Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie is a brand new Idle & Merge type game for Android and iOS. Check out this Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie guide, tips, cheats & strategiesMerge Gun: Shoot Zombie

As the title of the game says; In Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie, there are two things to do – merge the guns and obtain a higher-level gun. And, use the gun to shoot down the zombies. It features (50) guns to unlock – so the max level of the gun is 50 that you can obtain by merging two 49 level guns. You will start from the level 1 gun and the goal is to unlock all of them. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie guide will help you understand all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie tips, cheats & strategies that may help you progress fast. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie Guide: –

To buy the guns, you need coins. You earn coins from the guns that you have on the gun slots. At the top-center of the screen, pay attention to the coin bar – it displays the number of gold coins that you are earning every second. If you want to increase the idle earnings, then unlock more slots and have high-level guns on the board.

The number of coins that you are earning Idle or every second is determined by the guns+guns level that you have on the board. To unlock more slots, you need to level up. In the upper-left corner of the screen, you can see the current level.

How to increase the level? To level up, you need to merge the guns. As you merge the two same level guns, you will earn EXP that is required to level up in Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie.

In-Game Currency: –

  • Energy – To play zombie shooting battles
  • Coins – To buy guns
  • Diamonds – To buy guns from the store, for buffs. Earn by completing the levels, achievements, unlock new level guns

So this would be all in this Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie tips, cheats & strategies.

Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Have The Best Guns On The Board To Make More Money

As we mentioned above, you generate the gold coins from the guns that you have on the board. And, the level of those guns matters a lot. If you have low-level guns on the board, you will make less money. For example – level 1 guns on all the slots make you peanuts. And, level 10 guns on all the slots help you generate thousands of gold coins in seconds.

So before you leave the game or go offline, make sure that all the gun slots are filled with high-level guns.

2.) Buy From The Store Or Wait For The Boxes

Did you notice that the price of a gun increases each time you buy it? No? In the bottom-right corner, tap the buy gun button and this time check the price – you will see a hike in the price. And, it goes way up as you buy more. If you are low on coins, we would recommend grabbing the free offers from the store – head to the store menu, grab the free guns by watching the video ad. Or just wait – from time to time, you get free supply boxes that contain the guns. Wait for them.

3.) Grab The Airdrop

Now and then, an airdrop appears on the screen. Tap it to loot for more rewards.

4.) Complete The Task And Achievements For Diamonds

On the right side of the game screen, tap the task button -> complete the daily missions and achievements to earn free diamonds. You can spend these diamonds later in the game to buy high-level guns.

5.) Grab The Free Offers: –

  • Claim the daily gift
  • Spin the lucky wheel
  • Get the acceleration offer by watching a video ad – tap the speed meter button on the left side of the store button
  • Break the piggy bank

So these would be all our Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie tips & tricks. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below.

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