Shadowgun Legends Beginner’s Guide, Tips, And Cheats

Shadowgun Legends Guide Tips CheatsShadowgun Legends by Madfinger Games has just released worldwide for mobile devices. Shadowgun Legends beginner’s guide tips and cheats; here’s all you need to know about this epic first-person shooter game, featuring PvP, Co-Op, and campaign modes

Those who were eagerly waiting for the Shadowgun Legends can now play it as they have released the game worldwide. Shadowgun Legends game features a variety of game modes; campaign mode, PvP, Co-Op. In the campaign mode, you complete missions. PvP mode features sub-modes; duel(1v1), the team(4v4), arena, and other wargames. Every mode is fully action-packed in which you show your shooting skills and defeat the enemies. In this post, we have covered the Shadowgun Legends guide, tips, cheats(Beginners).

Shadowgun Legends – Get Started

Shadowgun Legends Guide Tips CheatsAs usual, the game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play, access features, quests, missions, shooting, and more. At the beginning of the game, you will learn about each center present in the hub. Once it ends, you can manually handle all things.

⇒ Most of the features such as wargames(duel, team, arena, and more) are locked at the beginning of the Shadowgun Legends game.

⇒ The left side of the screen is for movement; just hold down; swipe up/down/right/left to move your shooter. Right side; to aim or shoot or change the camera view. By default, auto fire mode is on, you can turn it off under the control settings. There are two types of controls featured in the Shadowgun Legends; button and double tap. You can change it under the settings.

⇒ The very first step you have to do is visit BRNO HQ/Mission control or Slade. After it, tap on the gear icon and then Slade -> Missions -> you will see a list of the missions, read carefully and accept it. Once the mission completed, go back to Slade -> Missions -> claim your reward.

⇒ In Shadowgun Legends, once you complete the basic missions(assigned by Slade), other modes or centers will be unlocked. Missions; side missions(campaign mode), hub(missions such as meet Pedro, Nitro, Sara, deal with Big red, and more). There are lots of places you have to visit[Hub]. The main centers in the Shadowgun Legends are(HUB);

  • Nitro – Wargames – Shadowgun Legends Guide

Visit Nitro or wargames center to access PvP modes; duel, ascendancy, Voltaic Fist, Bronze Arena, Blade Dancer, and Silver Arena). Complete the available missions to get rewards or play any mode you want. Rank up your profile in Shadowgun legends to unlock new features and game modes.

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  • Pedro – Lucky Wheel, items, holograms and missions – Shadowgun Legends Tips Cheats

Visit Nitro and tap on the gear option -> then Pedro. If you have holograms, tap on the decode and start the process, you might get a powerful weapon or armor. If you have lucky points, then use it and you might get a useful item or crate; silver, gold. If you have items available for sale, tap on the sell option and sell it for In-game currency. Complete available missions and earn more rewards.

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  • Big Red – Shadowgun Legends Guide Tips Cheats

Visit Big Red and you can sell your useless armors and weapons to him or buy powerful weapons or armors to increase your power.

⇒ If your inventory slot is full, then you can not claim rewards; weapons or armors. Visit any vendor; Big Red, Pedro, or other, sell your items and empty the inventory slots. Because of limited slots, you can not keep unlimited items, you can expand it if you have enough In-game currency. It would be better if you sell useless/low-power items to vendors.

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⇒ Each mission assigned to you has a unique sign, take a look at the top left and just follow the tracker.

⇒ After completing the mission, go back to that vendor and claim your reward.

  • Rank-Up

Shadowgun Legends Guide Tips CheatsRank-up your profile to unlock locked features and access more game modes. One of the best ways to rank-up the profile in Shadowgun Legends is complete missions. You will be able to access more features and modes and earn more rewards. So Rank-Up your profile as fast as you can.

  • Skills

There are three types of skills in the Shadowgun legends game; Combat, Survival, and Agility. To activate these skills, you need skill points. Skill points can be obtained by ranking up your profile. In short, rank up to gain more. To equip a skill, tap on an empty slot and choose the best skill for your shooter. To activate it in the match, just tap on it. After one time usage, you have to wait for few seconds to use it again.

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  • Inventory

You can get more information about the weapons and armors you have from the inventory section of Shadowgun Legends game. Just tap on a weapon and check its power. The game also features auto-equip option; just tap on it and equip the best gears. If your inventory is full, sell the armors or weapons to vendors.

  • How to sell items in Shadowgun Legends

As you know, to collect more rewards, you need free inventory slots. But you have limited, so it would be better to sell items to vendors if all the slots are full. Walkthrough[Easy] –

Shadowgun Legends Guide Tips CheatsJust go to the hub(main screen), move further towards a shop -> Pedro or Big Red -> Interact with the owner -> Tap on the gear option -> If the sale option is on, then it means you have items to sell -> tap on the sale option -> select an item you want to sell -> confirm.

⇒ Whenever a vendor assigns you a mission, note the sign/icon[purple, orange, defense type etc.) -> follow the tracker. If it’s a hub mission, then follow the tracker, if it’s a side mission, tap on the globe option.

  • Country Flag

You can get country flag by visiting Willow’s center. Tap on the gear icon -> buy -> scroll right side -> choose the flag -> confirm. You need Alien Hunter Pile.

  • Chest/Crates

Chest Or Crates can be obtained by completing the missions assigned by vendors or others.

⇒ Complete the basic missions/campaign mode first and increase your character’s power, your shooting skills, and then take part in PvP battle modes.

⇒ Auto Fire is a great feature, you should keep it enabled if you are a beginner.

⇒ Under the graphics settings, you can change frame rate; from auto to 60fp. It will enhance your gaming experience for Shadowgun Legends.

⇒ Each vendor assigns you different missions, visit each and complete their missions and get rewards.

⇒ The game features hundreds of weapons and armors, the more you play the game, the more you will earn.

Miscellaneous Shadowgun Legends Tips Cheats

  1. Visit Big Red and at his shop, you might get a great deal, check all the weapons and armors there. Compare it with your weapons and armors, if available, then buy it in exchange for money/salary
  2. Claim your salary daily and use it to get powerful equipment
  3. Sometimes you need to hold on the gear icon to complete an objective
  4. To rank up fast in Shadowgun Legends, complete campaign mode missions
  5. While playing in duel mode, use environment to hide yourself. Activate your both skills, wait for the enemy, aim, and shoot. Use skills, dodge attacks. It is a shooting game and if you are struggling in aiming and shooting, then practice by playing the campaign mode
  6. If you are trying to shoot an enemy from a range, then use zoom in. Don’t waste your bullets if you see this type of message after zoom in “out of range, inefficient range”.

We will update this post with more information; Shadowgun Legends cheats tips and guide. Download Shadowgun Legends game for Android – Here(Google Play Store). Android Lollipop is not supported! Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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