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Pocket Love Walkthrough Guide

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Pocket Love Walkthrough Guide Wiki

Pocket Love is a casual mobile game title from HyperBeard, the publisher of Adorable Home, Cat Spa, and other popular titles. You will start by choosing the character, partner, and pet, which you can later customize. A variety of customizations are available for the character and the partner, such as hairstyle, hair color, shirts, pants, hats, and accessories. 

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Pocket Love

Pocket Love Basics Walkthrough

At the beginning of the game, your character and the partner will have an empty house, which you will be decorating with furniture items such as a bed, wardrobe, nightstand, and more. These furniture items cost coins and Dogllars. Earning coins and Dogllars is one of the main jobs in the game, as you will need these currencies to buy new rooms, customizations, and furniture items. 

Focus On The Daily Tasks In Pocket Love

The game gives you a set number of tasks each day; completing these tasks rewards free coins, XP, and other rewards. In the lower-left corner, above the customization icon, tap the to-do task icon to check the list of available daily tasks. Complete these tasks every day to earn free rewards and progress further in the game. 

How To Unlock New Furniture Items In Pocket Love:

In Pocket Love, you need to level up to unlock new furniture items. To level up, you will need to earn XP. You can obtain XP by completing the daily tasks, opening the box outside the house, purchasing the furniture items from the in-game store, etc. 

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Ways To Decorate House In Pocket Love:

Furniture items, carpets, wall objects, wallpapers, and floor tiles are decorative items that you can apply or add to the house to make it look good. Tap the shopping cart icon in the lower-right corner to open the shop. 

In the furniture tab of the shop, you will get deals on furniture items. In the wallpaper tab of the shop, you will get deals on wallpapers. Spend coins or watch the video ads to get these items. If you want to unlock more items, level up. 

Expand The House

You can buy the new room by spending Dogllars. Tap the house signboard next to the house to get the option of buying a new room. 

Customize The Characters

You can change the character/partners’ look in the customization/clothing menu of the game. Tap the customization icon in the lower-left corner. At the top of this screen, tap the star icon to switch to partner or the heart icon to switch to a character, or tap the paw icon to switch to pet. For characters/partners, you have a variety of customization options such as hair style, hair color, shirts, pants, accessories, hats, etc. In the game’s store, head to the clothing tab to shop for new clothing items. 

Pocket Love Guide To In-Game Currencies

  • Dogllars – premium currency, obtained using secret password codes, by watching the video ads, from the boxes and completing the quests. Use Dogllars for premium customizations, buy new rooms or unlock new rooms in the house.
  • Coins – the coins are easy to obtain by completing the tasks, watching the video ads, from the boxes, or redeeming the secret password code cheats.
  • Hearts or XP – to level up. Obtain by purchasing furniture, and completing the tasks from the boxes. 

Pocket Love Tips To Get Freebies

Keep an eye on the “Ad Drone.” An ad drone passes every few minutes; tap it to get freebies by watching the video ad. 

Pocket Love Walkthrough Guide Wiki

Head to the store, and watch the video ad to get free rewards. 

Complete the to-do tasks daily. 

Keep an eye on the secret password code cheats. 

Interact with the characters and the pets. 

Unlock Special Memories

Interact with characters, partners, and pets, buy new furniture items, decorate the house, and unlock new rooms, to unlock special memories. 

How To Get New Pets In Pocket Love

Keep an eye on Jess, the NPC, who helps you get a new pet. When Jess comes, you need to interact and choose the adopt option. Pocket Love Pets

How To Get A New Hair Color

For new hair color dye, you need to interact with Ace, the NPC, who sells a variety of hair colors or dyes. Ace often comes on Saturday and Sunday.Pocket Love Wiki

How To Sell Furniture Items

You can sell the furniture items to Kevin, the NPC. He will park his truck near the house, you need to tap the truck and load the items that you want to sell to the truck. 

Address Book Contacts

Tap the menu button in the top-left corner, tap the contact book icon, there you will see the list of NPCs, for instance, Kevin, Kal, Ace, and Jess. 

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Also, see – Pocket Love Secret Password Code Cheats

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