RTS Siege Up Walkthrough Guide: Tips & Tricks

New to the RTS Siege Up game? Learn all of its basic concepts with this RTS Siege Up walkthrough guide available with tips and tricksRTS Siege Up Walkthrough Guide Tips

RTS Siege Up Walkthrough Guide, Tips & Tricks: – 

This article covers the RTS Siege Up walkthrough to the first five missions, about the game basics, tips for battles and resource management, and other aspects such as buildings, objects, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the RTS Siege Up Walkthrough guide and tips: – 

Get Started With The RTS Siege Up Basics

In the RTS Siege Up game, you progress through the stages – at each stage, you get a unqiue mission to complete. For example – King’s Guard is one of the stages where you have to guard the King against the enemies and move to the fortress. If the king dies, you will have to restart the level. Just like this, there are so many stages with unique missions that are available in this game. In some missions, you get a pre-built army and city – to fight the enemies, while in some missions, you start the city and build an army from scratch. You will have to act according to the mission. 

Walkthrough To First Five Missions

Walkthrough Stage 1.) South Coast – Help us defeat the Bandits

In this mission, you get two damaged houses(you can repair them), two workers, one city hall, two farms, and some resources. Clearing this level is pretty easy – first, get more workers(tap the city hall and produce more workers). Assign them to the farm so that they can derive more food. You can assign two workers at a farm. Command other workers to collect wood(tap the worker and then tap on any nearby tree). You have a tower already that deals with early enemies. Once you have enough resources, build two barracks and archery range and start producing the army. 

Once you have a decent number of troops in the command, go further and lift the fog; you will meet bandits/enemies there. Defeat ’em all. Keep the melee troops in front and ranged-troops in back. Read the battle guide below for more info. 

Walkthrough Stage 2.) First Siege. 

This is a pretty easy level – all you need to do is command the troops in the right way. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s city hall and other facilities. You can go inside it once you break one of the entrances; check the blue color HP bar on the entrance when you start targeting it. Once it gets destroyed, you can enter the fortress and destroy other buildings. 

Tip: use catapults to destroy the walls. Before you go inside, eliminate the enemies at the top of the buildings as they can inflict DMG to your troops from a height and range. The ranged troops and catapult can help you with that. Once you eliminate them, you can easily destroy the buildings – without having to worry about the troops loss. Read the troop guide below for more information. 

Walkthrough Stage 3.) Mountains

In this level, you get a city hall and mines to produce metal and coins. Also, you have some resources in hand. First, build a farm and hire more workers to boost resource production. Then build the barracks or archery range – start producing the troops. Build a house to increase the population and hire more troops to build a large and strong army. Once you think that you have a decent number of troops of bother classes, go further and move on the left side, you will find the enemy’s base camp. Destroy everything there to clear the stage.

Walkthrough Stage 4.) Two Feudals

This is pretty much the same as the previous level – with a little tweak; In this stage, there are two enemy base camps that you need to destroy. You have a boat that you can use to invade an enemy; tap it and tap where you want to move it. Go further and you will find the base camp near the river area. You can at least destroy one or two facilities there with a boat. 

Use the given resources to build farms and hire workers. Then build army facilities to start producing the troops. 

Walkthrough Stage 5.) King’s Guard

It’s an interesting level where you have guard the king – if the king dies, you will get defeat. You have a few troops at first, lead them, and fight the first few enemies. Move further and take the right side -> you will find the broken bridge and one cavalry soldier that you can control. Assign army; cavalry and melee first and then ranged troops. Move further and you will find a giant enemy to defeat. Defeat him and move further; destroy the barrier on the bridge to move to the other side of the river. You will enter a fortress with a  bunch of troops. Also, you will get access to all of its facilities. 

The giants will start attacking after a few seconds; you can use the resources to start the production; food and wood. Then train more troops to increase the army size. Keep your king out of the fight if he is low on HP. Defeat all three giants and move further to enter the fortress. That’s it!

Walkthrough Stage 6.) Giants Attack

In this stage, you will get a full army + resources + pre-build fortress. The giants spawn every few seconds – place your troops in the front; melee first, then ranged ones. Defeat all the waves to clear the level. You can use the resources to build a farm and start getting food. And, then hire more workers to collect wood. Then use the resources to get more troops. RTS Siege Up Walkthrough Guide Tips

Guide To Resources In RTS Siege Up

Resource management is important – before you start building the facilities or produce the troops with the initial resources that you get on a stage, you may want to build the farm and hire workers so that you can get the resources over time. Without resources, you can not build facilities, hire more workers, and produce troops. 

The main resources in RTS Siege Up game are; gold coins, metal, food, wood. Metal and Gold coins are obtained from the mines; gold mine and metal mines are present in almost all levels – the mules that you see on the map collect the gold and metal from these mines and drop in the city hall. You will need gold coins and metal to produce the melee troops in barracks. 

For food, you will need to build a farm and assign a worker on it. Tap on the city hall and spend the food to get a worker. Then tap on the worker and then assign him to the farm to start collecting food. 

For wood, you need to hire a worker and assign him to a wood collection job. Tap on the city hall -> produce a worker. Tap on the worker -> select a nearby tree. You can change the workers’ jobs at any time. 

You Can Repair The Damaged Facilities

In some RTS Siege Up levels, you get damaged facilities. Instead of building new ones, you can repair these damaged facilities with a few resources. Just tap on a damaged facility -> tap the hammer/repair button. RTS Siege Up Walkthrough Guide Tips

Guide & Tips For Troops In RTS Siege Up

There are several types of troops in RTS Siege Up that you can produce in barracks, archery range, and other facilities. All these troops have a unqiue specialty: – 

  • Catapults – these units excel in destroying the walls. If you want to destroy the enemy’s fortress’s walls to break in- deploy catapults at a distance. Please do keep your troops away – they may get injured
  • Ballista – if the enemy has assigned catapults to destroy the walls, you can put ballista in action. Ballista excels in dealing with catapults. Improve your defense with Ballistas
  • Cavalry/Knights – these units are good in dealing with catapults and archers that attack from a distance. 
  • Swordsmen – good against archers; because of the protection bonus
  • Spearman – good against cavalry/knights
  • Crossbowmen – one of the most durable units – equipped with heavy armor and excels in leading from the front
  • Archers – good against lightly armed troops

Build an army based on the enemy’s weakness. To command the troops, you need to select them first; you can use the selection function by tapping the mouse cursor on the right side -> then select the troops that you want to control and then tap where you want to move them. 

Guide To Base Buildings In RTS Siege Up

There are so many buildings that you can construct while playing a mission; you will unlock new objects or base buildings at higher levels: – 

  • City Hall – produce workers
  • House – increases the max number of people that can stay
  • Farm – produces wood
  • Mine – gold and metal
  • Barracks – produce melee troops here
  • Archer Range – produce archers and crossbowmen here
  • Stable – produce knights/cavalry here
  • Workshop – here you can build catapults and ballista 
  • Tower – attacks the enemies when they are in the range
  • Walls – can be destroyed with catapults 

So that’s all we got in this post on the RTS Siege Up walkthrough guide and tips. Also, see – RTS Siege UP cheats and promo code

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