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Harbingers: Last Survival is a strategy RPG for mobile by Wanda Cinema Games. Check out our Harbingers guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In Harbingers: Last Survival, you will be playing as a commander of the Harbingers team and lead them during the battle. You will build the best line up and complete the challenges in a variety of PvE and PvP game modes. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Harbingers guide will teach you the basic tactics of the battle, Harbingers, and other things. Also, we have shared a bunch of Harbingers tips, cheats & strategies that may help you to progress fast. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Harbingers Guide: –

Starting with the battle mechanics; you can put up to six Harbingers in the team; three Harbingers in the front row and three Harbingers in the back row. And, you have to put them based on their strength. For example – Warrior/Tank class-role Harbingers are good at leading the team from the front row – thanks to high HP, DEF, Tank skills. Other class Harbingers; Shooter, Assassin are good at inflicting damage to the enemies. And, the last one, Mage class characters are supporters or healers or mage DPS – some are good at healing allies, buffing team members, debuffing enemies. Once you are done with the team line-up, you will enter the battle. Let’s understand all the battle tactics.

Harbingers Guide To Battles: –Harbingers

The bluish-green bar above the enemies’ head displays the HP – health stat. Once the character loses all the HP – because of the hits by enemies, he/she will be expelled from the battle.

The figure/number on the left side of the HP bar displays the shot order. In Harbingers: Last Survival, characters act according to the shot order. This helps you to know the turns of characters for the attack.

In the bottom-left corner of the combat screen, you can see the energy points – energy points are consumed by the characters to unleash skills/attack/ultra skill.

Just above the energy bar, the game shows all the icons of the characters. At the bottom-left corner of each character’s avatar, it shows the energy points required to cast an ultra skill.

If the Harbinger’s icon is glowing or flashing, that means he/she is ready to cast the ultra skill. You have to tap the character’s avatar -> he/she will cast the ultra skill upon his/her turn.

Keep in mind that only A-grade or higher grade characters have ultra skill. With B-grade, C-grade characters, you can not cast the ultra skill.

Below the bluish-green HP bar, there would be three small boxes. It shows the ammo. Characters and enemies both show the same thing. Every normal attack grants (1) ammo to the character/enemy. Once the ammo is filled, the character/enemy gets to release the skill in the next round. All the characters in the game possess unqiue and amazing skills.

Try defeating the opponent before his/her ammo fills out. This will make sure that you will get fewer hits.Harbingers

From the battles, you will get material items; gear, EXP, gold that you can use to strengthen the heroes. Head to the Harbingers menu and there you can level them up, equip them gears, unlock bonus attributes through Astrolabe. So this would be all in this Harbingers guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Harbingers tips, cheats & strategies.

Harbingers Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Get an S-Quality Harbinger from free 30-Draw SummonHarbingers

When you start the game and complete the basic battle tutorial, the NPC who guides you throughout the game introduces Elizabeth’s, 30-Draw Roll(30 Selective Summon). It allows you to reroll for 30 times until you get the top-tier Harbingers. The top-tier S-rank Harbingers are featured in that 30-Draw list. The five S-quality characters are: –

  1. Helen of Troy – Mage DPS
  2. Nicolaus Copernicus – Mage DPS
  3. Oda Nobunaga – Warrior (Magic Damage)
  4. Zhao Yun – Warrior (PHY DMG)
  5. Yi Sun-Sin – Shooter (Magic DMG, Prefers Front Row Enemies)

You have 30 rolls – keep rerolling until you get an S-grade Harbinger.

2.) Build A Balanced Team

In your team line-up, you can deploy three units in the front row – make sure to put the Warriors because they are good at soaking damage dealt by enemies. In the back-row, deploy the ranged units; shooter, mage or assassin. And, it would be better to go with a Healer Harbinger. Here’s the list of healers in the game: –

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Florence Nightingale

3.) Get Familiar With The Characters And Their Skills

Head to the Harbinger menu -> on the right side, tap the drop-down button to filter the units by class; shooter, assassin, mage, warrior. Tap on the Harbinger -> tap on the skill to check the details. We would recommend you to read the skill details of each unit and consider their skill effects while building the team line up. You may have lots of units from a particular class – so considering their skill effects help you to pick the best ones.

4.) Strengthen The Units

  • Level them up
  • Evolve them (you will need fragments that you can obtain from summoning portal, trial field, Urban Kaidan or other game sources. Tap the fragment icon to check the source)
  • Equip appropriate the gears to the characters
  • Strengthen the gears
  • Astrolabe – spend gold and unlock attribute bonuses

5.) Do The Basic Activities For Free Rewards

  • Claim the search rewards(Exploration -> tap the claim button at the bottom of story mode entrance banner)
  • On the game mode selection menu, tap the claim diamond button at the top-left side for free diamonds
  • Complete the main tasks
  • Participate in all the game modes, events daily
  • Join the guild
  • Claim the free VIP reward(tap the diamonds icon in the upper-right corner -> VIP -> claim free VIP EXP and diamonds daily)

So these are the basic Harbingers tips for the beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below!

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