Dino War Guide, Tips, Cheats, And Strategy

Dino WarDino War is a new strategy game for Android by KingsGroup Holdings for Android devices. In this game, you manage your own base, raid on other players’ base, research, trade, and there are plenty of things to do. Check out our Dino War guide and Dino War tips, cheats to progress fast and top the leaderboard

Dino War is a great strategy game for Android. Its gameplay is similar to Mafia City game and all you need to is increase the battle power, upgrade buildings, defense, and raid on other player’s base. In this post, we have covered everything about the Dino War game; Dino War guide, Dino War tips & cheats. Let’s start the Dino War Guide first;

1.) Dino War – Get Started – The Basic

Dino WarAs usual, Dino War game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Dino War, about upgrading, materials, production, research, march, and much more. Once the tutorial ends, you can manually play the game as you want.

The Basic: – In this game, your objective is to expand your base and make it strong enough to prevent other players from looting your resources.

  • You can raid on other players’ base and steal their resources
  • Other players can also invade your base, with the intention of stealing resources

⇒ To get the victory or for the successful attack, you need to upgrade your troops and increase the battle power.

⇒ To protect your precious resources from other players, you have to improve the base’s defense.

What did we learn so far?

  • Resources are important; the players fight against each other to steal the resources
  • Upgrading is the main task in Dino War Game
  • Increase the production of resources, upgrade the buildings, increase your troop power, and top the leaderboard.
  • Expand your base

Let’s start the Dino War guide;

2.) Dino War Guide

In this part, we will talk about the buildings; there are lots of buildings you have to take care of in Dino War game.

  • Headquarters – Dino War

Dino WarHeadquarters is the main building of your base you can not upgrade other buildings beyond its level. At the beginning of the game, few buildings are locked and to unlock these buildings, the player has to the level-up headquarters building. Upgrading this main center unlocks new upgrades and buildings. And additionally, it increases the march capacity. To upgrade, you have to complete the requirements; wall level, a specific amount of gold. Upgrading rewards;

  1. EXP; to level-up the player’s profile
  2. Increase battle power
  3. Increase Economy power
  4. Bonus; +march capacity(you can send more troops to invade opponent’s base)
  • Radar Station

Radar Station is one of the important buildings in Dino War game. It detects incoming marches or recons(if the enemy is approaching to steal the resources). Upgrade the radar station to increase your recon and recon camo abilities. What is recon? To check opponent’s base’s defense level.

  • Recovery Station – Dino War

At recovery station, you can recover wounded beasts. Just tap on it -> recover -> confirm. Upgrade the recovery station to increase the recovery speed.

  • Hospital

Hospital is different from recovery station. In recovery station, you can heal beasts. In the hospital, you can heal your troops. To heal more troops at a time, increase the hospital capacity.

⇔ Training Centres; Range, Barrack, Paddock

Dino WarAt these centers, you can train your troops; shooters, sharpshooters, blasters, and many more. Upgrade these centers to unlock new troops, increase the defense power, and battle power.

⇔ Production Buildings; Shelter, Ammo Factory, Energy Generator, and more

Dino WarAs mentioned above, in Dino War, resources such as ammo, gold coins, material, energy, and more are very important. These items used in upgrading and constructing the buildings. Upgrade these production buildings to increase the production of resources.

⇔ Construction Plants – Dino War

At these plants, you manufacture items such as steel, used in trading, upgrading HQ and troop building. Upgrade these construction plants to increase the production speed and the capacity. To run these plants, you need energy and energy produced by energy generators. So, don’t forget to upgrade energy generators.

Dino War – Trading Guide

Trading is the common task in Dino War game. Go to trading post/hub and from there you can buy & sell goods with other commanders in exchange for diamonds. To buy, head to the buy section -> choose an item and confirm. To sell, go to the sell tab and choose the item you want to sell and tap on the list button.

⇒ Upgrade the trade warehouse to increase the number of goods you can list each time at the trading post.

  • Research Lab in Dino War

It is another one of the main buildings in Dino War where you can unlock amazing tech abilities to enhance the general’s skills, improve the battle performance, and economic operations.

All you need to do is start research. Tap on the research lab on your base. Then tap on the research icon and then you will see three types of abilities; development, battle, and economic.

  • If you want to enhance your general’s abilities, then go to development -> tap on a slot -> hit the research button.
  • To improve your battle performance, go to battle -> select a specific slot(read carefully) and then start the research to unlock new abilities or to gain more power.
  • Economic operations are related to your production buildings and trade load; increase the production and increase the number of goods to train by researching. Head to the economic operations -> tap on a slot -> start research.

Beast Compound Building – Dino War

At this building, you can assemble and insert plugins to make the beasts more powerful. You can obtain beast plugins free from intel post or as the reward. To unlock more powerful beasts, upgrade the beast compound building.

⇒To invade, tap on the wilds icon at the bottom-right corner[on the main screen], choose a base and continue. Dino War

So, this is the Dino War guide. Let’s start the Dino War tips, cheats to progress like a pro!

3.) Dino War Tips, Cheats To Play Like A Pro!

This game is all about upgrading and increasing the battle power and economic power. Use these Dino War tips, cheats to progress fast;

  • At the beginning of the game, focus on missions
  • Upgrade your production buildings to increase the production of resources
  • Upgrade your training centers to unlock more powerful troops
  • Train your troops at training centers to increase the battle power
  • To level up fast, focus on the quests and upgrading
  • Before you invade on a base, check out its defense level -> tap on a base -> recon -> hit the recon button
  • Do research to improve your battle performance -> At the research center
  • Upgrade the main HQ to significantly boost the base power
  • Join alliance
  • Heal your troops in hospital and beasts at the recovery station
  • Do trading to get diamonds
  • Claim your daily rewards at the mess hall
  • To earn diamonds free in Dino War game, take part in events
  • Upgrade your wall to increase the defense level
  • Assign the beast to patrolling; wall -> base defense -> tap on the + icon -> assign
  • Check out marketplace and grab the good deals
  • Equip the equipment[just play the game, you will get it]
  • Assemble the plugins to make your beasts more powerful[Go to the beast compound building].

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So these are some basic Dino War tips, cheats for the beginners. Download the game – Here[Google Play Store]. Also, see – Top best strategy games for Android

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  1. Don’t forget the canyon as it gives great rewards and gives currency to purchase plugins and assembly parts in the squad store. The squad store also gives you purple and orange laborer upgrades for the higher level hero gear and laborer hero gear for construction savings on time and resources needed to upgrade a building (the only way to unlock the laborer set is 2 in app purchases, then upgrade.)