Idle Eternal Soul Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Idle Eternal Soul is a new AFK RPG by NEOWIZ. Read on for Idle Eternal Soul guide, cheats, tips & tricks for beginners.

Idle Eternal Soul Guide Tips Cheats

Idle Eternal Soul Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this post, you will learn “how to play the Idle Eternal Soul game”, about team rank, battles, hunters, and other core aspects such as upgrades, passive perks, in-game currencies, enhancing skills & gears, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: Idle Eternal Soul guide, tips & tricks: –

Guide To Increase The Team Rank In Idle Eternal Soul

To increase the “team rank” in the Idle Eternal Soul game, you will need to reach a certain stage and then use the reincarnation feature. Every 100th stage + reincarnation = +1 team rank. For instance, to reach team rank 2, you will have to clear the 100th stage and then reincarnate. Similarly, to reach team rank 4, you will have to clear the 300th stage + reincarnate. Team rank 5 = 400th stage + reincarnation. 

Guide To Reincarnation In Idle Eternal Soul

Reincarnation gives you dark essence that you can use to strengthen up the hunters. You will get to reincarnate after clearing a certain stage -> also, you must know that every time you reincarnate, you are put back to stage 1(in the selected map) along with hunters level reset to 0. Although, you keep the hunter enhancements; skills, gear level, gems, passive upgrades, etc. 

Guide To Gears In The Game

One of the best ways to empower the hunters in the Idle Eternal Soul game is by equipping them with powerful gears. Gears are available in multiple rarities like common, uncommon, rare, unqiue, legendary, epic, etc. The higher rarity gears are hard to obtain but provide massive stats to the hunter. 

In the early game, it’s not bad that you have low-tier/rarity gears – continue with the free gears that you have acquired(check the stats and compare with each other; choose the best one). Although, don’t waste enhancement stones in upgrading the low-tier/rarity gears(common). Continue to progress without using the enhancement stones. Once you have acquired high-tier rarity gears, equip them and upgrade if the upgrade is available. 

How to get gears: from the dungeon expedition, chests. 

Guide To Battles In Idle Eternal Soul

(1) Build a team of hunters to beat the enemies. As you clear the enemy waves, the game gives you Soul Coins that are used in leveling up the hunters. Making hunters stronger is necessary as the enemies get powerful at each next stage. 

(2) Double-tap on the screen to activate Zeal. 

(3) You can increase the combat speed by watching the video ad or with the gems. 

Guide To Hunters In The Game

(1) You can get hunters from the shop by spending a certain number of gems. 

(2) All the hunters have “unqiue skills”. Navigate to the hunter menu -> select a hunter -> skill -> check out their skills as well as roles. For instance, Rakshasa is one of the hunters in the game that positions herself at the front and possess tank/frontline skills(defense based). With the right team set-up; tank, DMG role, and CC, you can easily win the stages. Just check out their skills and strengths. 

(3) How to make hunters stronger: –

  • Level them up with soul coins
  • Raise their reincarnation level with dark essence
  • Enhance their skills with dark essence
  • Equip and enhance the weapons
  • Transcendence the weapon

Use Gems To Buy Hell Passive Upgrades

There are many useful passive upgrades that you can buy and progress faster + defeat powerful enemy teams. Head to the shop -> hell passive -> increase offline income, reduce monster HP/DEF/ATK level, increase party speed, etc. 

Hell Maps In The Game

Whenever you reincarnate, you will get to choose a hell; each hell has a different set of weapons and materials. 

  • Hell of the Blade Mountains: Average drop rate for weapons and various resources
  • Hell of Absolute Zero: buffs + major drop hunter weapon; Dark Night, Assassin, Rakshasa, Barbarian
  • Hell of Razor Forest – buffs + major drop hunter weapon; Exorcist, Kumiho, Demon Hunter, Ronin
  • Hell of Boiling Flames – buffs + major drop hunter weapon; Voodoo Doctor, Inquisitor, Fallen Angel, Witch
  • Hell of the Windy Path: buffs + major drop hunter weapon; N/A

To unlock new hell, you will need to reach a certain team rank level. 

Guide To Team Battles In Idle Eternal Soul

In the team battle, you get to set up a team of x6 members – this team will participate in the battle and fight the enemy team. If you win the battle, your ranking will improve – ultimately, the quality of rewards as well. The rewards include team coins, legendary weapon case, chests, etc. 

You need team battle tickets to play the team battles. 

Guide To Dungeon Expedition

To participate in the dungeon expedition, you will need exploration tickets. The game gives you x5 tickets daily. You can buy more with the gems. From the dungeon expedition, you can get free weapons, chests, and enhancement stones. 

Getting Free Gems In Idle Eternal Soul

  • Complete the main quests that you see in the lower-right corner
  • Do the daily quests and progress quests; tap the arrow option in the top-right corner -> quests
  • Attendance reward/event
  • From the shop

Idle Eternal Soul Cheats OR Cheat Codes

Idle Eternal Soul game does not support cheats or cheat codes. 

So this would be all in this post on Idle Eternal Soul guide, tips, cheats for beginners. Got more useful tips? Comment below!

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