AFK Cats Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

AFK Cats – Idle arena with cat heroes is a brand new Idle game for Android and iOS by Pixel Federation Games. Let’s have a look at AFK Cats guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Pixel Federation Games, the publisher behind Seaport game, has just released a brand new Idle game called AFK Cats on mobile app stores. In the game, the player builds the army of mighty cats to crush the monsters, their boss in endless stages. There are lots of cats to collect – you can level up them, equip gears, train to increase the power. If you have just started playing this mobile game, then our today’s AFK Cats guide and AFK Cats tips, cheats & strategies will help you!

AFK Cats Guide – Team Formation, Cats, Elements, Squad Power, Etc.

The team formation: –

AFK CatsIn your squad, you can add or deploy up to six cats or agents. There is one leader slot, two front line slots, and three back-line slots. A special leader aura buff gets activated when you deploy a hero in the leader slot. However, there is one condition which you need to fulfill if you want to apply the leader aura skill. The condition is that the cat or agent should be at level 35 or higher. If the cat or agent level is lower than 35, you will not get that buff.

You can make adjustments in the team in the main mission screen – where the battle goes on. Tap the main mission option in the lobby -> at the bottom-right corner of the battle screen, tap the cat(s) button -> here you can change the team; remove or add the leader, replace cats, etc. It also shows the squad power. The squad power is the total power of all the cats in the team. If you want to increase the squad power in AFK Cats game, you will have to train the cats or agents.

AFK Cats – Agents/Cats Recruitment Guide: –

The ideal way to obtain or recruit cats/agents in AFK Cats game is through the cages. There are three cages in the recruitment menu – basic cage, golden cage, and friendship cage. To open the basic cage, you need basic keys. To open the golden cage, you need golden keys. And, at last – for the friendship cage, you need hearts. Basic Keys – You can get it from the stage clearance reward, as a daily sign-in reward, in exchange for the gems, from the events. Golden Keys – From the events, scrap chests, market, daily sign-in reward, and stage clearance reward.

Here’s the drop rate of cats in AFK Cats cages recruitment: –

  • Basic Cage-
  1. 5* Agent – 0.2%
  2. 4* Agent – 2%
  3. 3* Agent – 15%
  4. 2* Agent – 35%
  5. 1* Agent – 47.8%
  • Golden Cage-
  1. 5* Agent – 5%
  2. 4* Agent – 45%
  3. 3* Agent – 50%
  • Friendship Cage-
  1. 5* Agent – 1%
  2. 4* Agent – 4%
  3. 3* Agent – 25%
  4. 2* Agent – 45%
  5. 1* Agent – 25%

How do you get the hearts? – add friends in the game and send hearts to each other. In the home screen, at the top-right corner, tap the heart button -> add friends. Tap claim & send all button to share hearts.

Another way to get the agent or cats in AFK Cats game is by collecting their fragments. Once you have enough fragments, you can summon that particular cat. You can grab the cat fragments from the event shop or other game sources(ex-felinium shop).

Progression Guide-

AFK CatsYou progress through the main missions mode in which you complete the stages and fight the boss. From the main missions, you can earn account EXP, event currency, gold, yarn balls, boss fur, and much more. At the top center of the main mission mode, you can check the stage number, wave number, and the number of stages left to fight the boss. If you get defeat, your squad will start from the previous stage. For example – If you get defeated at stage 97-wave 3, the squad will start again from the stage 96-wave 1.

To pass all the difficult stages in AFK Cats, you need to train the agents or cats. Let’s learn all the tips & tricks.

AFK Cats tips, cheats & strategies to pass all the stages: –

1.) Train The Cats

Go to the training camp menu and there you can check all the agents or cats. Tap on a cat -> use the yarn balls and gold to level up. Once the cat reaches max level, the player needs to advance him using the felinium. A certain amount of gold is also required.

Felinium Guide – 

Felinium is the in-game currency in AFK Cats game. You need it to advance the agents so that you can develop them further. Felinium can be obtained from the time machine.

You can also use felinium in the felinium shop – to buy agents/cats shards/fragments.

Time Machine Guide-

AFK CatsUsing the time machine, you can convert the boss fur into felinium. But it will send you back to stage 1. If you want felinium, this is the only source.

Boss Fur Guide-

Boss Fur is the in-game currency that you get by defeating the boss in the main missions mode. You can convert it into felinium through the time machine function.

As you level up or advance the cats/agents, they will learn new skills. In the training page, on the right side menu, go to the paw tab -> there you can check the skills. Tap the skill to get details.

Weapon and Equipment – Equip the weapons and other gears(gloves, armor, boots) to increase the agents’ stats. You can upgrade these gears and get more stats bonus. To upgrade the weapon, tap it in the training camp -> cat profile page or in the item box -> sacrifice other weapons to develop the target piece. Or merge other weapons to grant EXP to the target weapon.

For other gears, you need materials – cloth, plate, leather, etc. You can obtain this material from catsmith. Dismantle the useless gears for the upgrade materials.

Acquisition -> obtain gears from the main missions mode or market.

Evolve Guide- 

Evolving requires agent material. You can obtain the identical unit shards or fragments from the cages, event shop, felinium shop. Example – If you want to evolve a cat from 3* to 4*, you will need a certain number of 3* cats.

2.) Complete The Tasks

Get free gears, keys, yarn balls, gold, and many more rewards by completing the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Tap the scientist cat(the one who guided you in the tutorial) on the right side of the screen -> there you can check all these tasks. Must complete all the daily quests to get free gems. The gem is the premium in-game currency that you can use to buy cat fragments, scrap chests, keys, etc. from the shop, event shop.

3.) Go AFK And Get Strong

In the main missions mode, the squad fights the enemies and you get the rewards. Make sure to claim this reward now and then – tap the bag on the bottom-right side in the main mission menu. If you are stuck on a stage, we would recommend you to go AFK and let the squad grind resources on the current stage. Let the squad earn gold, yarn balls, event currency, gears in this offline time. You can even double the reward by watching a video ad. Use the resources to max out(max level) all the cats in the squad – equip gears.

4.) Check The Market Deals

From the market, you can get some good quality gears in exchange for the gold or other in-game currency. Make sure to check the market deals daily and grab if there is a good deal available.

5.) Do The Time Travel

If you have maxed out all the cats and still having trouble defeating the boss – then you need to advance them and develop further. Don’t hesitate to use the time travel function. Convert boss fur into the felinium and advance the agents so that you can level up them further.

6.) Add Friends

Make sure to add friends and share hearts. Use hearts to open the friendship cage.

7.) Check The Event

From the main mission mode, you earn the event currency. You can exchange this currency in the event shop for cat/agent fragments, keys, and the gems.

8.) Apply The Elemental Advantage Buff

AFK CatsThere are five types of cats in AFK Cats game – fire, earth, water, sun, and moon. Similarly, all the enemy cats belong to one of these elements. There is a rock-paper-scissors relationship – here is the tree chart: –

  • Fire > Earth, Earth < Fire
  • Water > Fire, Fire < Water
  • Earth > Water, Water <Earth
  • Sun > Moon, Moon > Sun

Pay attention to the HP bar floating over the cats’ head in the battle. At the left corner of it, you can check the cat element. If you deploy the strong element agents against the week ones, you will get 25% DMG bonus. For example – If the enemy boss’s element is fire, then water element agent will get 25% DMG bonus. On the other hand, earth element cats will deal -25% DMG – because; Fire(strong)>Earth(Week).

9.) Focus On The Best Cats

We would recommend you to not to waste resources in low tier cats development. Focus on 3* or higher quality cats.

So that would be all in this AFK Cats guide and AFK Cats tips for the beginners. If you have more info, tips, cheats, tricks, tactics – do share with other fellow players in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “AFK Cats Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies”

  1. its not a new game, it was released over a year ago in 2018 on steam where it was called “Steam Cats” instead of AFK Cats. its the same game ported to mobile.

    But why is there no tier list? Need to know which 5stars and 4stars and so on to invest into so i dont waste materials and time. Got a bunch of 4stars and one 5star but cant really tell if they are good or not.

  2. Some cats have the same skill level based attacks. Review your agents (cats) and also check the cats under the “Gallery” tab to plan the team and abilities you want.
    Personally, I am attempting to evolve the lower star cats that have the skills I desire and and also fill a missing role for an element.
    What I’m going for initially.
    Element: Fire – Roles: Support, Fighter, Cannoneer, Hunter + two others with desired skills
    Element: Water – Roles: Support, Fighter, Cannoneer, Hunter + two others with desired skills
    Element: Earth – Roles: Support, Fighter, Cannoneer, Hunter + two others with desired skills
    Element: Moon – Roles: Support, Fighter, Cannoneer, Hunter + two others with desired skills
    Element: Sun – Roles: Support, Fighter, Cannoneer, Hunter + two others with desired skills

  3. If your character is on level 100, it needs to be evolved (gears icon). You need to have 3 additional cats of the type you want to evolve along with 7 additional unwanted cats at the same star level to get yours up to the next star.
    Example: You have 4 three star “Ashburn” cats and 7 other three star cats, you would select one Ashburn, then the gears icon, then check the 3 other Ashburn cats under his picture, then 7 other ones in the other generic cat face, then click evolve. This will turn that single 3 star Ashbun into a 4 star Ashburn. Keep doing this until you have 4 four star Ashburns and 7 trash 4 star cats and do it again to get to 5 stars. etc, etc.

    • @Rylan At 100th stage, a boss named Doomba comes to battle you. You need to defeat him to progress. If you are stuck, max level out all the cats in your team – if still having issues, try advancing in training camp or use better equipment.
      That boss is quite powerful though.