Westworld Game Rank Up Guide – Host Rank Up

Westworld Game Rank UpIn this part, we will learn how to rank up hosts and improve their role level and raise the star level. Check out our Westworld Game Rank Up guide

WB’s brand new game Westworld is finally out on Android and iOS after staying in beta for a long time. And one of the most common problems the player is getting is the shortage of high-quality hosts. In this post, we will learn Westworld Game Rank Up guide and how to rank-up the hosts wisely.

Westworld Game Rank Up?

In Westworld Game, the player can raise the role level or star level by ranking up. But only when if the player follows the game rule. Otherwise, you will end up with just version upgrade. In short, ranking up the hosts: –

  • Upgrades the version of hosts(1.0 to 2.0 or 2.0 to 3.0)
  • Raises the star level(2-stars host to 3-stars, 3-star hosts to 4-stars)
  • Increases the role level(learn more about the roles here)
  • Unlocks new roles(3-5 star hosts)

So, these are four possible outcomes when you rank up a host. The primary objective behind ranking up the host is raising the star level. For instance, you have three 2-stars hosts. And as you know, they are not too helpful in locations such as Escalante, pariah, las mudas, and more. But you can develop them or raise their star level by ranking up. Let’s learn how to rank up and raise the star level.

How to rank up in the Westworld Game?

  1. Reach the maximum level
  2. Visit the rebuilds facility
  3. Select the host who has reached the maximum level
  4. Select the material hosts

1.) Reach the maximum Level

When one of your hosts reaches the maximum level, the player can increase its rank. How to level up a host? Your host earns XP(required to level up) as a reward upon interacting with a visitor. You can speed up this process by powering up. You can read the power-up guide here.

  • Visit Rebuilds facility
  • Select the host you want to level up or power up
  • Select material hosts – low-quality(Hosts used as the material will be removed)

Don’t use two-star hosts to level up(because you can increase their star level by ranking up) or power up a host. Use 1-star hosts to level up the hosts. And it would be better if you use prototype XP host as a material host(for leveling up).

  • After reaching the maximum level, you can increase its rank

2.) Selecting the material host to rank up

Westworld Game Rank UpGo to the rebuilds facility and then select the host you want to rank up. The selected host should be on its maximum level. After selecting the host, select the hosts with the needed star rank. As you can see in above picture, we have selected a 2* host named Emmet and to increase its rank, we need two 2-star hosts.

After it, hit the rank-up button and that’s it. Rank up a natural 3 to 5* host to unlock new roles.

So, this is a short post on Westworld Game Rank Up guide. Rank up the hosts and raise their star level. You can check the full guide & tips, cheats here.

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