Second Galaxy Leveling Guide For Beginners

Learn to raise the pilot level in Second Galaxy game. How do you grind EXP to reach the next pilot level – Second Galaxy Leveling Guide

In this part, we will explain to you how to level up/how to increase the pilot level in the Second Galaxy. Many new players are having trouble figuring out the leveling mechanics. Although, it’s quite easy. All you have to do is complete the quests and activities which grant EXP. If you are completely new to the game, we would recommend checking our previous guides before you read this one ⇒Ships guide, ⇒Newbie guide to Second Galaxy, ⇒Nations & Careers.  So let’s head to the main content – Second Galaxy Leveling Guide.

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How To Level Up Pilot In Second Galaxy Game?

Second Galaxy Leveling Pilot EXPThe player needs to grind/earn pilot XP to raise the pilot’s level. For example – To reach the pilot level 21(from pilot level 20), you need 18000 XP. To check the number of experience points you need to raise the player level, tap the menu button(bottom-left corner). In the menu, at the top-left, tap the pilot avatar -> there you can check the amount of EXP that you need to level up the pilot. In the next part, we will learn how to grind EXP.

Second Galaxy Leveling Guide – EXP Grinding

One of the best ways to grind EXP in the Second Galaxy game is by completing the OPS Main Plot missions and the quests. Let’s learn about the quests which grant tons of EXP to the pilot. Tap the hamburger menu button at the bottom-left corner of the game screen -> from the menu list, head to the Ops. In the Ops, you have five different sections; Main Plot, Quests, Overview, Reputation, and Sub-Pilot. In the Main Plot, you can check the main missions. All you have to do is tap the GO button – these missions are automatic – you don’t need to do anything manually. However, if you are getting some kind of error like the ship is not qualified, the ship maker does not support, then you should check our previous post: –

In the quests tab, there are five missions which grant EXP. You can participate in these quests daily and earn galactic points. Let’s learn about all these quest missions.

Second Galaxy Encounter Quest

Second Galaxy Leveling Up PilotIn this quest, you help the NPCs in their investigations or for various purposes. You can access this quest in two ways – menu -> Ops -> quests -> encounter – tap the GO button. Another way is to head to the map from the menu -> tap the encounter button on the left side(you get a certain number of encounter quests daily). Once the scanning process is done, you will interact with the NPCs. In the map screen, on the right side, head to the third tab -> there you can see the NPCs encounter missions. Proceed to the storyline -> at the end of the storyline, you will have to choose; accept or later – at the same time, you can check the rewards that you will get by completing this missions.

From the encounter quests, you can earn: –

  1. EXP
  2. Implants
  3. Ammo Blueprint
  4. Encrypted Supplies

Second Galaxy Scanner Quest

Second Galaxy Leveling Up PilotIn this quest, you will have to explore the planets and scan for the resources. First, make sure to install a scanner device to the ship. If you don’t know how to install a scanner device or what is a scanner device or how to use the devices, make sure to read these guides: –

To go further in this quest, wrap your ship into space. Tap the menu button -> map -> on the top-right side, tap the planet -> there you will see the list of planets. Or tap the galaxy nodes icon at the top-left on the map screen -> from there you can check the planets. Move to a planet or space area.

Once you are there, In the space -> use the scanner -> when you tap the scanner -> the game will scan the nearby area. And, there are chances that the scanner will detect the asteroids. And, you will see it on the planet tab on the map screen. Wrap to there and find.

In the overview tab, you will see the location of the rich asteroids. Approach the target and destroy. Use the weapons to destroy asteroids. You will get ore pieces or other material items by destroying asteroids. Make sure that the ship has enough space to collect materials.

On the bottom-left corner, pay attention to chat tab/message tab -> when you destroy the asteroid, you will see what you have gained.

Reputation Quests

Complete the reputation quests to earn: –

  • XP
  • Reputation Points
  • Implant
  • Ship Blueprint
  • Device Blueprint
  • Weapon Blueprint

Exploration Quests

  • EXP
  • Minerals
  • Attachment Blueprint
  • Implant Supply Case
  • Storage Case

Tap the GO button -> complete the NPC’s task.

Second Galaxy Leveling Guide – Wormhole Quest

Second Galaxy Leveling Guide WormholeIn the quests tab, select the wormhole button -> tap the GO button. Or go to map -> planet -> wormhole -> wrap. In the wormhole, you can fight the hostiles and earn EXP. Destroy the asteroids and earn minerals. Fight the players in PvP. Once you are in the wormhole, you can explore/find the players, hostiles, asteroids. At the top-left side, tap the galaxy nodes icon(the third tab) -> there you can check the different location sets. Visit there and explore. You might find NPCs there. Give them answers to earn EXP, Vouchers, etc. To exit the wormhole, go to the galaxy nodes tab again -> set exit as a target -> on the top-right, tap the ⇑ button to approach the exit/target.

Keep in mind that the Second Galaxy game allows you to explore wormhole two times a day. So make sure to explore each location.

Focus on these missions & quests to level up in Second Galaxy game. Also, see –

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