BLADE XLORD Reroll Guide – How To Reroll On Android & iOS?

Started playing BLADE XLORD and wondering how to reroll on Android & iOS for top-tier units and weapons? Read on for Blade XLORD reroll guide

Blade XLORD Reroll GuideAs you start the game, you will enter the prologue that you can skip. Skipping the prologue will give you random rewards; there would be x10 items – x9 weapons and x1 unit. The grade or quality of the unit and the weapons that you get from the first auto-draw would be random. Please check out the tier list to check what units and weapons are worth rerolling. We recommend rerolling for the top-tier unit or any high-grade unit matching the recommended weapon.

BLADE XLORD Reroll Guide: –

If you are on Android; open the game, download the data and skip the prologue to get x10 rewards; x9 weapons and a unit. If the results are good, continue playing. If not, go to your mobile settings and select apps -> Blade XLORD -> clear its data. This will erase the current progress and you will start from the beginning. Repeat the steps and continue rerolling until you get the desired unit or weapon. 

On iOS, you have to do the same thing. First, download the initial patch and skip the prologue to get the rewards; weapons and a unit. If you have got the units or weapons that you wanted, continue playing. If the draws are not good, delete the game and install it again from iOS App Store. Repeat the steps and keep rerolling until you get the units and weapons you want. 

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Getting Units & Weapons In Blade XLORD

Players can acquire units and new weapons or accessories from the summoning portal. After completing the tutorial, you will be able to access the summoning screen where you will see banners related to units, weapons, and accessories. You can spend diamonds or stones to summon the units/weapons/accessories. 

Grades Of Units:

SSR, SR, and R – all the units belong to one of these grades. SSR grade units are the best but their drop rate is low. SR grade units are good. Don’t waste time in developing R-grade units. 

Grades Of Weapons: –

Like units, weapons are also classified into three grades; SSR, SR, and R. SSR grade weapons’ drop rate is quite low. But these high-grade weapons are great to have for winning matches without any hassle. 

So this would be all in this post on Blade XLORD Reroll guide for beginners. 

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