Idle Apocalypse Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Progress Fast

Idle ApocalypseCheck out our Idle Apocalypse guide, tips, cheats & strategy to progress fast. Idle Apocalypse is a brand new Idle game for Android by Iron Horse Games LLC in which you build the army of goblins, beasts like creatures to destroy the whole world.

Idle Apocalypse is an Idle game for mobile devices. And this one is very unique in comparison to all other Idle Games like The AdVenture Capitalist, Idle Miner Tycoon, Idle Factory Tycoon, Wild Wild Saga, and more. In most of the games, you create a party of heroes and save the world. But in Idle Apocalypse, you have to do the opposite. In this game, your objective is to destroy the world. And to accomplish this task, you need a strong powerful army of demons, goblins, and other creatures. The concept of this game is pretty simple; In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Idle Apocalypse guide, tips, cheats & strategy.

Get Started – The Basic – Idle Apocalypse

Idle ApocalypseBefore we dive in to the cheats, tips & strategy part, let’s learn the basic guide first which is very important. In Idle Apocalypse, your main objective is to destroy the world. To destroy the world, you need to summon a demon. And to summon the demon, you have to build your tower, set up an army of goblins and gather dark energy. The dark energy is required to summon the demon.

For instance, for the first time, in Idle Apocalypse game, using 1 million dark energy, you can summon Larth(Demon). Once summoned, you can start apocalypse and earn souls. Souls are used in unlocking boosters and for the first time, you obtain hammer. Hammer is required to build the kitchen. And the kitchen is required to unlock greenhouse. Greenhouse? At greenhouse, you can obtain wood material. Wood is required to upgrade the mud farm and upgrading mud farm unlocks new goblin or a creature “Ogre”. And this new creature deals more damage to the enemies.

Did not get it? Just read the complete post and you are good to go! Let’s start the Idle Apocalypse guide and after it, check out the Idle Apocalypse cheats, tips & strategy to destroy the world.

Idle Apocalypse Guide

In this part, we will learn about everything; how to play Idle Apocalypse, about buildings, goblins, creatures, demons, enemies, material, souls, apocalypse, and much more.

  • How-To-Play Idle Apocalypse

If you already know how to play, then skip this part and move to next part. For those who are unfamiliar with this game; In this game, your task is to build the tower; in the tower, you can build many buildings. For example; Mud Farm is the main building in this game. At mud farm, you produce goblins. Your first creature/goblin is Gremlin. Mud Farm produces this creature free without any material. They will go to the battle and defeat enemies. Enemies can also defeat these goblins. Each goblin drops a specific material in the battle. For instance, Gremlin drops slime material. And this material is used at hatchery building to produce beasts. These beasts also contribute to the battle and drop a specific material. And this material used by another building to produce another material. And this process continues.

You can tap on the building icon to know more about it. Tap on the creature to check its stats; damage points, drop rate, and more. And tap on the material which is required to produce a specific beast or goblin. Complete the order and the building will automatically start producing it.

Here’s the process you have to follow in Idle Apocalypse game: –

  • Build the buildings
  • Produce Goblins, Creatures at Mud Farm
  • Produce beasts at the hatchery
  • Goblin and beast will drop the crafting materials
  • Use this material in upgrading the buildings at the tower
  • Upgrading the buildings unlocks new goblins, beasts, and material
  • Gather Dark Energy – Upgrade your mud farm, beasts
  • Unlock Idle portal
  • Summon demons at the Idle portal
  • Start Apocalypse
  • Ear souls
  • Use souls to unlock premium booster and for duplicate buildings
  • Repeat

Well, it’s not easy to destroy the world. But our Idle Apocalypse guide, tips. cheats & strategy will make it easy for you to destroy the world in short span of time. Let’s start the real Idle Apocalypse guide and uncover everything!

  • Buildings Guide

In Idle Apocalypse, to build the powerful army of demons & goblins || creatures, you have to build the buildings. At the right side of the screen, use the navigation keys, go to the top of the tower and you will see the buildings you can unlock there. Go at the bottom and check the buildings you can unlock.

The main building is mud farm. Because this building produces goblins and goblins go to the battle and drop the material. You use this material to unlock new buildings or to produce a beast or spell or for other purposes.

Similarly, there are many other buildings;

  • Library, here you can use the material to get a boost. For instance, increase the deal damage or produce more dark energy
  • The hatchery, produce beasts here and send them to battle, gather material and use it on another building
  • Arbitarium, produce roots, vines, and much more.
  • Magic Workshop, produce magical components like fairy dust, magic book, and more
  • Crypts
  • Mine
  • Greenhouse
  • Kitchen
  • And many more

All you need to do is manage the resources. For instance, cracked orb is required in unlocking buildings, upgrading beasts, spells, and on many places. Since the resources are limited, you have to use them wisely

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Upgrading & Unlocking

Idle ApocalypseYou can upgrade the production side & the building. Just tap on the gear icon and confirm. Upgrading a production side improves the performance. For instance, upgrade a goblin to obtain more rewards, increase the deal damage.

Upgrading a building unlocks a new item or creature. For instance, if you want to unlock a new beast, upgrade hatchery. If you want to unlock a new goblin, upgrade mud farm. For a new magic spell, upgrade magic workshop.

Upgrading is one of the important tasks in Idle Apocalypse game. So, make sure to maintain the upgrades.

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  • Apocalypse & Souls

Idle ApocalypseThe soul is one of the precious items in Idle Apocalypse game. Using souls, you can unlock premium boosters and progress fast. To obtain souls; unlock Idle portal, summon a demon. Go to the dungeon -> Start Apocalypse -> confirm. Read the Idle Apocalypse cheats, tips & strategy guide below to destroy the world like a pro!

Negative Effect: – If you destroy the world or start the apocalypse, you will have to start the game from the beginning.

Positive effect -> You will get souls and you can spend these souls in unlocking premium boosters. And it’s very powerful and you should do it at the right time to get more benefit.

So, this is the basic Idle Apocalypse guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Idle Apocalypse cheats, tips & strategy.

Idle Apocalypse Cheats, tips & Strategy

1.) Maintain or balance the material/resources

In Idle Apocalypse, there are many buildings and at each building, you can produce only 1 specific item at a time. Your task is to maintain the chain of this item line and manage it to balance the output. For instance, the cracked orb is an item dropped by a goblin(Orc Mage). This item used at the magic workshop to produce tome book and in constructing new buildings. If you use entire quantity in constructing new buildings, then you can not produce tome book at the magic workshop. And if you stop producing the tome book, then other buildings where tome book is used will also stop working.

Summary – In Idle Apocalypse, each item is linked with multiple buildings. You have to use it wisely otherwise you can not progress fast.

Idle ApocalypseQuick Cheat -> Produce & Pause. If you have a specific material in bulk quantity, then pause its production and start producing rival one. If there is a shortage, pause the current one and start producing it. In short, balance the production.

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2.) Dropshipping

Idle ApocalypseThis side gets unlocked once you unlock a certain number of buildings at your tower. Here you get free offers. Watch the video ad and claim free rewards.

3.) Generator – Idle Apocalypse Cheats, Tips & Strategy

At the beginning of the game, you have one generator. Keep it active to get the advantage; just tap on it and enjoy the advantage. Unlock new generator to get another booster; i.e. dark energy.

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4.) Gather Dark Energy

Dark Energy is required to summon a demon. You can increase the dark energy production by upgrading goblins, beasts, unlocking generator and at the library, by unlocking the boosters.

5.) Unlock Idle Portal and summon a demon

Go to the bottom of the tower and check the resources requirements required to unlock idle portal. Unlock Idle portal and summon the demon.

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6.) Start Apocalypse And Earn Souls

After summoning, go to the dungeon and start the apocalypse. Check the number of souls, modifiers rate and start. On the next time, start it wisely. For instance, for the first time, you got 500 souls. Next time, it should be 1K, then 5K, 10K, and so on.

7.) TV, Offline Earnings

At the bottom left of the screen, tap on the TV icon and watch the video ad to get free boosters.

Offline Earnings -> Open the game with an active internet connection and claim your offline earnings. Keep note that you can claim offline earnings once in a day; so, claim it at the right time(after a huge gap).

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So, these are some basic Idle Apocalypse cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best Idle games for Android.

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