State Of Survival Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies 2022

New to State of Survival game? Check out this beginner’s friendly handbook version State of Survival guide featured with tips, tricks, cheats & strategies.

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State Of Survival guide, tips & tricks⇓

This article covers how to play the State of Survival game, about troops, heroes, buildings, and other concepts such as guide to progression, resources, VIP, alliance, getting stronger, HQ, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the State of Survival guide and tips!

1.) “BASICS”: State of Survival Guide⇓

State of Survival is a base building game with PvE and PvP game modes where you play as a chief. You will have a base to manage where you can construct the facilities that produce the resources, train troops, heroes, and help you in the battles. For activities like – training the troops, upgrading the buildings, etc. you will need the resources

Heroes are the characters that help you in the PvE and PvP battles + gathering + defense. Read the battle guide below for more information. You can send them to plunder the resources from the wilderness map. Assign them on the barricade as settlement defense. 

The goal is to grow the base, have a great army of troops and heroes, and keep getting powerful day-by-day. 

2.) “Troops”: State of Survival Guide⇓

Troops help you in gathering, attacking infected, other players, and in defense. Certain types of troops are strong and weak against each other. You should know which type of troop will have an advantage in the battle; only then you can utilize them properly in the battles. Also, leaders or heroes that you select to lead the troop army; their skills and passive effects also impact the troops’ power. Let’s learn more about the troops: – 

Infantry Troops⇓

State of Survival GuideInfantry troops are trained in barracks. Infantry troops are further sub-classified into two types: Shields(Infantry troops with shields have an increased defense against bow type troop units). Shotguns(Infantry troops with shotguns have an increased defense against Riders). Go to barracks -> train -> select the troop -> in the top-right, you will see its type; tap the icon for more details. 

Riders Troops⇓

State of Survival GuideRiders Troops are trained in Garage. Rider troops are further sub-classified into two types; ATVs(Rider troops with ATVs inflict more damage on infantry units). Bikers(Rider troops with bikes inflict more DMG on hunters). Go to Garage -> train -> select any rider troop -> in the top-right, tap the type icon for more details. 

Hunter Troops⇓

State of Survival GuideHunter Troops are trained in range building at the settlement. They are further sub-classified into two types; Bows(Hunters that use bow inflict more damage on infantry units). Snipers(Hunters with sniper inflict more DMG on riders). Go to Garage -> train -> select any hunter troop -> in the upper-right, tap on the type icon for more details. 

By upgrading the training facility, you can unlock high-tier new troops. When you have unlocked high-tier new troops, you can upgrade the existing low-tier troops to high-tier ones; high-tier troops have better stats. On the training menu, in the upper-left corner, tap the “details’ button to check the selected troop’s stats. 

3.) “Increase Power”: State of Survival Guide⇓

These are the top ways to get powerful in the State of Survival⇓

  • Chief Battle Power
  • Troops Battle Power
  • Building Battle Power
  • Tech Battle Power
  • Gear Battle Power
  • Hero Gear Power
  • Hero Power

Here’s the detail: – 

  • Chief Battle Power⇓

Raise the chief level, equip gears to the chief, unlock & upgrade talents – these are the common ways to increase chief battle power. At the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the chief avatar and there you can equip gears, grant EXP to level up, and spend talent points. You can read more in this State of Survival chief guide

  • Troops Battle Power⇓

Train the troops in the barracks/training camp to increase troop battle power. You can read more about the troops here

  • Building Battle Power⇓

Build and upgrade buildings to increase building battle power. There are three types of buildings in the game; economy, military, and decoration. Focus on building & upgrading the economy and military-type buildings.

  • Tech Battle Power⇓

Research in the research lab; development, battle economic to increase tech battle power.

  • Gear Battle Power⇓

In the Workshop, you can craft the gears. Equip the gear to heroes and chief to increase gear battle power.

  • Hero Power⇓

Level up and upgrade the heroes to increase hero power.

So that would be all in this State Of Survival guide to increase the battle power. Let’s learn about the buildings – why should you construct all, upgrade them, etc.

4.) “Increase March Capacity”: State of Survival Guide⇓

The total March Capacity determines the number of troops that you can send to a march. You would be willing to go with more troops as the more the troops, the more powerful the march is. And, the total march capacity in the State of Survival game is determined by the Hero that you have assigned for the march and the HQ level. If you want to increase the march capacity, then you will have to raise the hero level and HQ level.

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5.) Increase Troop Load To Gather More RSS⇓

The troop load figure shows the number of resources that you can gather from a gathering point or by attacking other players’ base. How do you increase the troop load? By sending more troops on the march, you can increase the troop load. So raise the march capacity – to send more troops and increase the troop load.

6.) Get To Know The Buildings In State Of Survival⇓

  • Furnace – produces Meta
  • Gast Tank – collect Gas
  • Farm – produces food for your settlement
  • Lumberyard – produces Wood
  • Warehouse – protects the resources from the enemies
  • Workshop – craft, upgrade chief gears
  • Enlistment Office – enlist survivors to replace dead troops
  • Hospital – heals injured troops
  • Training Camp – trains the troops
  • Research Lab – research to get buffs, incubate the biocaps as an investment
  • Blast Shelter – Hide Troops

Upgrade the economic type buildings to increase resource production. The resources such as food, metal, gas, wood are like treasures. As you progress through the game, you will need a heavy amount of these resources to upgrade buildings, train troops, in healing, etc.

Tip – max out all the production buildings(to the same level as HQ) so that you can produce the max RSS at the current stage.

7.) Get Familiar With The Heroes⇓

There is a Hero Precinct building at your base – to access all the heroes’ functions in the game. Tap that building and choose to search. From the search; epic and advanced, you can obtain the hero fragments. Once you have enough fragments, you can summon or get that hero. Tap the building again -> choose heroes -> there you can rank-up and level up the heroes. Also, read their skills. From the Explorer Trail mode, you can obtain their upgrade materials; skill upgrade material, combat manual(to grant EXP), rank-up material, etc. Upgrade the Hero Precinct building to increase the max level cap of heroes. For more information, check this heroes guide: –

8.) Attack & Defense In State Of Survival⇓

Attack – It costs stamina to invade the infected on the map. The stamina gradually recovers. Go to the Wilderness map by tapping the Wilderness option at the bottom-left of the screen. Tap the search button and select the target; you can attack infected, camps, plague zone, etc. to get useful items; EXP, resources, materials, speed-ups, etc. In the search menu, go to the Resources tab and select a resource(tap the Go To Button) that you want to farm. Gather these resources for free and build/upgrade your HQ/Base.

There would also be the base of other players – you need to search them manually. In the top-left side, next to the profile banner, tap the magnifying glass icon to search a player using the co-ordinates; X-axis, and Y-axis. Tap the base of the player to check co-ordinates.

State Of SurvivalDefense – Tap the entrance/barricade of the base -> settlement defense -> here you can deploy heroes for the defense.

9.) Get The Free VIP Crate & Points⇓

State Of SurvivalIn the State of Survival game, Whether you are investing in VIP or not, you can claim one free VIP chest daily. At the upper-left corner, tap the VIP 1 option -> there you can claim the two chests; one VIP bundle and one VIP Crate. The VIP crate contains VIP Points. Log in to the game daily and claim these chests to increase your VIP level. The higher the VIP level is the more passive buffs you get.

10.) Join An Alliance In State Of Survival⇓

Joining an alliance is extremely important. Why? Because you get lots of special privileges for free; timer help(ask for help to reduce building construction time), support heroes, rally function, and access to the alliance store where you can spend honor or alliance funds.

Tip: – move to the alliance territory(relocate) to avoid getting raided by powerful players. When you are near the alliance members, you can ask them for quick reinforcement.  

11.) Follow The Chapter Quests⇓

One of the best ways to progress fast in the State Of Survival game is by completing the Chapter Quests. Not only these quests guide you or help you in learning all the basics of the game, but they also give valuable rewards such as speed-ups, upgrade material, etc. to the player.

12.) Complete The State Of Survival Missions⇓

Complete the daily quests and missions to get valuable rewards such as speed-ups, resources, epic skill books, badges, governor credit, hero fragments, etc.

13.) Keep All The Buildings Level Same As HQ Level⇓

Before you upgrade the HQ level, make sure that all other buildings are on the same HQ level. If not, then upgrade them first. In this way, you can keep track of all the buildings and get the max out of them. But if you ignore, you may find it difficult or hard to what to upgrade first.

14.) Set Up The Defense In State Of Survival⇓

When someone attacks your base, the heroes at patrol will protect the settlement/base. So make sure to deploy the heroes and keep upgrading the barricade. If the barricade gets destroyed, your base will burn for around thirty minutes.

15.) Grind On The Wilderness Map⇓

Gather the resources form the map. Participate in the PvE; defeat infected, dev camps, etc. to earn valuable rewards. In DEV Camp battle, you will launch the rally with alliance members(at least one alliance member should join the rally to strike dev camps). PvP; raid other players’ settlements. 

16.) Check Your Mailbox⇓

Tap the Mail option at the bottom-right corner -> there you can check the battle reports, collect the rewards. Make sure to read the battle report; if the troops are injured, heal them in the hospital.

17.) Power Up And Upgrade⇓

Upgrade the chief, heroes, train the troops, and research to increase the military power.

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18.) Keep An Eye On Events⇓

Resources, Hero Badges, Speed-Ups, and many more precious items can be earned by completing the event missions. So we would recommend you to keep an eye on all the events(tap the event button in the top-right corner to see all the ongoing events).

19.) Claim The Daily Deal⇓

You can claim one free crate daily. Go to the pack store(extra labor pack option in the top-right) -> daily deal -> there you can claim free crate daily.

20.) Get The HQ Skins⇓

HQ Skins provide extra buffs to the player. The HQ skins can be acquired from the events. For example – Valentine’s Day HQ skin was available during the Valentine event. Tap HQ -> Skins -> HQ Tab -> select & activate the skin.

21.) Best Use Of Biocaps⇓

You should avoid spending biocaps for temporary benefits like completing the tasks instantly. Save biocaps -> invest in a research lab incubator and grow it over time. After that, you can take out a part of it and spend on VIP to get permanent bonuses and invest the other half again in the research lab incubator. VIP gives you permanent bonuses – if you’re going to play it for a long time, you should have VIP. You can use these codes to get free biocaps

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So this would be all in this post on State of Survival guide and tips beginners. If you have more tips to share, please comment below.

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  1. My research lab got walled off and now I cannot access it and I can’t leave outside my base to get the microscope or attack anything it keeps tells mg me to go to my lab that I can’t get to. How do I remove a placed barricade so that I may continue play or do I just have to start all over cuz game won’t let me do anything!!!!!!!!

    • betting is in alliance showdown before rounds begin and warfare store is only open during warfare event (click “Store” at bottom of screen then click warfare store……

  2. hi i was bullied by one person with high power to avoid him i changed the name changed alliance,relocate my settlement still he find me and keep attacking me how this possible?

  3. hye, how did the players get title such as novice fighter, full time helper, full stock, fearless and much more. how to get the title?

    • it was part of the anniversary event you had to read the history book and choose a title there from among your accomplishments.

  4. Governor credits are sent to the person who has control over the capital. There are different perks the capital has. The Governor (one who controls the capital) can find any settlement, can stop any player from being able to attack for a period of time, can move any settlement to a random location, and of course, gathering boosts and such. But the Governor needs the credits to be able to activate the capital perks.

  5. How can i get rid of a settlement inside my territory? Guy just stopped playing I took over aliiance and now can’t seem to find a way to get rid of abandoned settlements

  6. Its called the Capital Clash event and its different for each state, click on the middle of the wilderness map and you will see a countdown timer to it.

  7. What do the metal tags actually do? (Not the exp ones) I received it from daily login and confused on what they are ment for.