Idle Arena Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Idle Arena – Clicker Heroes Battle is a brand new mobile game by FredBear Games Ltd. Read on for Idle Arena guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Idle ArenaFredBear Games Ltd, the publisher behind Knights and Glory game, has just released a brand new mobile game called Idle Arena. In this game, you create a squad of heroes to take down the gangs of enemies in a variety of game modes. You will start from the battle campaign/chapter mode featuring lots of stages with increasing difficulty. In a squad, you can add up to five heroes of any type, faction, origin. All of these heroes have unqiue skills with different effects. 

If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Idle Arena guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Idle Arena tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content!

Idle Arena Guide, Tips, Tricks & Strategies: –

Using the heroes perfectly and building the best team in Idle Arena are the two important things. The battle system is pretty easy to understand – all you do is add the five heroes to the squad and let them fight on their own. All heroes have a unqiue skill that they can use when they are fully charged up – as the battle continues, alive heroes gain the energy and when the energy is full, tapping on the hero portrait casts the ultimate skill. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Idle Arena tips & tricks: –

Avoid Common Tier Heroes

Idle Arena features over 30 heroes – classified into three tiers; Immortal Tier Heroes, Legendary Tier Heroes, and Common Tier Heroes. Immortal Tier heroes have a purple background. Legendary Tier heroes have an orange background. And, common tier heroes have a green background. It’s better to avoid investing the resources in common tier heroes because they would not help you in late-game – yeah, they can be effective in the early-mid game – but in the late game, you will be using the Immortal or Legendary Tier heroes. 

Check Out The Idle Arena Heroes

If you want to build the best team in Idle Arena, then you must know about all the heroes you have. As said above, all these Idle Arena Heroes have a unqiue skill – for example; healing skills, CC skills, shield skills to protect the allies, debuff skills, etc. Go to the Heroes menu screen -> this menu has three tabs; heroes you own, gallery, and fragments. Go to the gallery tab to check all the heroes. 

Tap on a hero to get all the information; in the top-left corner, you can check the hero type(Tactician, Bruiser, Striker). In the top-right corner of the hero profile, you can check the hero faction; Last Remnants, Metal March, Lost Faith, Quiet Storm. Tap on the skills to get skill description – you can test the skills in the trial mode. Keep in mind that you can only use the ultimate skill of the hero manually – other skills are used by heroes on their own. 

Follow The Campaign Mode

Campaign Mode features a lot of stages with increasing difficulty. These stages reward account EXP to increase the player level, hero EXP to level up heroes, gears, gold coins, and gems for the firs-time clear reward. You will need thousands of gems to recruit new heroes. 

Also, you can increase the amount of the idle reward as you progress through the chapters.

Recruit The Heroes In Idle Arena

Head to the central tab of the game in the footer menu and there you have to tap the recruitment center. On the next screen, you can spend the diamonds or resources(pots/bottles) to summon the heroes. 

Make The Heroes Powerful

  • Level them up using the hero EXP that you get from the idle rewards or campaign mode
  • Equip them high-tier/grade gears
  • Reach the max level cap, rank-up the heroes using the DNA chain and upgrade the skills
  • Head to the central tab -> lab of evolution -> there you can evolve the heroes and unleash their true potential

Dismiss The Useless Heroes

If you have useless heroes in the hero inventory, you can dismiss them for gold coins, gears, EXP, tec. It will cost diamonds. Head to the hero dismissal screen from the central tab and select the hero that you want to dismiss. 

Complete The Quests

Want to earn some free rewards? Then complete the quests; tap the quest option on the top-right corner -> daily, weekly, and achievements. You can earn gems, pots, gold coins, DNA Chain, etc. 

Watch The Video Ads For Free Gems

In the top-right side menu, there would be free gems offer that you can accept by watching video ads. You can earn around 200 gems for free by watching the video ads. 

Play All The Idle Arena Modes

Head to the adventure mode to check out all the modes; play all and grind in-game currencies and invest in best top-tier heroes. 

So this would be all in this post on Idle Arena guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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