Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon is a new mobile idle game where you trade firearms and make money. Read on for Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon cheats, guide, tips & tricks

The developers of the Idle Wizard School game have recently released this game on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In the game, you deal in firearms; pistols, melee weapons, assault-rifles, tanks, etc. The best thing is people will come to your arms shop automatically; there is no complex method to attract them and gain money. All you need to do is make upgrades and expand the arms business to make more money. If you have just started playing this game, then this Idle Arms Dealer Guide Walkthrough will teach you the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon cheats, tips & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s read the main content and become the top-dealer in this arms tycoon game. 

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First of all, you need to understand how you make money and how you can make more. Outside the arms shop, you will see people coming through vehicles. They will come inside and shop for the desired firearms; it’s random. You can’t force a customer to buy a specific weapon. You will see them checking-in through the shop gate. This is the security check that all customers must pass through to shop for the gears. Security check takes time – you can make upgrades and reduce the time, increase the entrance gate so that people can come-in quickly and buy stuff they like. Let’s learn everything in detail and check out all the Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon tips & tricks guide –

Renovate To Expand Business

Idle Arms Dealer TycoonYou must renovate the shop to expand the business. Expansion unlocks new firearms shops – you will be giving more choices to the customers. From the top-tier weaponry system to the military vehicles. For instance, when you first start the game, you will have three shops in the territory – small arms shop, melee weapons shop, and a gun store. By renovating the arms dealer shop, you can unlock more facilities; explosive shop, vehicle shop. Also, renovation gives you a more passive earnings bonus. 

To renovate, you must have enough sum of money. At the top-right corner of the game screen, tap the icon near (i) quest mark. This will open the renovate window where you can see the exact amount that you will need to expand the territory.

Collect Money From Side Shops

Idle Arms Dealer TycoonOn the left side of the territory(near the road), there would be four small side shops from where you can collect money every now and again. 

Complete Quests To Earn Diamonds

In the top-right side, (i) tap the quest mark and check the main missions. You can earn a decent number of diamond gems by doing these missions. It’s the most valuable currency in the Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon game. 

Learn About The Cards & Statue

Statue – Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon Statue gives passive earning perks. To unlock a statue, you will need its shards. Head to the store by tapping the shop button in the bottom right. There, In the shop, you can buy the statue chest and get statue shards. 

Cards – cards are of many types and give temporary boosts such as earning boost for x10 minutes. You can get them by playing the game or from the shop where you can buy card chests. 

In the bottom-left corner, tap the backpack button and there you can see the statues and the cards you have got in Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon. 

Activate The Promotion

In the bottom-right corner, tap the $$ button -> watch the video ad and activate promotion to increase earnings. 

Upgrade The Parking Lot

More customers = more sales of firearms. Customers would not stop if the parking lot is busy. It’s better to upgrade the parking lot, increase the car parking slots and let more customers come in. Tap the parking lot outside the shop and you will get the option to increase space or advertise to get more visitors. 

Make The Shop Upgrades

Make sure to upgrade or level up the shops in the territory. There are mainly three upgrades at each shop; the firearm upgrade to increase earnings/minute. Range – this will increase your earnings massively. Speed – increases earnings. Among all these three upgrades, range upgrade is the best – but costly. 

Use Time Lapse Cheat

If you are unaware of this cheat; what you do is change the time in mobile settings – forward it to the next few hours. Open the game and you will get the skipped hours earnings. Although, we don’t recommend using this cheat excessively. 

So these would be our Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon cheats, tips, tricks & guide for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below. 

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