Idle Concert Cheats – Guide, Tips & Tricks

Idle Concert is a brand new mobile game available on Android and iOS platforms, published by IsCool Entertainment. Read on for Idle Concert cheats, tips, tricks & guide

Idle ConcertIn the Idle Concert game, you will create a music band and perform in the concerts. People will buy the tickets and you will earn the money that you can invest in building the stage and making the concert area better for the audience. Everything in this game is auto and all you need to do is make the upgrades. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Idle Concert guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Idle Concert tips, cheats & strategies!

Idle Concert Cheats, Tips & Tricks: –

The concert hall has two gates; the entrance and the exit. People enter the concert hall through the entrance gate and buys the ticket. This is the point where the amount is credited to your game account. And, after a few seconds, you will see people leaving the concert hall through the exit gate. Your concert hall’s space is limited – so only a certain number of people can enjoy the music at a time. Your goal is to build the best concert hall and make more money. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Idle Concert tips & tricks: –

Use The Money Glitch Cheat

With the money glitch cheat or time-lapse cheat, you can earn infinite money in Idle Concert game. All you have to do is change the time on your mobile. Forward it to the next few hours or days to earn money instantly. Although, we do not recommend using this cheat if you don’t want to ruin the gaming experience.

Make The Upgrades Using The Coins In Idle Concert

In the Idle Concert game, three upgrades can boost your earnings – ticket, speed, and fans. Ticket – increase the ticket price to increase profit from selling the tickets to the concert at the entrance gate. Speed – increase the flow of the game; entrance or exit or time taken by visitors in the concert hall. And, Fans – increase the number of fans.

Buy The Show Upgrades

In the top-right corner, tap the mic button and it will show you the show upgrades that you can make using the gold coins. These upgrades can increase the ticket price, queue slots, and grant extra buffs.

Level Up To Unlock New Festivals

At the start of the game, you run the rock festival and as you level up in the game, you get to organize other events/festivals in Idle Concert game; Food Trucks, Electro, Funfair, etc.

These events or festivals unlock at certain levels. The food trucks; unlock at level 20. Electro; unlocks at level 40. Funfair; unlocks at level 60. In the top-right corner of the game screen, keep an eye on the level bar that displays the current level progress. Tap the level button and reach the next level; you don’t need to watch the video ad every time you level up – just tap the (x) symbol in the top-right side of the level up reward screen.

Grab The Freebies In Idle Concert

A lot of freebies can be obtained by watching video ads. On your screen, you will often see these offers to increase the earnings. Although, they are optional – if you want to progress fast, consider grabbing them.

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So this would be all in this post on Idle Concert cheats, tips & tricks guide for beginners.

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