Icarus M Best Class: Which Class Should You Pick In Riders of Icarus?

With five classes packed in mobile MMORPG Icarus M: Riders of Icarus, which one is the best? Find out in this Icarus M best class: classes info

Icarus M Best Class: All Classes Overview⇓

The current English global version of mobile MMORPG Icarus M has five awesome classes; players are free to choose one out of all these classes in the beginning to start a glorious adventure journey. Selecting a class is one of the first and main things to do as you will be putting lots of hours in building that particular character class through grinding, upgrades, and challenging quests. This post helps you to figure out the best “Icarus M Best Class” – all classes overview. So, let’s not waste any time and check out the Icarus M Best Class info: – 

Classes In Icarus M: Riders of Icarus English/Global Version:  –

  1. Gladiator Class – Tank
  2. Ranger Class – Ranged DPS
  3. Artist Class – Supporter
  4. Wizard Class – Mage DPS
  5. Assassin Class – Agile DPS

Let’s have a look at the brief description of all these classes and which one suits you: – Icarus M Best Class Classes

Gladiator Class

Gladiator is a melee tank class in Icarus that excels in leading the team from the front – with skills like Blessing of Shield, you will be able to raise the defense stats of party members. It has great defensive and HP stats + skills that do decent damage or shield allies – because of these great parameters, you can easily dominate in the PvE and PvP modes. If you are looking for a guardian/tank class, then the Gladiator class in Icarus M would be the best choice. Icarus M Best Class Classes

Ranger Class

Ranger class is known for its attack skill ratings – equipped with a mystic bow, Ranger class is capable of smashing down the multiple enemies at once. In addition to that, Ranger can increase the attack speed of allies during the battle. While playing as a Ranger class, one can easily clear the PvE stages solo and dominate in the PvP – thanks to the great DPS skills and stats. If you are looking for a great DPS class to pick in Icarus M, go ahead and pick this class – Ranger class would not disappoint you. Icarus M Best Class Classes

Artist Class

Well, usually, in most MMORPGs, supporter class like Artist is not considered to be good for solo battles because of lacking DMG skills. But supporter class can be useful in team battles. In the PvP team battles, Artist can support the team members with healing, buff the party members by increasing their slam chance. In our opinion, you should consider pure damage or tank class rather than this class – ultimately, it’s up to you!Icarus M Best Class Classes

Wizard Class

Wizard is a mage DPS class in Icarus M with great damage and CC skills; bounding the target in mid-air, knocking back the targets, inflicting consecutive strikes, and more. Speaking of party buff, the Wizard class raises the party member’s vitality during the battle. If you are looking for a fun class to play (also good in battles), we would advise you to pick Wizard class. Overview; ranged skill attacks, great damage, easy to play. Icarus M Best Class Classes

Assassin Class

Assassin is a melee class in Icarus M that uses a sword to slashes the enemies and knock them down. Its damage is great, speed is better than all other classes, and skills are good too. Overall, Assassin is a great DPS class. If you love melee fights, you should pick Assassin as the main class. 

Which Class Is Best Pick In Icarus M?

  • Gladiator – Best Tank Class
  • Assassin – Best Melee DPS Fighter Class
  • Ranger – Best Ranged DPS Fighter Class In Icarus M
  • Wizard or Artist? – Wizard (Great DPS, awesome skills, easy to play)

So that’s all we got in this post on Icarus M best class – all classes brief info. 

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