Ragnarok: Click H5 Cards Guide – Best Cards To Summon?

This is a beginner-friendly Ragnarok: Click H5 Cards guide that explains to you how to pick the best cards from the summoning portal

Ragnarok: Click H5 CardsCards are permanent – unlike other in-game adventurers, a currency like Zeny, you don’t lose Cards after rebirth. Ragnarok: Click H5 Cards provide buffs and boost to the player that helps you make progress fast. All the cards provide unqiue effects and must be picked wisely from the summoning portal. You can later level up these cards and increase their effectiveness. This Ragnarok: Click H5 Cards guide teaches you everything that you need to know. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Ragnarok: Click H5 Cards Guide: –

  • Unlock the cards function by performing rebirth in Ragnarok: Click H5
  • You can summon the cards using battle manuals
  • Resummoning costs battle manuals
  • Check the card effect and bonus effect like MVP Boss Spawn
  • Tap the card to summon
  • Level up the cards using battle manuals

Summoning The Cards: –

Head to the card tab in the footer menu. Tap the Summon Card button in the upper-right corner of that card tab -> the first summon would be free and there would be four cards on your screen. Tap on the card to check its effect. For example – Moonlight increases the chances of MVP Boss Spawn. Defeating MVP Boss helps you gain battle manuals.Ragnarok: Click H5 Cards

Mistress Card reduces the hero hiring and level up cost. So you will spend less Zeny on adventurer hiring and the adventurer upgrades. Garm card increases the Zeny gain. Doppelganger increases critical hits.

Some cards increase the effectiveness of adventurers’ active skills; for example – High Priest Margaretha increases the duration of Hindsight skill.

If you are happy with the current summoned cards or their effect, buy them in exchange for battle manuals. Tap the card -> summon. If not, then tap the resummon button – this will cost battle manuals.

Once you purchase or summon a card, it appears in the card tab. Tap the level up button to increase the card level. Leveling up the card increases the effect they grant.

All you have to do is pay attention to the card’s effect. We would recommend you to summon the cards that increase Idle DPS, reduce the hiring cost of adventurers, increase the Zeny gain. The rest is up to you.

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So this would be all about Ragnarok: Click H5 Cards guide for beginners.

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