West Gunfighter Cheats, Tips, And Tricks Guide

West GunfighterAre you looking for a Six Guns alternative? Offline or in small size? If yes, West Gunfighter would be the best option for you. It’s completely similar to Gameloft’s Six Gus game. Check out our West Gunfighter cheats, tips, tricks and guide to play West Gunfighter like pro cowboy!

Candy Mobile’s West Gunfighter is one of the best games for Android 2018. If you have ever played Gameloft’s Six-Guns game, then you can guess about this one. The only difference between West Gunfighter and Six-Gun is the size. Gameloft’s Six-Guns game’s size is around 400MB. And West Gunfighter game’s size is just 20 MB. It has been released recently on Google Play Store for Android devices and really, it’s great mobile game, you should give it a shot. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; West Gunfighter cheats, tips, tricks, and guide

Get Started – West Gunfighter – The Basic

As usual, the game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play West Gunfighter, about the shooting, quests, horse riding, and much more. After the tutorial, you enter the town and play manually.

In this game, you play as a cowboy and there are plenty of things you can do; shooting, completing the quest, exploring, animal hunting, horse riding, mini-games, and much more. Here’s the process you have to follow in West Gunfighter game;

  • Complete the quest and earn coins, diamonds
  • Use coins to upgrade the weapons
  • Play mini-games
  • Accumulate coins and diamonds to buy new weapons
  • Buy new outfits and enjoy special power-ups
  • Buy new horse

Let’ start the West Gunfighter game guide first and then read West Gunfighter cheats, tips, and tricks to earn diamonds, coins, boosters, and much more.

1.) West Gunfighter Guide

Playing it is really simple; you just follow the red location mark on the mini-map, interact with people, accept the quest and complete the quest to earn precious rewards; coins, gold, and much more.

Use the joystick to control the character. At the bottom-right corner, there is a fire or attack button. Just above it, there is a horse icon. Tapping on the horse icon will call the horse.

At the top-left corner, you can switch your weapons; use navigation keys to switch between weapons or buy ammo. Just below the weapons, there is a quest icon, tap on it to check the quests. There are three types of quests; main quest, side quest, and the daily quest. Completing these quest reward you coins, diamonds, and much more.

Your health is limited, if the character has been injured during the shooting against enemies, heal it by using HP potions. Tap on the mini-map, look at the left side, head to the potion section -> there you will see HP potions(vital), tap on the use button to use those potions. In West Gunfighter, you can buy these HP potions in exchange for coins under the shop section.

Locations you can explore in West Gunfighter;

  • Cave
  • Jail
  • Forest
  • Town
  • Cemetery
  • Canyon
  • Bar

Just tap on the mini-map and follow the path. Use the horse to go to these places quickly.

So, this is the West Gunfighter guide. Let’s start the West Gunfighter cheats, tips, and tricks

2.) West Gunfighter Cheats, Tips, Tricks;

#Tip 1.) Look for Whisky bottles

West GunfighterWhisky bottle is one of the precious items in West Gunfighter game. You can sell it in exchange for diamonds. And as you know, diamond used in buying new weapons, horse, and outfits. Whisky bottles can found in the cave, forest, jail area. Just explore the area, look at behind the rocks, inside the house, near trees. Once found, shoot it.

Now, how to convert it into diamonds? I mean how to sell Whisky bottles in this game?

West GunfighterTap on the mini-map, look at the left side, there are some sections; ammo, HP potions, material, and skins. Go to the material tab and tap on the sell button next to Whisky. Choose the quantity and confirm.

# Tip 2.) Hunt Animals for a huge amount of coins and other rewards

West GunfighterIn West Gunfighter, you can hunt animals such as Fox, Deer, Wold, Bear, and Jaguar. After shooting them down, you will get their skins. Sell the animal skin for coins. Animals can be found in the forest, jail area, and in town. Don’t miss them. Just Shoot down!

# Tip 3.) Upgrade your weapons

In the West Gunfighter game, to deal more damage to enemies and animals; you should have to upgrade the weapons. Upgrading a weapon requires material and coins or diamonds. You can get material/parts from the chest, by hunting animals, shooting down the enemies. Go to the store – weapons – on the left side – upgrade(just below it, use the navigation keys to switch between guns).

# Tip 4.) Hidden Special Abilities; West Gunfighter

The outfits matters a lot; impacts on the defense. Wearing a set of cloth enables the special ability/power-ups. Here’s the list

  • Outsider Outfit(Hat+Pants+Coat) – Knife Damage Up 20%
  • Sherrif(Jacket+Hat+Pants) – Headshot damage up +20%
  • Mexican(Hat+Pants+Jacket) – More gold +10%
  • Striped(Top+Buzz-cut+Pants) – Move speed up 10%
  • Gunslinger(Hat+Jacket+Pants) – +20%
  • Machine(Jacket+Hat+Pants) – Gun Damage Up 20%

You can buy these clothes from the shop in exchange for diamonds and coins.

#5.) Shoot Down Anyone

Sometimes you get HP potions, material, coins, and other rewards by shooting people in the town. Shoot them and you could get a decent reward.

#6.) Go for headshot

To deal more damage the enemies, go for the headshot. In every shooting game, the headshot is the best shot you can shoot.

#7.) Complete the quests

Complete the quest to earn a huge amount of coins, diamonds for free; quests; main quest, side quest, and the daily quest.

Go back to the main screen -> achievements -> claim the achievement rewards.

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So these are some useful West Gunfighter cheats, tips, and tricks for the beginners. Download the game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best offline games for Android 2018

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