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New to The Walking Zombie 2 game? Master all of its core mechanics with this The Walking Zombie 2 guide available with loads of tips, cheats & strategies


The Walking Zombie 2 Guide, Tips: –The Walking Zombie 2

Your goal in the game is to complete all the missions and unlock all the locations on the map. Woodlands is the area where you get the quests by interacting with the characters at the beginning of the game. You will need to talk to them; Frank, Elder, Trader, Leila, and many more. Complete the quests, earn EXP and other rewards and invest in skills and perks. If you have code, then tap the pause button in the top-right corner -> options -> others -> redeem code. The latest The Walking Zombie 2 code was – Christmas2019 (no spaces). Enter this code to get a reward. You can get more codes from their official FB page. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all The Walking Zombie 2 tips, cheats & tricks: –

Invest In The Best Perks And Skills

The first perk that you should activate is nothing perk – it gives you two more perk points. Spend perk points in activating reading, animal language, and bookworm perks. Reading perks enable reading books. Animal Language helps you progress fast. For the skill, we recommend trading as it lowers the prices of products at the trader. For more tips & tricks on perks and skills in The Walking Zombie 2, check out these two posts: –

Focus On Completing The Quests

Quest gives you XP and other rewards. XP helps you level up. As a level up reward, you get perk points and skill points. Also, there is no free mode in the game – so the only thing that you can do in the beginning is completing the quests. Talk to the characters by moving close to them and tap the action button. They will give you the missions to complete. Once the quest has been received, go to the quest location and start doing it.

At the bottom-center, tap the bag button -> this will open the menu on the left side, tap the 5th tab; here you can check the active missions and the missions that you have already completed. For example – the first quest that you get from the quest is shooting training – in this quest, you go to the shooting range location and complete the task.

All you need to do is follow the red symbol on the screen to navigate. Also, on the top-left corner, you can check the quest details(+ also, in the quest tab). Go to the quest tab in the menu -> active quests -> select the quest -> go to map -> tap the location -> use the gas/gal -> enter.

Learn About The Weapons In The Walking Zombie 2

You can get weapons; armor, guns, grenades, etc. from the shop, trader in the woodlands, from quests, as a quest reward, level up reward. The gears include; primary weapon, secondary weapon, belt(grenades), headgear, chest/vest, legs/trouser, feet/boots.

Switching weapons -> In the bottom-right corner, tap the >> button next to the weapon to switch between primary and secondary weapons. Belt – In the right-center, tap the weapon in the belt to use. For example – throw the grenade.

Other gears can be equipped in the inventory menu. Tap the bag button in the bottom-center, go to the 2nd tab in the left menu -> there you can equip the primary, secondary weapons, belt weapons, and armors/gears.

Weapons include melee weapons; baseball bat and ranged weapons; guns.

Access The Trunk And Vehicle

As you kill the zombies and complete the quests in The Walking Zombie 2, you will be rewarded with items like health packs, consumables, lockpicks, ammo, etc. All these items are stored in the backpack, which has limited space. If it’s full, you would not be able to pick any item. So make sure to keep some free slots in the backpack – you can store some items in the trunk. Head to the Woodlands/City -> tap the bag button -> on the left-side menu, tap the trunk -> there you can move backpack items from the backpack to the trunk.

Vehicle – At the beginning of The Walking Zombie 2, you have a motorbike that consumes 40 gal/100mi and has a low camouflage bonus which increases the chances of random encounters when you travel to different regions on the map. You can get better vehicles(cars) from the shop – although, they are paid-items.

Check Out The Karma

Karma increases or decreases based on the choices you do when talking to the characters in The Walking Zombie 2. If you make good decisions, you can increase the karma. On the other hand, evil decisions reduce karma points. The karma status affects the encounters and dialogue options throughout the game. So when you talk to a character, read what he/she is saying and make decisions wisely.

Tap the bag button -> go to the 4th tab in the left menu -> info -> there you can check the character info; Karma points, damage, DEF, reload speed, movement speed, Max HP, etc.

Improve The Skills With Skill Points

Tab the bag button -> at the top-left, you can check the character’s level and the XP required to reach the next level. As the level increases, The Walking Zombie 2 game rewards you with skill points. You can use these skill points to raise the character’s abilities: –

  • Speech
  • Firearms DMG
  • Laser Weapons DMG
  • Melee Weapons DMG
  • CRIT Hit Chances
  • Defense
  • Health
  • Recovery/Healing
  • Outdoorsman
  • Lockpicking
  • Driving
  • Trading
  • Radiation Resistance

Go to the 4th tab/character-tab in the left menu after tapping the bag button in the bottom-center. The character menu has three tabs; info, skill, and perks. Go to the skill tab -> select the skill on the left side of the screen -> tap the + button on the bottom-right side to current status. Also, the right side of this tab shows the selected skills’ information. So make sure to read it.

Activate The Perks In The Walking Zombie 2

You get perk points every 3 levels. Head to the perk tab in the character menu -> select the perk that you want to activate -> tap the activate perk button on the bottom-right side. Each perk gives different bonuses to the character. For example – Berserker perk gives additional damage to the character when his vitality is lower than 20%. So make sure to read the perk details before spending the perk points in The Walking Zombie 2.

Learn How To Inflict More DMG

Go for the headshot to inflict more damage. By default, the character fires the bullet automatically when you move the gunpoint to the zombie. You can change this to manual in the settings.

Use hand grenades for AoE damage. Shoot explosive oil barrels around for another AoE damage.

Get The Freebies

In The Walking Zombie 2, there are two in-game currencies; normal Z coin, golden Z coin. Normal Zombie coins are given to the player from the quests/missions. You can earn golden Zombie coins by watching the video ads. Tap the bag button -> go to the last tab/shop-tab -> Z tab -> there you can claim free golden Z coins – and, get more by watching the video ads.

You can use these coins to trade items with the trader in the shop.

Sell The Scraps To The Trader

For extra bucks, you can sell the scraps obtained by killing the zombies to the trader. Go to the trader -> interact with him -> select the item in the backpack that you want to sell -> that’s it. In the offer tab, you can buy a bunch of items like health packs, ammo, guns, gears, recovery items, hand grenades, etc. Make sure to use these health recovery consumable items during the battle.

Get The Supplies

On the quest location, below the belt slots, tap the trader avatar to get supplies like grenades, health packs by watching the video ads.

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So this would be all in this post on The Walking Zombie 2 guide, tips, tricks for beginners. If you have more The Walking Zombie 2 tips to share, comment below.

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