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Idle Casino Manager is a brand new Idle game for Android and iOS by ColdFire Games GmbH. Read on for Idle Casino Manager guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Idle Casino ManagerColdFire Games GmbH, the publisher behind Idle Space Clicker and Idle Space Tycoon games, has just expanded the app portfolio with a new game called Idle Casino Manager. In the game, you will manage a casino, add games for the visitors, and make money. You will start the journey from the palace, a wonderful city and then move to other locations like Sunshade Beach, and discover hidden locations. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Idle Casino Manager guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Idle Casino Manager tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Idle Casino Manager Guide, Tips: –

The goal is to make money and unlock all the hidden locations where you can run the casino. You earn money by attracting the people in the area to the casino. They arrive at the casino via vehicles, convert their cash to chips to play games in the casino and then spend those chips on them. On each floor, you will install games like poker, pinball, slot machines, arcade, craps, roulette, and many more. Visitors visit these floors and play games. By upgrading the gaming floors, you can increase the revenue, seats, and make more money. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Idle Casino Manager tips & tricks: –

Upgrade The Parking Lot To Get More Customers

In Idle Casino Manager, you need to attract more visitors so that you can earn more money. And, to attract more customers, you must upgrade the parking lot. By upgrading the parking lot, you will increase the number of spaces where the visitors can park their cars and then head to the casino. With a limited number of spaces in the parking lot, you get a fixed number of customers every minute. So make sure to upgrade the parking lot and increase the visitors.

Tap the Parking Lot display outside the casino -> there you can check the revenue, the number of parking spaces, the number of parking spaces in use, and the number of customers you are attracting per minute. Visitors pay the parking fee and you generate money – this amount can be collected by tapping the cash icon over the fountain.

Add And Upgrade Gaming Floors

In the top-right corner of the game screen, tap the home button. This will open the floor planner menu where you can check all the gaming floors available to buy. Idle Casino Manager features a lot of gaming floors; Slot Machines, Poker, Pinball, Arcade, etc. In the beginning, you can install Poker, Pinball, Slot Machines. To unlock and install other games, you need to move to the next city.

Close the floor planner menu. And at the bottom-right side, use the up/down keys to visit different floors. Tap on the floor to open the upgrade menu. Or at the top-right corner, tap the statistics button near the home button -> tap the magnifying glass icon to open the upgrade menu.

In all the gaming floors, there are three upgrades; revenue upgrade(increases the number of chips needed to play – as this value increases, customers will have to spend more and your profit will skyrocket). The second upgrade is the expansion of the gaming floor. A certain number of customers can play the game at a time. If you want more customers can enjoy the game at a time, you need to expand the gaming floor.

The rest of the customers who are not playing the game because of limited seats stay at the bar. Expand the bar to increase the number of maximum customers stay at the bar. On the upgrade menu, you can check all the stats; revenue, seats, bar, and the duration(time taken by the customer on each floor – playing game).

Learn About The Casino Cage

Casino Cage is the groundfloor building (use the down key on the bottom-right side to visit). Tap the casino cage floor -> this is the entrance area where customers get the chips for playing games on the gaming floors. You need to hire and upgrade the cashiers to make the process smooth and easy.

Complete The Missions For Rewards

Extra bucks in Idle Casino Manager can be earned by completing the missions. On the top-left corner, near the gear icon, tap the quest button to check the missions. Complete them to earn extra bucks.

Move To The Next City And Open Casino

In Idle Casino Manager, in the beginning, you start the casino business from the wonderful city with a palace. You can move to the next city by spending a fixed amount of money. Moving to the new city unlocks new gaming floors and gives income multiplier. For example – to move to Sunshade Beach, you need 1M Cash. And, it gives you x3 income bonus – which means that you will earn 3 times more money there.

Activate The Boosters

At the bottom-center of the game screen, tap the x3 bonus video icon -> run the VIP campaign and increase the revenue by x2. You can watch multiple video ads to increase the VIP-Campaign duration.

Other than that, now and then, free video ad offer appears in the top-right corner. For example – Fast Games Booster gives a speed boost to all customers playing in the casino.

Get Money From Investors

On the left side of the Casino, there is a helipad where the investors arrive. Tap the helicopter and watch the video ad to get more money.

What are golden chips in Idle Casino Manager?

It’s the premium in-game currency that you can buy with real money. You can use to raise parking fees and increase group chance – parking lot upgrades.

So this would be all in this post on Idle Casino Manager guide, tips & tricks for beginners.

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