Idle Landmark Tycoon Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Idle Landmark Tycoon is a brand new game for Android and iOS by Homa Games. Let’s have a look at our Idle Landmark Tycoon guide, tips, cheats & strategiesIdle Landmark Tycoon

In Idle Landmark Tycoon, the player’s task to build Monuments all across the world. You will start with the Pyramid of Giza, then the Statue of Liberty, and so on. You will hire the workers and build these landmarks – as soon as you finish one project, the next one gets unlocked. It also allows you to rebuild a landmark – it costs you diamonds. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. In today’s Idle Landmark Tycoon guide, you will learn all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Idle Landmark Tycoon tips, cheats & strategies that helps you building landmark quickly. So without any further ado, let’s get started.Idle Landmark Tycoon

Idle Landmark Tycoon Guide: –

The workers use the blocks to build the landmark. These blocks are supplied by the trucks now and then. If you pay attention to the on-screen activity, you will find the workers picking blocks from the area where blocks are kept. You earn gold coins when the workers put the block on the construction site or use it to build a landmark. The game shows the number of coins you earn from per block when the worker puts it on the construction site.

The Three Upgrades To Quickly Build The Landmark: –

  • Profit Level
  • Speed Level
  • Worker Level

There are three upgrades where you can spend the gold coins; profit level, speed level, and worker level. The profit level increases the earnings; you earn more gold coins per block cemented. Speed level increases the worker movement speed; the faster they move, the more quickly the construction of the landmark will finish. Worker – Raise the worker level to hire more workers. The worker level determines the number of workers that you can have at a time.

For example – if the worker upgrade level is 17, then 17 workers would be working on the ground.

Level Up Guide: –

In the upper-right corner of the game screen, there is a level progress bar, which shows the current level. As you progress further in construction, you will gain EXP that is required to level up. Tap the level up button and collect the free reward; you can double it by watching the video ad.

In-Game Currency: –

  • Gold Coins – For upgrades
  • Gems – For time travel boosters

You can get free diamonds daily – go to the shop by tapping the basket option on the left-center of the screen -> free gems – claim the free 5 gems daily as a login reward and 5 more gems by watching the video ad.

Idle Landmark Tycoon Tips & Tricks: –

  • Keep buying the upgrades to increase profit, speed, and workers
  • Get the free time travel boosters from time travel shop by watching the video ad
  • Level up when the upgrade available
  • Double the earnings – tap the x2 offer in the upper-left corner
  • Tap the flying coin for free coins
  • Go to the shop and claim free gems
  • You can use gems for multipliers; profit, speed, stone and the time travel booster

So this would be all in this Idle Landmark Tycoon guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners.

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