Hungry Dragon Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

Hungry Dragon is a brand new offline arcade action game for mobile devices by Ubisoft. Check out our Hungry Dragon cheats, tips & strategy guide

From the creators of Hungry Shark Evolution, Hungry Dragon is the latest offline time killer game for mobile devices. Ubisoft has just released this game for Android on Google Play Store and the game challenges you to unlock all the dragons and top the rank on the leaderboard by achieving a super high score. And if you are looking for some tips or tricks to unlock all the dragons, pets, special pets fast, then you are on the right page. In this post, we have shared everything about the game you need to know: Hungry Dragon guide and Hungry Dragon cheats, tips & tricks.

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Basics – How To Play Hungry Dragons Game⇓

Hungry DragonWell, if you have ever played Hungry Shark Evolution game, then you can easily understand this game’s mechanics. In Hungry Dragon game, you control a dragon who is very hungry. All you need to do is eat other creatures; animals such as pigs, sheep, creatures; birds, dragons, and more. There is one rule in Hungry Dragon game; eat to survive. At the top-right corner, there are two bars; life and boost. Life: The life bar states the dragon life; keep it full all the time by eating. The life bar’s gauge reduces gradually; if you stop eating. The boost bar or boost charges automatically. What is it? You can increase the speed of dragon by tapping on the screen with another finger. By default, you can control the dragon with one finger. To use the boost, tap with another finger. Also, see – Best Offline games for Android of this month

Fire Rush: – In Hungry Dragon game, fire rush is a special skill that the dragon gain when the fire rush bar gets full or reaches the maximum point. At the bottom-center, you can check the status of fire rush. To charge it, eat the animals or birds or creatures. Tip: – Eat the red chilly to charge fire rush fast. In Fire Rush mode, the dragon uses his fire ability to destroy the creatures. It also fills up the life & boost bar.

MegaFire: – After activating 8 fire rush, Mega-Fire Rush ability of the dragon gets activated that allows you to burn any type of prey. So this is the basic of Hungry Dragon game for the beginners. Now, let’s learn more about the game in the ultimate Hungry Dragon game guide and after it, check out the top class Hungry Dragon cheats, tips & tricks to master the game.

Hungry Dragon Ultimate Guide⇓

In this part, we will learn about the pets, special pets, dragons, costumes, golden egg, and much more. Make sure to pay attention to all the parts.

  • Dragons Guide

There are five types of dragons featured in Hungry Dragon game: –

  1. xS Dragons
  2. S Dragons
  3. M Dragons
  4. L Dragons
  5. xL Dragons

1.) xS Dragon:-

Nibbler is the first dragon you get in Hungry Dragon game whose rank is xS. Its stats are very poor in comparison to XL, M or L rank dragons. All the dragons(xS rank) can equip only 1 pet(pet guide is below). And they get 2X multiplier(Score points, rewards) in fire rush mode.

2.) S Dragons: –

These dragons are better than xS rank dragons as their life and boost up speed is better. They get 3X multiplier bonus during the fire rush mode. They can partner with up to 2 pets.  List Of S Dragons: – Mad Snax, Sparks.

3.) M Dragons: –

They are giant dragons and better than S-rank and xS Rank dragons. Some highlights: –  a 4X bonus in fire rush mode, can equip 3 pets. List Of M Dragons: – Don Drago, Jekyll & Fired, Zhe Long.

4.) L Dragons: –

With 5X bonus in fire rush mode, the potential of keeping 4 pets, L-Rank dragons are the best dragons in comparison to all the dragons listed above. List Of L-Rank dragons: -Blaze, 2 Secret dragons.

5.) XL Dragons: –

XL Dragons are very giant and can easily destroy the giant enemies. But you need to discover them by unlocking all the dragons(XS, S, M, L).

How To Unlock Dragons In Hungry Dragon Game⇓

Well, unlike other games, you don’t need to find shards or fragments in order to unlock the dragons. All you need to do is play the game; level up dragons and reach the maximum level to unlock a new dragon. For example; to unlock the S-Rank dragon, reach the maximum level of XS-Rank dragon. How to level up? It’s very easy; play the game and hunt prey. Hunting or eating prey rewards experience to the dragon. After gaining enough experience, the dragon will level up. Upon leveling up, you also get a costume(costume guide is below). 

  • Pets Guide

In Hungry Dragon game, these pets activate the bonus; food, speed, health, score, fire, defense, and more. All the dragons can equip the pets and enjoy the buff. How to get the pet in the game? First of all, you need to find the egg; play the game, explore the map and you could find an egg while exploring. Once found, go to the dragon selection screen -> at the bottom-center, tap the incubate button to hatch the egg. Hatching takes time. After a certain amount of time, open the egg and get your pet for free. How to equip? First of all, select the dragon. After it, tap the pets button(bottom-left side). Select the pets. Read the dragons guide above to find out how many pets a dragon can equip.

  • Special Pets

Special Pets provide massive bonus/buff or unique bonus/buff to the dragons. But In Hungry Dragon game, it’s very hard to get these special pets as there is only one way; open the golden egg.

  • Golden Egg

You can obtain a special pet from a golden egg. But the question is how to obtain the golden egg. It’s not too easy. You need to collect golden fragments and as per our details, you need to collect 50 golden fragments to incubate the golden egg. How to get golden fragments? Open the normal eggs; if you get a duplicate reward(or the pet you already have), then the reward will be converted into a golden fragment. Also, see – Best simulation games for Android of 2018

  • Costumes

Costumes also activate the bonus. How to get a costume? Level Up the dragon. How to equip costumes? Go to the main screen of the game -> tap the costume button(bottom-left side) -> select the costume.

So this is the Hungry Dragon guide for the beginners. Now, let’s head to Hungry Dragon game cheats, tips & tricks.

Hungry Dragon Cheats, Tips & Tricks⇓

Get Purple Gems For Free; Pigs & Star Cheat

In Hungry Dragons game, you can use gems to unlock dragons, costumes, to open the egg instantly, and there are many more uses. But it is a premium in-game item and it’s hard to obtain. However, there are two four to obtain gems for free; eat the purple color pig; while exploring, if you are lucky, you may interact with a purple pig. Eat the pig and get the gem for free. 

Another way to get the gem for free; go beyond the clouds and there you will find stars. These stars blink after every few seconds and transform into a food item or gem/diamond. And if you are lucky, you may get the chance to grab the gems. Keep in mind that you can go beyond the clouds; very very far using the boost and discover loot boxes, golden bags, pigs, and more treasure. 

3RD Way: – Connect or link the game to your Facebook account and claim 15 gems.

4TH Way: Find the chests. So these are some ways to get free gems. If you know another source, please submit the cheat here and we will publish it here.

Become Bigger By Collecting Alphabets⇓

Collect these alphabets; H, U, N, G, R, Y to become a giant dragon. You can find these letters by exploring the map. In this giant mode, you will get 4X Bonus, more power, and high-speed. Also, see – Best racing game’s cheats, tricks & tips

Make Use Of Maps; Find The Chest, Eggs, Alphabets⇓

At the top-right corner, there would be a map icon. Tap it to take a deep look into the whole map. You can figure out the location of chests, eggs, alphabets using the map. These chests include coins; coins are used to unlock the dragons or costumes.

Don’t Try To Mess With Poisonous Prey & Bombs⇓

You need to avoid the bombs or poisonous creatures as they can reduce the life of the dragon.

Save Gems For Premium Dragons⇓

Don’t waste gems to open the incubate instantly or for the costumes. Save, Collect, and use to obtain a secret/premium dragon.

Play With An Active Internet Connection⇓

Yes, you can play the Hungry Dragon game offline. But we would recommend you to turn on the internet connection. Why? Because you can resume the game and restore the dragon’s life by watching a video ad.

Get 10 Gems Daily By Collecting The Chests⇓

As per our details, you can collect up to 5 chests daily. Two out of five contains 10 gems(3, 7). So don’t forget to find them while playing or exploring the map. Also, see – Best horror games for mobile

Reveal Secret Locations In Hungry Dragon Game⇓

Tap the map -> at the bottom of the map, there should be two options. You can either watch the video ad or spend gems to reveal the secret location.

Complete The Missions For Coins

Pay attention to these missions and complete them if you need a huge amount of coins for free.

So these are our top Hungry Dragon cheats, tips & tricks for beginners. Also, see – Hungry Shark Evolution tips, cheats & tricks

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