Idle Delivery City Tycoon Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Idle Delivery City Tycoon is a brand new idle game for mobile where you transport the goods to different regions. Read on for Idle Delivery City Tycoon cheats, guide, tips & tricks

Idle Delivery City Tycoon Cheats Guide Tips TricksArctic, the mobile gaming publisher recently published an idle game called Idle Delivery City Tycoon on Google Play Store. In the game, the player builds the delivery tycoon and handle all sorts of things related to production, transportation, and consumption. The game has amazing graphics and a cool design with a unqiue gameplay theme. If you are new to the game, then you are on the right page. This Idle Delivery Tycoon guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Idle Delivery Tycoon cheats, tips & tricks that you would like to read. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

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Idle Delivery Tycoon Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks – 

First things first – as a business tycoon, you have the whole map in the game to capture and earn loads of money that one could think of in the dream. There are lots of regions on the map that you can buy with the gold coins and start the business. The first one you get in this game is free; Castleside. In each region, you will have a factory to produce the material items. These material items or products are supplied or delivered to the town people and you earn money. As you proceed further and have enough money, you can buy new regions where you will get to open a new factory and deliver its crafted products to the people of the town. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Idle Delivery Tycoon cheats, tips & tricks –

Maintain The T, C, And P 

Idle Delivery City Tycoon Cheats Guide Tips TricksT stands for transportation, C for consumption, and P for production. In each region, you will have to take care of these three departments. The transportation parameter determines the delivery capacity. The factory determines the production rate. And, the Town population determines the consumption. Tap on any region; for example – Farmville, Castleside(tap the icon above buildings in that area) –

On the region profile screen, you will see these three parameters; delivery. factory, and town. You have to keep the balance between transportation, factory, and consumption to maximize the profit. 

  • Upgrade the delivery vehicles to increase the capacity so that you can deliver more products at a time
  • Upgrade the factory to produce more products
  • And, upgrade the town to increase the consumption

On the region profile, on the top-right, you will see three bars; the blue one is for delivery, orange is for factory, and green for the town. You have to make sure that these three bars are balanced. For example – if the factory is production 8M products/minute, then delivery and consumption should also be at 8M/minute. 

Build The Facilities For Buffs

On the map, you can build a variety of facilities and get passive buffs such as an increase in offline earnings, profit, reduction in research speed, and more. There are mainly two types of buildings; residential and special. Residential buildings increase the earnings, while special facilities provide other useful buffs. Tap the helmet button on the bottom-right and check out these buildings. You can build the residential buildings with the gold coins, while the special buildings can only be built when you have enough of its parts. You can get the parts from the briefcases. 

Research In Idle Delivery City Tycoon

Players in Idle Delivery City Tycoon can improve the earnings of all the production facilities in the regions by doing the researches; textile, bread, furniture, coffee, rugby ball, building materials, toys, equipment, and smartphones. Tap the blue flask button on the bottom-right -> spend gold coins and start researching to improve the production centers’ earnings. 

Tap To Speed Up The Delivery

The delivery trucks pick the products from the factory and sell them to the town. It takes time to drive up there; by tapping the trucks, you can increase the delivery speed. 

Collect The Money From Parking Trucks

Idle Delivery City Tycoon Cheats Guide Tips TricksKeep an eye on those green color parking trucks – tap them and collect the coins. 

Tap The Helicopter For Freebies

A helicopter will fly over the towns often while you are playing the game – tap it for rewards like diamonds, gold coins, and briefcases. 

Complete Quest, Get Stars And Make Region Upgrades

At the top-center of the screen, tap the star button -> check the quest -> complete it. The stars you earn by completing the quests can be utilized in making the region upgrades. Tap the star button on the bottom-right -> region upgrades. 

Open Briefcases In Idle Delivery City Tycoon

Briefcases contain the special parts that you can use to build special buildings from the construction menu. Tap the gem button at the top to open the shop and get free briefcases by watching the video ads. 

Hire The Sale Managers

Sale Managers can grant passive boosts such as increasing the profit, reducing the cost, improving transportation, and more. Tap on the region factory icon-> tap the + button on the top-left corner of the region name -> hire manager -> spend coins. 

So that’s all for now in this post on Idle Delivery City Tycoon cheats, tips, tricks & strategy guide for beginners. Share your tips in the comments. 

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