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Idle Human
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Idle Human is a brand new game for mobile by Green Panda Games. Let’s have a look at Idle Human guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Well, there is no tutorial in the game. So we will try our best to explain everything. The goal is to discover all the human organs, body parts and complete the human body. It would not be as easy as you think – because, there are thousands of upgrades to do to complete a single body part or organ. Let’s not waste any time and navigate to our Idle Human guide and Idle Human tips, cheats & strategies!

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Idle Human Guide: –

The basic in-game currency in this game is cells. At the top center of the screen, you can see the number of cells generating every second. You can also produce the cells by tapping the DNA button(Update – now it’s cell button) at the top-right of the screen. You need cells to discover the various parts/organs of the human body. At the bottom of the screen, there are five tabs – support, organs, control center, and protection.

In each tab, you will find several human body parts – as you buy them, that body part will appear on your screen – basically, as a human model. For example – In the support section, you can spend cells to create/discover leg bones, hand bones, etc. As you get more and more of these parts, the cell production rate will eventually increase. For instance – pay attention to the body parts icon -> you will notice some figures like 50/second. That means if you get it one more time or in the game sense, we can say if you upgrade it one more time, the cell production rate will be increased by 50.

The Upgrades: –

In the upgrades tab of the game, you will find some intersting boosters which can help you in getting more cells. Go to the upgrades tab and you will find many useful boosters: –

  • Offline Cells Production – The game generates cells even when you are not online in the game. And, when you come back to the game after a short or long offline period, you will get a pop-up screen where you can see the exact number of cells produced when you were offline. If you want to produce more cells when you are not playing the game, you should upgrade the offline cells production booster.
  • Offline Time – The game generates cells while you are offline, but not all the time. There is a limit. When you open the game after being offline for a few minutes or hours, the game will show you the max offline time. But once the limit passes, no more cells will produce. If you want to increase the max offline time, spend cells on offline time upgrade.
  • Tap On DNA – As you know, tapping the DNA button generates cells. If you want to get more cells per tap, then you should spend cells on this upgrade.
  • Other Upgrades – There might be some more upgrades that you can activate by watching a video ad.

How To Get Diamonds: –

Diamonds are very useful – you can use them for spins, boosters, and other time travels. To get the diamonds – spin the wheel or go to the store -> watch the video ad. You don’t lose diamonds upon performing prestige. Prestige

Idle Human Prestige: –

The prestige function in Idle Human game resets the game progress; for example – male model progress, female model progress, cyborg model progress, and so on. In the left-center of the game, tap the prestige option(the trophy) -> there you can check the prestige points. For example – if it says; restart with 1.07x more cell/second, then it means that you have earned 0.7 points. And, after performing prestige, you will earn 1.07x cell/second as compared to the current time in which you are getting cell at a normal rate; 1.00%. Idle Human Prestige

The multiplier bonus after performing the first prestige will also be added to the further prestige actions. For example – suppose, for the first time, you earned 0.7x prestige points. After that, depending on the game progress, suppose, you earn 0.5x more prestige points. So the total prestige multiplier would be 1.00(default)+0.7x(Earned from first prestige)+0.5x(earned from this prestige) = 1.12x.

How To Earn Prestige Points?

In the newer version of the game, you earn prestige points by unlocking items. For example – In the male model, unlock new Organs such as Liver, Small Intestine, Kidneys, Support Parts such as Robcage, Skull, etc. As you unlock these human body parts, you will earn prestige points.

So that would be all in our Idle Human guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Idle Human tips, cheats & strategies!

Idle Human Cheats, Tips & Tricks: –

  • Time Lapse Cheat – Change the time/date settings(forward) in the mobile for cells
  • Destroy the virus by tapping on it to earn free cells
  • Invest/Spend cells in all kinds of upgrades
  • Tap the DNA button to produce cells manually
  • Body parts also generate cells. Get/Buy/Level-Up more to produce more
  • Watch the video ad in the store for free diamonds
  • Use the time travel function to get more cells
  • Use the 2X speed energy booster to speed up the production
  • Do the prestige to get permanent production boost, but at the right time
  • Spin the wheel for free rewards

So these are some Idle Human cheats, tips & tricks.

Idle Human Updates

Idle HumanThe latest update to Idle Human game lets you dress up the human model as male and female. And, another model that you can create is of an alien. Cyborg model is also on the way and we might see it in the upcoming updates(Update – it’s available now). A Zombie model will be released soon. On the bottom-left side, tap the male or female or alien model – the male model is free, the female model will cost you 1 million cells, and the alien model will cost you 1 billion cells. And, Cyborg model costs you 1T cells or 500 diamonds. You can switch between the human bodies; male to female and alien anytime. The game saves progress for each model.

If you have more Idle Human tips or tricks, feel free to share in the comment section below!

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  1. Hi guys. I have prestiged a massive 730 times which gave me an earning level of 8.50 cells per second. Idk if there is a limit, but at this stage it’s looking like maybe there isn’t.

  2. For me to earn prestige points it says: “Earn Prestige by unlocking items”, meaning upgrades. I cannot get a current prestige counter to go above 6.17, so basically I can only gain up to 6.17 each reset. And I am able to attain this about every other day.
    In your explanation of Prestige it says you gain 0.01 every 2 minutes!? I wissssshhhh

  3. If you do the time/date cheat will the game punish you in any way?
    I did this in a different game before and when I switched back I ended up with negative money, that’s never good.

  4. Go to setings and search on time and date, then change it a few days forward to get more cells id do it all the time but remember to set the time back after it!

  5. I beat the game, is there anything you can do once you beat it? Like if I reset can I make a different human or will it just be the same one?

  6. Cheats:
    Go to your settings and under date and time turn the set automatically tab off and then freely manipulate time. Although, the game quickly becomes boring.

  7. so it doesn’t hurt to prestige again. Since it just means the cells that are already being produced, produce at an even faster rate depending on the rate of prestige. My first level of prestige happened at 2.01 and I prestige again at 3.09… which ultimately gave me a rate of 4.10x whatever my cell rate per second is.
    Hopefully that helps

  8. From 2 Aug 19, I just found and started playing “Idle Human” in IOS.
    Among the several tips and tricks above, I choose to raise the rate of Prestige.
    Because whenever I raise the rate of as written above, all processes have been clear,
    and I have to start from zero.

    My point is this.
    Is there anyone to try raising the rate of Prestige?
    Is there the maximum rate of Prestige?
    My current rate of Prestige is 1.7299999x, which means 1.73x.

    I don’t know whether to keep raising the rate of Prestige
    or to use other tips and tricks above.

    Plz, let me know a little bit more about the rate of Prestige,
    and also to raise the rate of Prestige is still useful and effective.

    Thanks very much.