Idle Legend Tier List – Best Characters Guide

Idle Legend – 3D Auto Battle RPG features so many heroes. If you are wondering who are the best ones, check out this Idle Legend Tier List

DroidHen recently published this game on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It features over 60 heroes; classified into four factions; Enlighteners, Eclipsers, Leyline Folks, and Ancient Legends. All these heroes are of five different grades; common, rare, elite, epic, and legendary. The legendary and epic ones are great for the late game – but the drop of the heroes of these two high-quality grades is pretty low. For starters, we recommend reading the Idle Legend guide and codes. In this post, we have shared the Idle Legend Tier List featuring the best characters so that you can have an idea on which heroes are worth investing in. So without any further ado, let’s get started and check out the best hero!

Idle Legend Tier List – Best Characters Guide – 

  • Angelina – SS
  • Cannon – S
  • Behemoth – S
  • Superbia – SS
  • Tempess – SS
  • Kleos – SS

Angelina Idle Legend Tier List

  • Legendary Hero
  • Synergy – Human, Priest
  • Unique Item – Blades of Fury
  • Skill – transforms into Seraph form and replenish full HP. Also, the damage taken is reduced, attack ratings are increased + cause splash damage

CannonIdle Legend Tier List

  • Legendary Hero
  • Synergy – Dwarf, Craftsman
  • Unqiue Item – Hellfire Missile
  • Skill – massive damage to the target + AoE DMG (nearby enemies)

BehemothIdle Legend Tier List

  • Legendary Hero
  • Synergy – Beast, Hunter
  • Unqiue Item – Deadly Gladiator’s Necklace
  • Skill – magic damage to enemies, stun effect

SuperbiaIdle Legend Tier List

  • Legendary Hero
  • Synergy – Demon, Knight
  • Skill – massive magic damage to the enemies in the attack path
  • Unqiue Item – Inferno Battleaxe

TempessIdle Legend Tier List

  • Legendary Hero
  • Synergy – Dragon, Undead III, Spell Eather
  • Skill – creates a mist that lasts long for x8 seconds and inflicts damage to the enemies trapped in it
  • Unqiue – Fetters of Eternity

KleosIdle Legend 3D Auto Battle RPG Tier List

  • Legendary Hero
  • Synergy – Giant, Warrior III
  • Skill – AoE DMG
  • Unique Item – The War Judge’s Crown

So these are the legendary heroes and their tier ratings. Share your opinions in the comment below. 

Idle Legend Tier List – Epic Heroes: –

  • Branco – A 
  • GWILYM – S
  • Luna – S
  • Bingyi – B+
  • Medusa – S+
  • Catha – B
  • Nuadha – SS
  • Dracula – A
  • Desmond – B
  • Celaeno – A
  • TOR – B
  • Crank – S
  • KV-2 – A
  • Levana – S
  • Ereb – S
  • Belphe – S
  • Gula – A
  • Venom – S
  • Lilith – S

Tier Details: –

  • SS – Extremely Good
  • S/S+ – Very Good
  • A – Good

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So this would be all in this post on the Idle Legend tier list. 

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