Idle Mastermind Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Idle Mastermind is a unqiue idle game for mobile by Grumpy Rhino Games. Read on for Idle Mastermind guide, walkthrough, tips, cheats & strategies

Idle Mastermind Guide Tips CheatsFrom the creators of Idle Apocalypse, Idle Mastermind is one of the unique idle games you will find on the mobile app stores. In the game, there are three main characters – each one has a grand plan to raid the city with the help of henchmen. These three villain characters are Dr. Dos, Yara, and LOL. As you execute the grand plan, you will acquire the skill points. Blue color skill points are earned when playing as Dr. Dos. Yellow color skill points are earned when playing as Yara. And, purple color skill points are acquired when playing as LOL. With different skills, you can unlock different bonuses, Henchment, buffs, etc. For example – Ms. Dos is one of the Henchmen in Idle Mastermind, which you unlock by spending Dr. Dos blue color skill points. 

Hax, who steals smuggled goods from the train station unlocks with Yara yellow color skill points. Executing the grand plans should be done at the right time. The more infamy you have, the more skill points you get. So what you need to do is try your best in getting more infamy so that you can acquire more skill points to unlock all the bonuses, buffs, functions, henchmen, that requires skill points. Speaking of Infamy, you earn it by constructing and upgrading buildings, having more henchmen, upgrading henchmen, having more lair’s floors, doing researches. 

If you have just started playing Idle Mastermind, then you have come to the right page. This Idle Mastermind guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Idle Mastermind tips, cheats & strategies that may help you. So without any further ado, let’s have a look at the walkthrough guide featuring helpful tips & tricks. 

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The two main screens are City and Villain character’s area/underground where you do the evil work. City – this is where you send Henchmen to steal stuff that you can use in building, upgrading the facilities in the villain area. The two main buildings in the villain area are Mainframe and City Planning. Upgrading these buildings unlock new buildings and functions. For example; Art Man unlocks when you upgrade the city planning building. The City Planning building is responsible for the buildings in the city. Upgrade it and you will have access to more city buildings such as city hall, bar, and more. 

Mainframe building is responsible for the buildings available in the villain area. Upgrade it and you will have access to more villain area buildings such as crafter, vault, server room. 

Other than that, you have barracks to unlock Henchmen. Laboratory to get Infamy and perks. Production type buildings such as the generator, server room, weaponry, and more. 

City buildings – like the villain area, In the city, you can construct lots of buildings to get the resources. For example – banks to steal cash, museums to steal stones/trinkets, powerplant to steal gears, an observatory to steal data chips. Once you have an Art man in the city, Henchmen will inflict damage to him and steal the artwork. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Idle Mastermind tips & tricks. 

Learn About Henchmen In Idle Mastermind

You can deploy up to three henchmen in the city and they will steal the resources from the city buildings: –

  • Gears – Warehouse
  • Stones/Trinkets – Museum
  • Cash – Bank
  • Data Chips – Observatory
  • Booze – Bar
  • Smuggled Goods – Train Station
  • TNT – Research Lab
  • Bonds – Business Tower
  • Engines/Turbojets – Launch Site

These are the resources that you can steal from the city from specific buildings or sources. Each Henchman in Idle Mastermind responsible for collecting a certain type of item. For instance, Ms. Dos in Idle Mastermind collects data chips from the Observatory. So if you want data chips, you will deploy Ms. Dos in the city. 

Learn How To Get More Henchmen

How to unlock more Henchmen in Idle Mastermind Game?

You can unlock more Henchmen by upgrading the barracks building in the villain area. Some Henchmen can be bought from the store, while some require skill(you need to spend skill points to unlock these specific Henchmen). These are: –

  • Bullion – Blue Color Skill Points
  • Ms. Dos – Blue Color Skill Points
  • Hax – Yellow Color Skill Points
  • Ibis – Purple Color Skill Points – steals TNT
  • Killbot – Blue Color Skill Points – steals engines/Turbojets

Deploy Henchmen Wisely In Idle Mastermind

As mentioned above, you can have up to three henchmen in the city – stealing the stuff from the city buildings. All Henchmen steal different items; you need to deploy the henchmen based on the requirements of the items that you need. For example – if you need data chips, you will deploy Ms. Dos. If you need TNT, you will deploy Ibis. Head to the city screen -> tap on the henchmen slot -> at the bottom of the henchmen icon, you can check the item that he/she steals. Also, if you tap the item icon on the bottom-info (Appears when you select a henchman), you will get its details. 

Execute The Grand Plan For Skill Points

In Idle Mastermind, you will get to execute the grand plan after building the laboratory. But, you have to execute the grand plan at the right time. When? It depends on the number of skill points that you are getting and the numbers you need. Navigate to the city screen -> tap the (i) button at the bottom-center -> there you can check the number of SP you will get. 

Navigate to the skill tree screen -> calculate the points you will need to unlock a specific function, henchman, buff. For example; if you want to unlock Hax – 

  • Cost – 10 yellow skill points
  • Requires – Server Room
  • Additional Server Room cost – 3 yellow skill points + requires mission control 
  • Mission Control cost – x10 blue skill points + requires master research 
  • Master Research cost – 5 blue points 
  • and all the skills that take you to the master research position on the skill tree; Bullion, Server Room, Mechanic, Ms. Dos(x8 blue skill points ~)

This would cost x13 yellow points + 25~ B. skill points. 

At the top-center of the skill tree, you can check the total number of skill points you owned. For example; if it’s 5/15 – it means, you have five skill points remaining out of the total 15.  

After executing the grand plan in Idle Mastermind, the skill tree will reset and the points will be credited in the account. Also, you will start from scratch + you will get to select the villain character: Yara, LOL, Dr. DOS. Yara gives Y. Skill Points. LOL gives P. Skill Points. And, Dr. Dos gives B. Skill Points. Choose wisely. 

Get More Infamy And Skill Points

To get more skill points from the grand plan, you need more infamy. How to get more infamy; construct and build rooms/facilities in the city or villain area – upgrade them. Henchmen – unlock more henchmen or upgrade them with henchman tokens. Upgrade lair’s floors and rooms. In the research lab(tap the flask button when in villain area) -> you will find Notoriety research. Upgrade this to get more infamy. 

Henchman Tokens – you can acquire by watching the video ads, from the spinning wheel, completing the weekly quests. 

Watch The Video Ads For Freebies

 Now and then, ad-offer appears on the left-center of the game screen. Keep an eye on it and get freebies; resources that might be useful -> by watching a short video ad. 

Complete The Daily, Weekly Quests

At the top-center, tap the quest board -> complete the daily, weekly quests for wheel ticket, Corruptonite, gems, etc. Corruptonite is one of the in-game items in Idle Mastermind. You can use Corruptonite in unlocking supervillains, relics, and floors. Wheel Tickets – you can use these tickets to spin the wheel and get random rewards. 

Gems – you can use Idle Mastermind gems in the store for time warps, Henchman tokens, Corruptonite, etc. 

Henchman Tokens – use these tokens to upgrade the Henchmen. Or you can also use these henchmen tokens in the shop to buy Henchmen: –

  • PinPoint – causes damage to superhero
  • Big Shot – steals bonds. 
  • Hocus – steals TNT, Booze
  • Influenza – support type Henchman with the ability to speed-up the things
  • Counter Feint – thief type henchman who can steal anything from the city

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So this would be all in this Idle Mastermind guide and Idle Mastermind tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below. 

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