Hero Ball Z Tips & Tricks: Guide, Cheats & Strategies

Hero Ball Z is a new game for Android & iOS platforms. Read on for Hero Ball Z guide available with tips, tricks, and cheats to progress faster in the game.

Hero Ball ZHero Ball Z offers idle and merge gameplay where heroes fight the battles automatically. Merging them up brings a powerful next tier hero that improves your team’s strength and takes you to the next stages. You will open the hero ball to get novice heroes and merge them further to get the next tier ones and eventually get the super-powerful hero(merge tier 10 novice heroes). By level 80 in the game, you will have six hero slots to assign the top-tier best heroes and improve the firepower to take down enemies in all sorts of game modes; campaign, union, type battle, commander, training, etc. If you are new to this game, then you have come to the right page. This Hero Ball Z guide covers the basic core concepts of the game that you must know. Also, we have shared a bunch of Hero Ball Z tips, tricks, cheats & strategies that you would love to read. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with this walkthrough guide!

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First things first – your goal in this game is to build the squad of heroes that can eliminate powerful monsters in the blink of an eye. The campaign mode in this game has thousands of stages with increasing difficulty. Every certain number of stages in the campaign mode, you fight the boss with high attributes. Completing a certain number of stages increase your player level; as the level increases, you will unlock new game modes where you can farm in-game items. For example – you can farm “Cells” in type battle mode, “Rubies”, “Research Coins” in training mode, “Union Coins” in the union raid mode, etc. If you ever think you are progressing slowly or failing in campaign mode, “return” back to stage 1 and get cells/coins to boost the power of heroes and make them stronger. Let’s explore all the Hero Ball Z tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Take The “Type” Advantage 

Hero Ball ZCharacters in Hero Ball Z are of four types; wind(grey), fire(red), water(blue), and wood(green). In the “hero” page of the game, the game shows the complete list of heroes that you have acquired so far. On the upper-left corner of their portrait/icons, you can see their type; check the color to identify the type or use the filter button. 

Just like the characters, enemies also belong to one of these four elements; wind, wood, fire, and water. 

Now, you need to understand the concept of “Type Effectiveness”. Certain types are strong against certain types. Here’s the info: –

  • Water/Blue type is strong against Fire/Red type(Water > Fire)
  • Fire/Red type is strong against Wind/Grey type(Fire >Wind)
  • Wind/Grey type is strong against Wood/Green type(Wind > Wood)
  • Green/Wood type is strong against Water/Blue type(Wood > Water)

In the type battle, training like game modes, you can check the enemy’s element before initiating the battle. Suppose, the enemy’s type is “Fire”. Since the “Water” type is strong against the “Fire” type, it would be better to bring “Water” type heroes into the battle as they have an advantage. 

Turn On The “Auto” Function

By default, you open the hero ball manually and get the novice heroes. Also, to merge two novice heroes, you double-tap on them. By activating the auto function, the hero ball will open automatically and the novice heroes will be merged automatically. Tap the (A) button on the lower-right side -> watch the video ad and turn on the auto function. 

Increase The Hero Ball Production

The best way to get the most out of “auto” function in Hero Ball Z game by activating the production boost – it increases the hero ball production. Tap on (>>) button on the lower-right side -> watch the video ad or use the “production boost ticket”. If you have activated the auto function, then make sure to activate the production boost too. 

Getting Research Coins In Hero Ball Z

Research Points are used in the academy menu. You can get them by combining the novices. Open the hero balls -> get novices -> merge novices. Other than that, you can earn research coins by completing the daily quests, defeating enemies in training mode, events, etc. 

Unlock And Upgrade The Skills In Academy

Tap the menu button in the lower-left corner -> academy. In the academy menu, you will find the skills that can give you more bonuses and buffs. For example – increasing the number of novices in the battle, max number of dispatchable novices, increasing offline rewards, more rushes, and more. Spend research skill points and max them out. 

Learn To Level Up In Hero Ball Z

You need to clear a certain stage to reach a certain level. In the upper-left corner, tap the level badge -> below the level bar, you will see the stage that you must clear. Level up and unlock new functions such as “Drone”, “Commander”, Training, “Type Battles”, etc. 

Join A Union In Hero Ball Z

You will be able to play the raid mode that gives you coins and union coins. In the “Trade Center”, you can exchange the “Union Coins” for SSR, SR, “Expert Piece”, and “Novice Piece”. 

Build The Heroes And Get Stronger

Heroes are available in multiple tiers; SSR Tier, SR Tier, and R-Tier. SSR Tier and SR Tier characters have more strength than R-Tier characters. Keep merging the tier 10 novices to get random-tier heroes. 

  • Level them up using the coins and mojo
  • Evolve them using the evolve stones and character shards(duplicate heroes are converted into shards)
  • Upgrade their stats using cells; wind cells, fire cells, wood cells, and water cells

Complete The Daily Quests

You can earn star coins, superstar coins, rubies, production boost ticket, research coins, and many other rewards by completing the daily quests. 

Claim Freebies In Hero Ball Z

Go to the shop -> in the upper-left corner, tap “freebie” -> watch the video ads and get rewards. 

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So this would be all in this post on Hero Ball Z tips, tricks, and guide for beginners. If you have more cheats, tips to share, comment below. 

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