Idle Legend Cheats: Guide, Tips, Tricks & Strategy

Idle Legend 3D is a brand new idle chess game for Android & iOS by Droidhen. Read on for Idle Legend guide, tips, cheats & strategies to build the best formation

Idle Legend 3D Strategy Tips Formation Tier List GuideDroidhen, one of the popular mobile game developers, recently released the Idle Legend 3D game on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Initially, it was released as Idle Chess – but, they changed its name to Idle Legend 3D. It features PvE and PvP Content. PvE features a campaign mode, tower mode, trail, and more. PvP features Arena mode. In the game, you will set up a team of heroes who fight the monsters on a chessboard.

Battles are automatic; all you need to do is build the best team combination, formation; place heroes wisely, and use the top-tier heroes to win battles. The first few stages are easy to clear, but it gets difficult and grindy gradually. There are so many heroes classified into factions and grades; legendary, epic, elite, rare, and common. Legendary tier heroes are the best – but they are hard to get. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Idle Legend guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Idle Legend tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

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First things first – if you have played games like Auto Chess, it would be easy for you to build the formation. If not, then the first thing you need to know is about the hero synergy and roles. There are so many hero units in the game that you can deploy on the chessboard; but, the question is which heroes are the best? You might not have all the units yet if you have just started. Depending on the heroes you have, you will have to build the formation. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Idle Legend strategies, tips, guide & tricks: –

Build The Best Formation In Idle Legend 3D

Roles – while building the best formation in Idle Legend, you have to consider the heroes’ roles. There are melee heroes, damage dealers, mages, AoE attackers, supporters, assassins, tanks, and more.

  • We recommend having the right combination of offense and defense. You must add enough tank heroes(heroes with high HP stats such as warriors, knights) to protect the damage dealers. And, enough damage dealers to inflict massive damage to the enemies. 

Synergy – while building the best formation, you have to consider the synergy effect. When you add a certain number of chess pieces of the same race or class, the synergy effect is activated. For example – if you add x2 hunters in the formation, Hunter synergy will get activated; increases all hunter allies’ normal attack damage. 

  • The next tip is activating the synergy effect for bonus damage. You can check the synergy effect by tapping the book in the lower-right corner in the hero collection menu. And, then go to the synergy tab, and there you will see the heroes in different synergy groups; human, elf, mage, assassin, knight, warrior, etc. Add a certain number of heroes of the same group in the formation for bonuses. 

Positioning – positioning heroes on the chessboard is one of the important steps while creating the best formation. For example – assassin units. These units jump to the backline and start attacking the opponent’s heroes. If your enemy is using the assassin heroes, then you must place a few tank heroes in the back row to soak the damage. 

  • Place the melee heroes much closer to the enemy heroes (melee heroes are the units that use melee weapon and attack from close-range).  
  • Assassins are great – they jump to the backline right after the battle starts. Place them in the back row
  • Place ranged attackers far away from enemies – ranged attackers or damage dealers must last long – without them, you would not be able to win if the enemy team is powerful. You must protect them at all cost; so place them farther away; in the rear line
  • Place tank units in the front or much closer to the enemy; to stall them from reaching damage dealers 
  • If the enemy is using assassin, make sure to put some tanky units in the back row because assassin jumps to the backline and start attacking the back row heroes

If you have more Idle Legend formation strategies or tips, share them in the comment section below. Idle Legend 3D Strategy Tips Formation Tier List Guide

Focus On The Top-Tier Heroes

Best legendary heroes and best epic heroes list(S-Tier): –

  • Angellina – Legendary
  • Superbia – Legendary
  • Tempess – Legendary
  • Kleos – Legendary
  • Gwilym – Epic
  • Nuadha – Epic
  • Crank – Epic
  • Levana – Epic
  • Ereb – Epic
  • Belphe – Epic
  • Venom – Epic
  • Winfred – Epic
  • Lilith – Epic

Since the game is new, we do not have a full Idle Legend Heroes tier list – but, we recommend focusing on the legendary and epic heroes because they can carry you in the late game, as well as in a mid-/early game. Common and rare heroes are not much useful.

Learn About The Heroes

Idle Legend features a lot of heroes. All these heroes belong to a specific synergy group, have unique active skills, different stats, and roles. You must get familiar with all the heroes – only then you will be able to build a great team. Without knowing the heroes; their strength, you would not be able to utilize them properly. So head to the hero collection screen -> tap on the hero -> on the right side of the hero profile, you can check the synergy effects, active skill, and stats. 

Heroes cast the active skill automatically during the combat. You will see a blue color gauge below the HP bar in the battle; when it gets full, they unleash their active skill. Since all the heroes have unqiue active skills, you must check them all. Their active skills can help you a lot. 

To upgrade the heroes, you need hero EXP and gold coins. You can acquire both these items from idle battles. Once the hero reaches a certain level, you will be able to enhance him/her further using spirit stones, which are obtained from the idle rewards. Enhancing increases the hero’s active skill level. Other than that, you can equip the gears to the heroes to make them further stronger. 

You can check the complete Idle Legend heroes list by tapping book in the lower-right corner in the hero collection screen. When you get a new hero, visit the book section -> tap the hero -> claim the diamonds. Every time you get a new hero, you will get the diamonds. So make sure to collect the reward. 

You can also equip them with artifacts for more stat boost. 

Retire The Useless Heroes In Idle Legend

If you have heroes that you don’t need anymore, it’s better to retire them and get the resources such as hero coins, spirit stones. Go to the castle screen -> carriage -> retirement -> retire the heroes. 

Rebirth Heroes To Get Resources Back

If you have developed the heroes that you should not have, then rebirth function can help you get all the resources invested in them. Go to carriage menu -> rebirth -> select the hero -> get the resources back. It will cost you diamonds. 

Complete The All Sorts Of Tasks

If you are a f2p, then make sure to focus on completing the tasks to get the rewards and use them for summoning more heroes, making them stronger and powerful. In the upper-right corner, tap the tasks button -> there you can check the dailies, weeklies, and main tasks to complete for diamonds, hero shards, consumable items. 

In-Game Currencies Guide

  • Diamonds – earn by completing missions or using redemption codes
  • Gold – idle battles, spend on upgrades or in the item shop
  • Trial coins – earn from phantasm trail mode and spend in trail shop for hero shards
  • Hero coins – earn by retiring heroes and spend in the hero shop for hero shards

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So this would be all in this post on Idle Legend guide, tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below. 

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