Idle Museum Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Idle Museum Tycoon is a new mobile idle game by Pixodust. Read on for Idle Museum cheats, guide, tips & tricks to build the biggest museum tycoon!Idle Museum Tycoon

Idle Museum Cheats, Guide, Tips & Strategies⇓

In this Idle Museum Tycoon guide, you will learn how to play this game, tips on progressing fast, spending gems, and other aspects such as making upgrades wisely, expanding the museum tycoon business, earning extra money, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get to the main content featuring Idle Museum cheats, guide, and tips for beginners: –

Learn How To Increase Museum Earnings⇓

At the top of the game screen, you can check the current earnings stats; earnings per minute. If you want to build the biggest museum tycoon, you would surely want to increase the earnings and spend it on the expansion. In this part, we have shared all the best ways to boost the museum earnings: –

(1) Advertising Campaign – It increases your earnings by 100% for a certain period of time. You can activate it by watching a short video ad; tap the 2X option at the bottom of the screen. The max period of time that this campaign lasts is 6 hours. 

(2) Museum Galleries – Idle Museum Tycoon game features a lot of museum galleries that you can unlock and renovate to boost the earnings. Each next gallery that you unlock – yields more bucks. You start earning first from the Renaissance gallery, then Jurassic, Contemporary Art, Mesoamerica, Space, Aquatic, Asian Art, Medieval, Classic Art, and Gaming. Tap on the gallery menu option at the bottom -> there you can check the complete list of galleries that are available to unlock. Each next one costs more bucks; so save the bucks and try to unlock them as fast as possible. 

(3) Improve Galleries: Once you have unlocked a gallery in the Idle Museum Tycoon game, people will visit it and you will earn the money. To increase the earnings per person, you can make upgrades to the gallery and also spend on golden ticket upgrades. Just tap on a gallery and there will be these options; gallery and golden tickets. We recommend saving gems for quality galleries where golden ticket upgrades would worth a lot. 

Focus On The Museum Expansion⇓

Museum Expansion: We would recommend you to focus on the museum expansion and unlock new galleries. Save the bucks and unlock ’em all. The galleries that you have in the beginning does not yield much return as compared to the galleries that are available in the late game. So focus on unlocking the new ones. Which galleries are the best? Gaming > Classical Art > Medieval > Asian Art > Aquatic > Space > Egypt > Mesoamerica > Contemporary Art > Jurassic > Renaissance. 

Short tip: Do not stick to a particular museum gallery. You would not be able to progress if you are just upgrading only one particular museum gallery and not trying to unlock the next one. As we said above, each next gallery that you unlock in the Idle Museum Tycoon game gives you more bucks. Also, prioritize upgrading the quality museum galleries(the ones that yield more earnings). Let’s say if you have these museum galleries; Renaissance, Jurassic, Contemporary Art, Mesoamerica, and Egypt. You should prioritize making upgrades to the Egypt gallery, then Mesoamerica, and then Contemporary Art, and so on. Which galleries are the best? Gaming > Classical Art > Medieval > Asian Art > Aquatic > Space > Egypt > Mesoamerica > Contemporary Art > Jurassic > Renaissance. 

Save Gems For Golden Ticket Upgrades In Idle Museum Tycoon⇓

Idle Museum Tycoon

In Idle Museum Tycoon, you earn gems by reaching milestone levels of galleries(25, 100, 150, 200, 300, and so on), playing the Quiz, and completing the mission quests. Do not waste gems in the shop for temporary benefits like exchanging for cash, hiring a janitor, or security guard. Save gems and spend on “golden ticket” upgrades of quality galleries(#1 Gaming, #2 Classical Art, #3 Medieval, #4 Asian Art, #5 Aquatic #6 Space #7 Egypt). Do not on Renaissance, Jurassic, Contemporary, and Mesoamerica. 

Or, you can spend on entrance golden ticket upgrades as well. 

Catch The Thieves In Museum For Extra Bucks⇓

Idle Museum Tycoon

If you have not hired a security guard in the Idle Museum Tycoon game, you will need to catch the thieves manually. These thieves can easily be identified; they are marked with a red circle. Tap on them and get free bucks. 

Clean The Garbage In Idle Museum Tycoon⇓

If you have not hired a janitor, you will need to clean the garbage yourself. Just keep an eye on the museum; the garbage appears every now and then. Tap on it and get free bucks. Not only you get the bucks but also visitors would not be angry; as long as the museum is clean. 

Collect The Extra Bucks From Vending Machine⇓

Idle Museum Tycoon

Every now and then, Vending Machines give you free bucks; there would be a cash/buck icon on the machines; tap to collect. 

How Not To Make Visitors Angry In Idle Museum Tycoon?

Most often, people visiting the museum gets angry when they have to wait for long in the queue. What you can do is build new lines, reduce waiting time. Also, increase the gallery capacity. 

Tips To Get Freebies In Idle Museum Tycoon⇓

  • Grab the VIP offer
  • Complete missions
  • Play the Quiz
  • Use the Ad offers

Idle Museum Tycoon Cheats OR Cheat Codes⇓

Idle Museum Tycoon does not support the cheats or cheat codes. 

So this would be all in this post on Idle Museum Tycoon cheats, guide, tips, and tricks for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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  1. What can you reach after getting to the gaming gallerie? I see some other not used galleries, what are theulynfor or how do i get there?

    • There is the Herbarium, Music, Aviation and the last gallery, Cars. Click the girl at the front desk and you will see all of the galleries. You can unlock each one after acquiring enough money and buying them.