Baseball Boy Tips: Cheats, And Tricks To Hit Hard

Baseball Boy Tips Cheats TricksBaseball Boy! by Voodoo is a simple yet challenging arcade game for Android and iOS in which your goal is to hit the ball as hard as possible. Our Baseball Boy tips cheats and tricks will help you in achieving the highest score

In this post, we have mentioned some great Baseball Boy tips cheats and tricks and using these Baseball Boy tips, you will definitely achieve the highest score in a short time.

As all of you know about the latest update to Baseball Boy game that brings leveling system, fireball, new bats, and much more. Now leveling up your profile improves the attributes of the baseball boy; accuracy and power. Another update is of fireball; it is one of the best ways to achieve the high score in the baseball boy game. Now you can destroy cars after activating the fireball cheat. Without wasting the time, let’s start the Baseball Boy tips cheats and tricks;

Baseball Boy Tips Cheats And Tricks⇓

The Three Tap Tip – Baseball Boy Tips Cheats⇓

The first baseball boy tip in our list is “the three tap”. After hitting the ball, you have to tap on the screen just after the ball touches the ground. Taping on the right time increases the ball movement speed as well as bounce level. Using this Baseball Boy tip you can efficiently use your upgrades; speed, bounce, and strength. Here’s an example;

  • You hit the ball
  • The ball is flying
  • Tap on the screen when the ball touches the ground
  • This will increase the speed of the ball
  • Now tap again when the ball touches the ground
  • And one more time

In short, you have to tap three times on the screen and at the right time. If you tap at the right time, you will see a significant boost in the ball speed and bounce level.

Fireball – Destroy The Cars – Baseball Boy Tips Cheats⇓

The second Baseball Boy tip is Fireball. By hitting the ball perfectly; when the arrow is in the middle of the meter will turn your normal ball into the fireball. Just tap on the screen at the right time to stop the pointer in the center and this will activate the fireball cheat. Use the default bat for this purpose. To change the bat in the Baseball Boy game, tap on the menu option on the right side -> bat and select the default bat.

Improve The Accuracy and Performance – Baseball Boy Tips Cheats⇓

In Baseball Boy, your character’s stats matter a lot. In the Baseball Boy game, character’s stats are divided into two categories; strength and accuracy. The only way to boost up these stats is leveling up the profile. You can level up your profile as soon as you complete the next target. To achieve this target, use the above Baseball Boy cheats; fireball and the three tap.

The Primary Upgrade – Baseball Boy Tips Cheats⇓

There are four types of upgrade you have to do; strength, speed, bounce, and offline upgrade. Among these upgrades, strength is the main upgrade and on the other hand, the offline upgrade is related to your earnings. It is obvious that if you have a huge amount of money, you can easily upgrade all the attributes instantly. To earn or double the earnings, you always have the option of “watch an ad and double your earnings”. However, if you really want to enjoy this game, turn off your internet connection.

Miscellaneous tips and cheats for Baseball Boy game⇓

  • Try to stop the pointer at the center to score a home run
  • To earn free money, upgrade the offline earnings. Leave the game, go to the settings of your device and change the date. Go back with an active internet connection and claim free money in Baseball Boy game
  • Always open the game with an active data connection to claim double earnings
  • Upgrade everything; strength, speed, and bounce
  • Level up your profile and improve the stats of your character

So these are some basic baseball boy tips cheats and tricks. Download the Baseball boy game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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