Hunting Clash Cheats: Guide, Tips, And Tricks

New to the Hunting Clash game? Understand all of its core concepts with these Hunting Clash cheats available with tips, strategies, and a guide

Hunting Clash cheats tips guideHunting Clash Cheats, Tips, And Guide: – 

This article covers “how to play Hunting Clash”, a guide to all of its concepts, tips to win duels, about lure cards, and other things such as lure cards, boosters, getting currencies for free, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Hunting Clash cheats, tips, and guide: – 

Getting Started With Hunting Clash Basics

Hunting Clash game features two game modes; PvE and PvP duel. PvP duel is the main game mode where you compete with other players all across the server for the biggest prey. The player who has hunted the biggest prey and has more points than the opponent at the end wins the duel match and get rewards such as shell packs, silver, lure cards, weapon tokens, and ranking points. PvE, on the hand, is a solo mode where you hunt the prey of your choice and earn silver, points for the events, or you can practice your shots in this mode. Hunting Clash cheats tips guide

Guide To Lure Cards In Hunting Clash

The lure cards in the Hunting Clash game are available in four grades; mythical, epic, rare, and common. (Purple)Mythical > (Green)Epic > Rare(Blue) > Common. 

A lure Card or the animal card has a very significant role in all sorts of hunting events/modes. Before you start the hunting, you can select a specific animal lure card of your choice. For example – if you want to lure or hunt Grizzly Bear(Mythical), select its lure card(on the right side of the screen, tap “lure card” -> select the card). You will have a higher chance of luring that particular animal. Lure card’s stats matter a lot. Let’s learn about that!

Guide To Lure Cards’ Stats

All the lure cards or animal cards in the Hunting Clash game have two main stats; weight and chance. The “weight” stats determine how small or big a prey can be – the average weight of the prey. Chance – the “chance” stats determine the chances of luring the selected animal while hunting. When you start hunting, you may or may not encounter the animal selected as a lure card. The higher the chance attribute on the lure card, the higher the chances of luring that animal while hunting. 

Tips To Score More Points In Hunting Clash

Whether you are in a duel or PvE hunt, your goal would be scoring the highest points possible. The number of points you get by hunting prey depends on “accuracy” and “weight” – you can use power-ups too. “Bigger prey” gives you more points. “Perfect Precision shot” gives you more points. To hunt the bigger prey, upgrade the lure cards. Aim for the perfect spot to get a precision/accuracy bonus. Let’s learn about these two aspects of Hunting Clash game: – 

Upgrade The Lure Cards In Hunting Clash

By upgrading the lure cards, you will improve its main stats; weight and chance. A higher-grade lure card can help you achieve more score points. To upgrade a lure card, you will need its identical cards.

Getting Lure Cards

There are several ways of getting lure cards in Hunting Clash game: – 

  • You can get the lure cards from the store -> cards -> spend silver or gold coins. 
  • Win the duel matches and get a duel pack – contains lure cards
  • Collect shell points by winning duel matches and claim a shell pack – contains lure cards and gold coins
  • Claim daily free pack – contains gold coins, silver coins, weapon tokens, and lure cards
  • Join a club and claim club pack – contains silver coins and lure cards
  • Participate in the event missions and get free packs containing weapon tokens, gold coins, boosters, lure cards, etc. 

Get Bonus By Aiming For The Perfect Shot

Hunting Clash cheats tips guideIf you aim and strike the “perfect spot” while hunting, you can get the “precision” bonus points. The perfect shot spot differs from animal to animal – you will have to figure it out manually. Or, you can use the “steady shot” power-up item to check it. 

Manually: move reticle all over the animal body and look until you see a “green” spot. Aim this green spot for 100% excellent/perfect shot for max precision bonus points.  Don’t play duel until you have figured out the perfect shot for all the animals as duel mode is time-restricted. Play the PvE to figure out the perfect aiming spots. (select the lure card of a specific animal, tap the hunt button in the lower-right corner -> start hunting practice). 

Use The Power-Up Items To Score More Points

There are five power-up items in the Hunting Clash game; 

  • Weight: catch bigger preys
  • Chance: lure animals of selected lure card
  • Sonar – find animals quickly
  • Lucky – quickly find the perfect spot to aim for, higher chances of achieving 100% Excellent shot
  • Steady Shot – helps you in aiming the perfect shot

Getting Power-Ups In Hunting Clash

There are serval ways of getting power-ups in Hunting Clash: – 

  • Level up reward; upgrade lure cards to earn XP and level up
  • From the event missions
  • Go to the store -> there you can buy power-ups with gold coins

If you know any other acquisition method, do share it in the comments. 

Guide To In-Game Currency In Hunting Clash

The three in-game currencies in the Hunting Clash game are; silver coins, gold coins, and weapon tokens. You can get silver coins from the PvE hunts, packs, events, or from the store. You can use silver coins in upgrading the lure cards or in the shop to buy lure cards. 

Gold coins – the most valuable currency in Hunting Clash. You can use it in the shop for premium purchases. Obtain gold for free from the packs(free packs, high-league duel packs), level up reward, events, or ranking rewards. 

Weapon tokens – obtain weapon tokens from the free packs, duel packs, events. Use weapon tokens to upgrade the weapon properties and get bonuses. 

Unlock The Weapon Properties

In the lower-left side of the screen, tap the “weapon” option -> properties -> there you can spend the weapon tokens to unlock bonus properties. 

Must Participate In The Events

Hunting Clash events are the best source of getting freebies and exclusive currencies. Each even gives you missions; you complete the missions and earn points. At certain points, you get the reward. As you progress in the event, the rewards get better. In the upper-left corner, tap the “event” option -> play -> there you an check score -> days -> check missions. You can earn free gold coins without cheats, packs, power-up items, and much more. 

Join A Club In The Hunting Clash

On the left side of the main screen, tap the “club” option. You can either create a club or join an existing club. We would advise you to join an active club. You have the chance to earn a club pack only if you join the club. 

Any Hunting Clash Gift Codes

Hunting Clash is developed by Ten Square Games, the team behind Fishing Clash. Unlike that game, this one does not have a gift code option – at least yet. So there are no gift codes or cheat codes. Also, since the game is online, we would recommend you not to install any hack or mod version as it can lead to the account ban. 

Save The Account Progress

Tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner -> connect the game with FB or Google to save the progress. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Hunting Clash cheats, tips, and a guide for beginners. Got more tips? Share in the comments!

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