite fun, challenging, and help you unlock the natural characters. Speaking of battles, you can build a party of up to four heroes of your choice. 

Game Modes⇓

There are plenty of game modes to play in the Guardian Tales game. The best one is PvP where you compete against other players and earn free gems and medals -as a ranking reward. It unlocks at world 3 and world 4 – make sure to consume all free attempts and play it daily! 

Chapters/World Mode⇓

Guardian Tales Guide Tips Cheats

This is the PvE mode with a bunch of chapters/worlds – each world with lots of interesting, challenging, puzzle, and funny stages. “Make sure to complete the stage full; you can achieve 3⭐. Explore all the areas and find out all the coins or pieces – you can check the number of secret items at the top-right side of the screen. In most stages, it includes purple coins, pieces, and chests. If you are having trouble completing a stage with 3-stars, you can search for its walkthrough on YouTube. This world mode unlocks new content. 

Rift Mode⇓

Guardian Tales Guide Tips Cheats

Rift Mode features lots of dungeons where you can farm in-game items to develop the heroes; EXP, Awakening Stones, Equipment, Material Items, gold, evolution stones, etc. 

Tower Mode⇓

This mode features puzzle stages with increasing difficulty; you can grab quality rewards from this mode!

Colosseum Mode⇓

Guardian Tales Guide Tips Cheats

Colosseum is the PvP mode where you fight the other players’ team and win gems/diamonds and medals as a ranking reward. You can’t control heroes in this mode – it’s complete auto; the AI fights for you. All you need to do is choose heroes and position them tactically. 

Arena Mode⇓

Guardian Tales Guide Tips Cheats

The arena is another PvP mode – unlike Colosseum, in the arena, battles are played manually and in real-time. You will get free gems – based on the rankings! Tip – make sure to collect the boxes on the battlefield to get an attack boost! 

“HEROES”: Guardian Tales Guide⇓

Guardian Tales is packed with x60 heroes – all of them possess unqiue skills and stats. They are available in three grades; 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star. Some heroes can be acquired from the world map stages while some heroes can only be obtained from summons or events. Take a look at this Guardian Tales tier list for more details. 

You can make heroes stronger by equipping them gears, leveling(requires EXP), awakening(unlock the nodes using stones and coins), limit break(only 5-star heroes – to raise their max level cap), evolution(evolution stones are required). Tip: don’t waste resources in building useless heroes. 

“EQUIPMENT”: Guardian Tales Guide⇓

There are lots of types of equipment in Guardian Tales; all heroes have specific preferences regarding equipment type. 

  • One-handed Sword
  • Two-handed Sword
  • Rifle
  • Bow
  • Basket
  • Staff
  • Gaunlet
  • Claw
  • Shield
  • Accessory
  • Costume
  • Card

Equipment grades: 1-star to 5-star. Don’t waste resources on upgrading low-grade equipment. Use the low-grade equipment to upgrade the high-tier equipment. Acquisition method: summoning, mileage shop, world stages, item dungeon, etc.

Some heroes in the game have an exclusive weapon; for example – Bari, Marina, Lupina, and more. With exclusive weapons, these heroes can do much well. 

“FARMING”: Guardian Tales Guide⇓

To develop or make the heroes powerful, you will need plenty of resources that you can farm in the rift dungeon mode. It has sub-modes – each one offers different-different resources. Make sure to participate daily and farm the resources from day 1: –

EXP Farming⇓

Players can farm EXP in Guardian Tales by playing the resource dungeon(rift -> resource dungeon -> EXP). The higher the level, the more EXP you get. But, the enemies are powerful at higher levels. You can also auto-repeat this mode and keep farming the EXP. You need EXP to level up the heroes. 

Gold Farming⇓

Players can acquire gold in Guardian Tales by playing the resource dungeon(rift -> resource dungeon -> gold). The rewards vary depending on the level you choose and the clear time. High-level stages grant more gold + clear quickly for more. You can auto-repeat this mode and keep farming the gold. Gold is needed to make upgrades. 

Equipment Farming⇓

Players can farm equipment and equipment enhance material from the resource dungeon(rift -> resource dungeon -> equipment). The rewards from this mode vary; you can earn more by clearing the level quickly, choosing a high level. Set it on auto-repeat to keep farming. Equipment plays a vital role in the character’s performance; enhance the equipped equipment and get stronger!

Awakening Stones Farming⇓

Awakening stones are available in three grades; low-grade, mid-grade, and high-grade. These stones are required to awaken the characters; hero -> choose the character -> details -> awakening -> select the nodes -> learn. 

Awakening stones are of many types; HP stones(green), ATK stones(red), DEF stones(blue), and dream stones. You can farm these awakening stones in the Awakening dungeon(rift -> awakening dungeon). Depend on the day, you will get to farm the stones; Monday – ATK Stones. Tuesday – DEF Stones. Wednesday – HP Stones. Thursday – ATK Stones. Friday – DEF Stones. Saturday – HP Stones. Sunday – Dream Stones. You can play this mode x3 times a day. More chances or attempts can be obtained by spending the diamonds/gems. 

Evolution Stones Farming⇓

To evolve the heroes in Guardian Tales, you will need specific evolution stones. Evolution stones are available in multiple element forms; earth, fire, light, water, and dark. Based on the character (element) that you want to evolve, you will need the evolution stones. Players in Guardian Tales can farm the evolution stones in the rift dungeon(rift -> evolution dungeons). You can set it on auto-repeat. The reward amount varies; depends on the clear time and selected level. 

“FREE GEMS”: Guardian Tales Tips⇓

You can get free gems in Guardian Tales without any kind of cheats – daily login(you get 100 ~ 200 gems daily in the mailbox), complete the daily missions, world story stages, beginner missions, challenges, hero progression, play PvP and rank up to get free gems, and also keep an eye on events. Or, you can use the Guardian Tales coupon codes

“PROGRESSION”: Guardian Tales Guide⇓

(0) Just starting? You may want to reroll; it’s a lengthy process but you can get a 3-grade top-tier hero that will surely help you in progression quickly. Take a look at the reroll guide here

(1) Save as many gems as you can and summon heroes/equipment. Hope for the top-tier 3-star hero or its equipment. Don’t waste gems! Check the Guardian Tales tier list here. Equipment is as much important as the hero. 

(2) Upgrade the sky garden in heavenhold and increase the SP storage limit. Once you have 1M SP, unlock the Sealed Goddess to acquire Plitvice. 

(3) Proceed through the world stages. Farm gold, EXP, and equipment in RESOURCE DUNGEON RIFT MODE. Farm awakening stones in the awakening dungeon. Evolution stones in Evolution Dungeon. (Adventure -> Rift -> dungeons). 

(4) Complete the missions to get free gems and other items. 

(5) Keep an eye on Guardian Tales social media handles for the coupon codes. You can check the coupon codes here

(6) Join a Guild

(7) Develop heroes and build a great team; damage dealers, one healer. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Guardian Tales guide and tips for beginners. This guide is in development; more information and tips will soon be added!

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