Cut The Grass Game Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

Cut The Grass GameCut The Grass is a brand new Idle Merge game for mobile by Mouse Games. Check out this Cut The Grass cheats, tips & strategy guide for beginners

Mouse Games, well-known for developing low-size addictive games, has just released a brand new Idle Merge game on mobile app stores. If you have ever played the Merge Plane game, then mastering this game would be a piece of cake. Let’s first learn about the game – as the name suggests, you cut the grass using the knives or cutting machines, which makes you money or gold coins. As you progress through the game, you will have to deal with more grass and high-level knives would be needed to do so. Let’s have a look at this Cut The Grass guide and Cut The Grass cheats, tips & strategies.

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The Basic Guide To Cut The Grass Game

The task is simple – cut the grass as soon as possible and reach the next level. All the knives in the game have different stats; high-level knives work better than the lower-level knives and help you to make more gold coins every second. At the top-center of the screen, you can see the gold production per second. All you have to do is keep buying and merging the knives to progress.

Merge To Level Up

When you level up in Cut The Grass game, you get some free rewards such as diamonds, new plant, new knife slot, etc. And, to level up in the game, you need to merge the knives. You can merge two same level knives and get an upper-level knife. For example – merge two level 13 knives to get a level 14 knife. As you merge, you get EXP – at the top-left corner of the screen, you can check the level progress.

The Price Will Increase

As you buy the knives(at the bottom-center of the screen, tap the knife button to spend the gold), the price will go up for every other unit. So don’t get confused – it’s the game mechanics. The progress rate will slow down as you buy more and more – because you will need millions of gold coins to purchase a single unit. However, there is a trick to get this rid of this problem. Let’s have a look at our Cut The Grass cheats, tips & tricks.

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1.) Wait For The Free Knife In The Shop

Cut The Grass GameAs stated before, the price of the knife eventually goes up as you buy more of its units. And, at a certain point, you will feel it’s insane – you can’s spend a bulk of coins for it, right? The easiest way to get rid of this problem is by waiting for the free knife. From time to time, In the shop, a free knife offer appears and you can get it by watching the video ad. At the bottom-center of the screen, tap the shop button and there you can buy Knives in exchange for gold coins or by watching a video ad.

We would recommend you not to waste gold coins for the knife which is available to buy at the home screen of the game. Instead, go to the shop and there you can find the next level knife at cheap price or maybe free – by watching the video ad. Spending bulk of gold coins on a single unit does not worth at all.

2.) Deploy The Best Knives On The Field

You can have a certain number of knives on the grass cutting area – check the board there to see the max number of knives. Now, make sure to deploy the best knives on the field to get the most out of them and earn more coins every second. What are the best knives? Of course, high-level knives are best for you. Deploy the high-level knives on the cutting area and progress fast.

3.) Hire Lawn Mower

Along with the knives, you can hire Lawn Mower and get extra earnings. Tap the cutting machine or mower on the right-center of the screen -> watch the video ad and hire it. The Lawn Mower will work for a few seconds – you can charge it again by watching the video ad.

4.) Tap The Hot-Air Balloon

A hot-air balloon often appears on your screen. Tap it to get free knives. When you are low on gold coins and there is no free offer in the shop as well, it’s the best option to get knives to merge and get the high-level knife. So don’t miss it.

5.) Try Your Luck In Lucky Draw

From the lucky draw slot machine, you can earn knives or a bunch of boosters to progress fast. On the right-center of the screen, tap the lucky draw slot machine and draw the rewards by watching the video ad. You can draw three times a day for free – after that, it will cost red diamonds.

6.) Complete The Tasks

By completing the tasks, players can earn diamonds or other game boosters. And, it’s easy to complete these tasks – there should not be any problem – so do it as soon as possible and grab free diamonds, offline earnings booster, and total earnings booster.

7.) Make The Upgrades

In the upgrade tab, you can spend the gold coins on three type of upgrades – earnings, offline, discount. Earnings boost – it will increase the earnings. Offline – when you go offline, you still earn gold coins because the knives work all day. Upgrade it to get more offline earnings. Discount – this upgrade will reduce the price of knives in the shop. We would recommend you to invest in offline and discount upgrades.

8.) Watch The Video Ads To Claim Doule Earnings

Cut The Grass GameAfter being offline for a few hours, at the launch of the game, you get the offer to double the offline earnings by watching a video ad. Make sure to accept this offer because it really helps when you are low on coins.

FAQ: –

1.) Cut The Grass Game – Hire Manager

This is the premium function of the game and to get it, you need to pay real money and it would cost you nearly 5$ a week. And, you get free perks – free diamonds, earnings boost, discount boost, etc.

So that would be all in this Cut The Grass game cheats, tips & strategy guide. If you have more tips to share, feel free to comment below.

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